The Best Patio Heater for Cool Summer Nights

night time patio scene

Imagine it’s an unusually cool August evening. You invite some of your closest friends over to hang out on your patio and talk about life. If you don’t have the best patio heater you can buy, this time to have fun may quickly turn into a nightmare. To fully enjoy your patio during the year, […]

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How To Clean A Cloudy or Very Dirty Pool

I often see a cloudy pool described on the Internet as “not very inviting” which is a huge understatement. My dear pool owners, let’s face it – a cloudy pool is an eyesore or simply gross. “How to clean a cloudy pool” is a question asked way too much which shows that people are not […]

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Ultimate Guide To Saltwater Pools – By UPG

Saltwater pools might make you think of swimming in the ocean and put a smile of joy on face, but the fact is that they have very little in common with the actual ocean or sea swimming experience. In our saltwater pools guide we’ll try to note down some similarities and differences as well as […]

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