Whether you would like to replace your old tub with a new one or start using a hot tub for massage, hydrotherapy or for highly enjoyable soaking and relaxation after a busy day, this article will help you decide which is the best hot tub for you. If you want an inflatable hot tub, then read the reviews here.We are here to make it easier for you by impartially describing the tubs as regards their specs, benefits and first-hand user impressions and comments. According to Adam Sinicki, hot tubs are highly beneficial for our health and an important way to improve our wellbeing so all you have to do is choose one which fits your space, budget and features preferences!

Best Hot Tubs Comparison

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What to Look For

Understanding what makes a good hot tub is essential before purchasing one. Once you do understand you’ll be able to make the right decision on the best tub for you and your family’s needs. Although we rank them according to some general rules, you may prioritize certain features over others.We encourage you to read the important buying criteria below, and then use our rankings as suggestions.

Product Life

Hot tubs and spas are huge investments, easily costing a few thousand dollars. Product life is important because you don’t want to spend so much money, only to have the hot tub break the next day. While we never found such an extreme example with any of these products, having an expectation on how long they will last is extremely important.


What good is a hot tub if the intended audience can’t all fit! If you have a larger family then having a larger hot tub is a must. 4 and 6 person hot tubs are easy enough to find, but you won’t able to find hot tubs much larger than that. If you do need larger ones, you’ll probably need one custom made.

Features And Comfort

A hot tub is only as nice as it’s features – after all, if you don’t have jets or nice seats then you might as well lounge in your bath tub. The most important features is easily having good water jets.

Not only should they be powerful, but they need to be well placed. Having shoulder jets and foot/leg jets is important – particularly to those who enjoy the vibrating sensation.

Next, you want comfortable seats. They should be made of comfortable, durable material that will last in the warm water. Also, seats should be of good height for you and your family, and well spaced. Otherwise, if they are too cramped then it won’t be very relaxing.​

The last feature doesn’t really contribute to your comfort, but definitely improves the atmosphere, and that feature is bubbles. Having bubbles in the hot tub isn’t a must, but definitely makes it more relaxing and enjoying If you have children they’ll definitely enjoy playing with the bubbles!

Cleaning your hot tub

Some hot tubs are easier to clean than others. In fact, the ones that don’t come apart easily can be darn near impossible to clean, making mold and algae build up inevitable. Proper maintenance is important to make sure your hot tub lasts as long as it can, and that includes regular testing using your favorite water chemical tester.

Fortunately, they are a lot easier to clean the swimming pools. If you want to avoid cleaning most of the debris you’ll definitely want to invest in a top quality hot tub cover. They’ll not only block out the debris, but reduce the amount of chemicals you’ll need, such as chlorine.

The Best Hot Tub Reviews

1. Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets


Editor Rating: 4.8/5


The Lifesmart Rock Solid Spa is 70 x 61 x 32 inches and good for 4 people. It is also loaded with 12 high-therapy jets and a waterfall. With its 1.5 HP energy efficient pump it will not only cut electricity costs for your spa, but also keep it nice and clean, highlighting it’s beautiful design and detailed exterior.


Any inflatable spa review will tell you that ease of use is really critical. With this, all you have to do is plug it in the power source. There’s hardly any assembly required, and you get a digital command center allows you to control the temperature easily.

Features include barrier free open seating with 4 deep bucket seats, rotating black jets, a waterfall, and a spa light with lens caps that you can change depending on your desired mood.

With 12 high therapy jets, this product is truly ideal for water therapy. You also get top-side comfort valves, giving you the freedom to set the perfect mix of water and air for your desired massage settings.

This hot tub uses Eco Smart Technology, which saves you a lot of money because it helps the hot tub to run without requiring as much energy. It even meets the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs.

Aside from that, this is also made with full foam energy-saving insulation. You also get a deluxe energy saving cover, which helps keep the water warm and saves you from having to heat it up all over again.

The neutral, sandstone Sahara shell exterior looks really nice and fits in most homes. It also helps that this exterior is actually a highly indestructible RockSolid Shell, so in terms of durability, it’s also a winner.


The user instructions don’t recommend the use of extension cords, so it may be challenging if you don ‘t have an outlet close to where you need to place the spa. The cord it comes with is only 12 feet long.

This spa holds about 200 gallons of water and has molded seats good for 4. While this could fit 4 medium-sized people comfortably, it might be too small if you have a bigger group or a group of larger people.

Is It Worth It?

This is hands down the best jacuzzi hot tub and our #1 choice. Not only is it functionally better than or as good as these other hot tubs, but it is also cheaper than almost all of them! This means it’s not only at the top of our list for quality, but is also the best hot tub for the money!

Things We Liked

  • Super easy set up
  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Rock-solid, sturdy exterior

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Extension cords not recommended
  • A little pricier than other cleaners



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2. Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation


Editor Rating: 4.7/5


The Lifesmart Luna has the usual and standard parts and features such as topside controls, interchangeable jets, top-loading filters and a sturdy long lasting Rock Solid™ Shell. This tube is a 110volt Plug & Play spa, which will make a lot of spa users happy as there is no need to hire a professional electrician which saves you money and time. A most welcomed aspect when buying a hot tub!

You simply set it up, fill it up and plug it into a 110 volt outlet. Lifesmart uses ECO SMART technology which is a highly efficient energy management requiring less energy and delivering solid performance.

Full foam insulation system and a thick energy saving spa cover are designed to save you money on operating your tub.

The Lifesmart Luna Spa has a deep bucket seat complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall and foot well jets included. The total of 12 jets is there to provide relaxing and therapeutic experience and topside comfort valves allow you to find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage. Digital command center is also top side, which is a standard position in the best spa tubs.

A cool addition is a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps.

With its dimensions of 29 x 66 x 70 inches, this tub is most comfortable for 2 people although 3 can fit as well in its round one-piece shell which comes well packed and covered.

The manual covers what is necessary to set up and maintain the tub but for some it could be more detailed. If you are new to hot tubs do look up the tips on water treatment and tub maintenance. You’ll be happy to find that the filter is easily accessible and cleaned.

The heating rate is about 1.5 degrees per hour. This is definitely not a hot tub that you can run in the winter as the air bubbles cool the water down and the heater cannot keep up.

As the upper jets are covered only while 2 or 3 people are inside, make sure to add water once you are out as the level will drop but the jets have to be submerged at all times. The design would be greatly improved if those jets and the main water intake have been positioned lower in the tub.

Overall, the tub is a great purchase for the price except for those of you who are into a serious jet power. Those who prefer a calmer and more relaxing hot soaking moments will be happy with Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa.

Is It Worth It?

The Lifesmart Luna is our second choice for hot tubs. It not only has great features and functions well, but it is also the cheapest hot tub out of all the ones we reviewed on this list.It’s not perfect, but it’s a great buy for the money, coming second only to Lifesmart’s other hot tub, the Simplicity.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to install
  • Great for the price
  • Sturdy, one piece tub
  •  5 year warranty

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Upper jets a bit high
  • Heater could be more efficient



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3. Home and Garden 4 Person 14 Jet Plug-and Play Spa


Editor Rating: 4.7/5


The Home and Garden Spa with 4 seats comes with comfort cushion headrests and is equipped with 14 interchangeable therapeutic water jets aimed at your neck, shoulders, calves and feet, which provides ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

With its compact dimensions of 60″Lx70″Wx 30″H, this tub doesn’t take up too much space and will fit nicely on your patio or in your backyard although it holds 225 gallons of water. In addition, the fact that you can set it up and run without any help from a third party will save you a fair amount of time and money.

It has topside user friendly system controls and heat-retaining mahogany cabinetry with high density foam insulation and durable, slip resistant acrylic interior surface. With its multilayered fiberglass reinforcement, the tub will provide you with enjoyable soaking and massaging experience for a long time. The cover provided will protect the tub when not in use and over night.

Simple but thorough instructions provided make the controls easy to use and the water heats in less than 24 hours. The temperature loss in a single session should not be more than 2-3 degrees. Once two or four people hop in, the tub will overflow but adding water after the session is easy enough.

The access to the pump and plumbing is not as easy but since all the controls and draining plug are on the outside you won’t really need the access to the pump much.

The tub plugs into a regular outdoor outlet but make sure you don’t have any demanding appliances running from the same outlet as it might trip the circuit breaker.

The jets are strong and can be adjusted by simply turning the ring around them. The air bubbles can be controlled too. Low energy consumption and decorative underwater LED lights which can be set to change between colors add to the appeal of this tub and if you are looking for the best hot tub for your buck, Home and Garden 4 Person 14 Jet Plug-and-Play Spa really is a no-brainer!

Is It Worth It?

It’s a top hot tub that is definitely worth a purchase. It’s easy to install, comfortable, and tends to fit in most areas. The only reason to not get it is if you planned on putting 4 or more people in there (3 people and under is best).

Things We Liked

  • Plug and play installation
  • Nice, compact size
  • Comfortable, but sturdy seats
  • Decorative lights add nice touch

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Pumps and plumbing not easiest to manage
  • Fitting 4 people makes it a little tight



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4. Capri 2-Person Plug and Play 8-Jet Spa with Dual-Level Seating and Hard Cover


Editor Rating: 4.3/5


The Capri is oval-shaped spa with seats that are just right for 2 people and with its compact dimensions it’s perhaps the best hot tub for spa lovers who are short on space but still want to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub.

This hot tub features a quiet operating, 1 HP Continuous Duty pump with a frictional heating system and 8 jets.

Three jets are positioned for your mid back, two for your upper back, another two for your lower back and one adjustable vortex jet aimed at your feet.

The water can be heated up to a warm 104°F using a 2 stage heating system that includes a frictional pump water heating and a heat recovery system to further relieve tension from your body and provide soothing and enjoyable soaking experience.

You will enjoy a relaxing, soothing massage in the quality acrylic interior within a durable construction and the cabinets made of synthetic, reversible panels in a redwood finish.

If you are looking for a quick and easy to use tub which is perfect for small spaces, all you need to do is hook your Capri to a 120-Volt/15 Amp outlet, fill it with a garden hose, and you’re good to go.

Weather resistant and maintenance-free redwood cabinet together with the lockable hard cover provided make this well protected and durable little spa.

The tub is powered by a 1 HP hi-flow energy efficient pump and controlled with an electronic topside control panel so you can easily adjust pump speed and temperature to your liking.

Is It Worth It?

For the medium price, the Capri is a solid choice: it is easy to install, perfect size for a small deck or patio and warms to the desired temperature quite quickly and maintains heat very well with minimal electricity consumption. The tub is easy to clean and maintain and you won’t need any help except for a few buddies to put it where it fits best. Once installed and heated, all you need is a refreshing drink and your favorite tune playing!

Things We Liked

  • Durable + compact
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Overall great performance

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Controls could be easier to operate
  • Not a great owner’s manual



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5. Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 51-Jet Home and Garden Lounger Spa with Waterfall


Editor Rating: 4.0/5


The Home & Garden 6 Person Spa with a 300 gallon tub will satisfy most spa lovers and provide a pleasant soaking and massage. It has 51 interchangeable therapeutic neck, shoulder calves and feet water jets. The jets are efficient for relaxation but don’t expect high-power therapeutic effect as the pump is a bit shy of the power expected.

If you close the jets you aren’t using the jets will be satisfactory. The good news is that the tub does a great job holding the temperature and running jets at the same time.

It’s equipped with topside user friendly controls with the wiring on the same side. The wiring is not easily accessible so best hire a professional electrician to set up the wiring using the CD manual provided. Thorough version is also available online.

White acrylic anti slip and anti stain interior has multiple colors which add a cool affect at night, as well as the waterfall. The kids will just love them and for the adults the lights will add to relaxation and romantic atmosphere.

The exterior cabinets are synthetic mahogany and the tub can be protected with the strap locks cover which is provided with the product. The cover could be a little thicker but it still keeps the temperature and protects the tub just fine. Best not to position the tub directly under a hot sun in some states as after a year or two the outer walls might get a bit warped.

This spa has an ozone based decontamination and filtration system. It’s energy efficient and runs on a 220v/50a pump with a 4KN heater which will heat up water 4-5 degrees per hour.

You will have to buy the chemicals yourself so a set to go with the tub would be a great plus.

The spa will comfortably hold four adults rather than six but, hey, sometimes even three is a crowd. Don’t get me wrong; with a bit of squeezing the tub can fit 6 people.

Overall, according to hot tub reviews, most families or couples with friends will enjoy the tub’s very comfortable seats, reliable performance, durability and cool looks of this spa. Great deal for your buck!

Is It Worth It?

The Home & Garden 6 Person Spa is a great choice if you’re looking for a large hot tub for 6 people.  Although it’s not as solid as other hot tubs in this list, it’s still a solid option for anybody looking for a larger tub – whether it is for more leg room or sheer volume of people.

Although there aren’t a lot of reviews on Amazon, you can read more reviews here and see more votes.

Things We Liked

  • Retains heat well
  • Comfortable seats
  • Awesome waterfall lights

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Best to have an electrician set up the tub
  • Jets could be stronger



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6. Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 40-Jet Hot Tub with MP3 Auxiliary Output


Editor Rating: 3.2/5

The 6-Person Home & Garden Hot Tub With MP3 features 40 jets aimed at your neck, shoulders, calves and feet, with a user-friendly topside control system, durable slip-resistant acrylic surface interior which can host 6 people. Cushion headrests add to the comfort of this 84 inches wide x 78 inches long x 36 inches high tub powered by a 6hp pump and designed to provide a safe and enjoyable spa experience.

Unlike other tubs in the same price range, this one has built-in speakers so you can plug in your mp3 player and enjoy your favorite music while relaxing in this rather spacious spa. The sound is better than expected and the speakers are water-proof so splashes won’t do them any harm.

The construction of the tub is sturdy with high-density sub-zero thermal wrap foam insulation and the tub comes with a quality heat retaining synthetic cabinetry and a protective cover. The shell itself can be ordered in a number of colors.

This is not a plug-and-play spa so you need to hire a professional and, apparently, a good one.

Although the price is right for so many features and the design of this tub, the replacement parts are quite pricy and customers have reported less than quality chips in control packs, the power supply, the wiring and the heater itself. On top of this, the control panel underneath the spa is difficult to access.

Balancing the chemicals is fairly easy as well as general maintenance of the tub. The design is elegant and the built-in speakers are a nice touch so for some of the customers the overall experience was fine but others had to rely greatly on after sales support and warranty provided which is something you should look for in hot tub reviews. Sadly, the user manual seems to be missing.

All the usual features such as LED lights, ozonator, anti-slip acrylic interior, well-positioned stainless jets and comfortable seats are there but due to the size you will need more space for the tub and it tends to consume more power due to the number of jets and volume of water and heating requirements.

Is It Worth It?

Nope! This is easily the lowest ranked hot tub that we have reviewed and isn’t really worth the very high cost. The ONLY reason to get it would be for its built in MP3 capabilities, but at this price it’s better to just get a higher quality tub and put some nice, waterproof speakers nearby.That will be way more cost effective and work way better.

Things We Liked

  • Sturdy shell
  • Mp3 built in speakers

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Low quality componenets
  • Pricy spare parts



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