Inground swimming pools are the most popular types of swimming pools and make up about 85% of the pools in the US while salt water pools only have about 15%. This makes sense, given in ground pools are the most natural type – just like lakes and ponds.

However, the pool industry is gradually undergoing a shift to above ground pools. With the same amount of function as in ground pools, above ground pools offer great alternatives for a variety of reasons. Chemical balance is one reason. While inground pools need frequent attention by using cleansing chlorine tablets and maybe other chemicals, above ground pools don’t need squat!

We’ll cover the best and most common reasons below, and who knows? You may find yourself wanting an best above ground pool for yourself. If you’re looking for an Intex swimming pool then check out this post that reviews various Intex above ground pools.

1) Price

This is perhaps the biggest reason people opt in for an above ground pool instead of in ground. You’ll save THOUSANDS of dollars because even cheap in ground pools are around $15,000. Even the most expensive above ground pools aren’t more than $10,000 and they usually come with some pretty nice warranties (30-50 years) if you buy it from a top brand.

At a minimum that means you’re saving $5,000, but you the more average cases are probably closer to around savings of $10,000. However, if you’re looking for smaller above ground pools or portable above ground pools then prices can be much lower with lots of choices under $2,000.

Even portable pools can be bought with just a few hundred dollars.

You may not be able to swim in some of the cheaper or smaller ones, but you’ll definitely be able to move around a bit and enjoy the water away from the hot sun. The affordable price makes it pretty easy to want an above ground pool if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend as much as you would on a car!

2) Safety

Pool fences save lives

Save lives with pool fence!

Pool fences save livesPool fences save livesThere are multiple cases of deaths and drownings because kids or babies accidentally fall into the pool. Since in ground pools are level to the ground, it’s very easy for a baby or young kid to accidentally fall in and drown. If you’re not around all the time then this will pose as a real danger. Yes, great pool safety fences can help alleviate this, but many people do not want to get one because of the extra or cost or they just don’t think about getting one.

Other preventative measures include keeping some pool floats and boogie boards in the pool as protective flotation advices. Naturally, life jackets will have a positive impact as well, but since most drownings are accidental and don’t occur during swim time they may not reduce swimming pool drowning as much as the aforementioned accessories.

With above ground pools there are very few accidental drownings. Because they require some sort of climbing up ladders or walking up steps, it’s much harder for kids and babies to accidentally fall in. This factor is huge because when you’re on a ladder it’s also much harder to fall in, let alone climb it.

Finally, although this isn’t a big matter of safety, because above ground pools often just use regular hose water, they are less harsh on the body. This makes it easier to painlessly open up your eyes in the water without the best swimming goggles and there is no risk of chlorine damaging your hair and aging your skin.

3) Maintenance

If you’ve had to care for a traditional swimming pool, you’ll know that this can be really annoying. Cleanings of 1-2 times a month can easily be 30 minutes to an hour each time. However, if you’re smart you’re using either effective pool covers or solar pool covers to help keep your pool clean and debris out.

Above ground pools on the other hand are a lot easier – especially if you’re using a high quality swimming pool vacuum. However, they also typically come with a build in pool filter. Click here to see the top pool filter reviews.

Typically smaller, above ground pools are a lot easier to clean and take a lot less time. Additionally, using pool covers that cover your pool completely will make sure that you only need to clean your pool when you use it since debris or anything won’t disrupt the state of your pool.

With above ground pools there are also less things you need to worry about. In ground pools have large external systems that you still need to care for such as pool filters and pumps. While above ground pools also have these things they’re easier to understand and maintain.

They even require less maintenance (even if an inground pool has an automatic cleaner) since they are taking care of a smaller pool so above ground pools are easier to maintain across the entire board.

4) Design

Inground pools don’t give you a lot of flexibility. You pretty much choose the shape and material, but that’s about it. There’s not a lot of room for customization other than shape, and the other things you can customize (waterfalls, slides, etc) you can do just as easily, if not easier with an above ground pool.

However, with above ground pools you can do a lot more pool things since you can build them up however you want. Popular set ups include with a pool deck or attached to a backyard patio where otherwise there would be stairs going down to the pool. What’s nice about inground pools is that you can customize shape just like in ground pools, but you can also customize height, patterns, colors, and wood types.

Because they are above the ground there are more things to play with so that you can design it the way you want. One of my favorite pools is this one:Rustic Above Ground Pool

It’s such a cool, unique design that you can’t really get with traditional pools. If you’re into design and want to be able to do some more customization, above ground pools are definitely for you.

5) Convenience

The key takeaway from this article is how flexible above ground pools are. This is definitely not a top reason (hence why it’s #5) but above ground pools are a lot easier to move around. Inground pools are more or less permanent and will require professional planners and workers to create another swimming pool, while needing to fill up your “old” one.

They’re also easier to heat up because they’re smaller. So if you are using solar pool heaters you won’t have to wait as long to get your pool heated up.

Additionally, above ground pools are a lot easier to deal with. You may still need a professional or two, but you won’t require a team just like with inground pools. It’s a much easier process and much CHEAPER process with above ground pools, particularly if you use a moving company.

However, some above ground pools are really easy to move. The portable above ground pools and inflatable above ground pools are not only very cheap (many easily $1,000), but are designed to be moved around. They aren’t as big as traditional swimming pools and you might not be able to swim in all of them, but they’ll provide a nice escape from the heat and a refreshing dip in addition to being moved very easily. All you have to do is use a best hose, although having a proper hose nozzle is important too.

Otherwise, your hose will inefficiently fill up the pool.


By this time, it’s easy to see why above ground pools are great alternatives. With so many benefits to having these it’s hard to ignore. After all, they are inexpensive, safe, easy to take care of and clean, can be customized, and are very convenient.

Although they are definitely very different from traditional pools, anything you can do in an in ground swimming pool can also be done in an above ground pool. However, with everything else going for these pools it’s definitely worth the small sacrifice of just ‘feel’ .

Make the right choice with your next pool and opt for an above ground pool. You’ll be saving tons of money and time and I promise you – you won’t regret it.