Cleaning up your pool could be a bit tricky without the right tools. The Aquabot Junior has a name that suggests it is a downgrade to another robotic pool cleaner but nothing is farther from the truth considering it’s a quality cleaner. If anything, we preferred it over Aquabot’s top selling cleaner, the Pool Rover S2-40.

The Junior is Aquabot’s first high-end pool cleaner.It is well suited for small sized in-ground pools. This robotic pool has its limitations as with most things, but when you do sink it into a ground pool, you will be surprised at how powerful this ‘junior’ can be, but what else would you expect from a top robotic pool cleaner?

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner

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aquabot junior robotic pool cleaneraquabot junior robotic pool cleaner

Things We Liked

  • great for smaller pools
  • cleans walls and steps
  • easy to set up and get working out of the box
  • handles various debris
  • made in the USA

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommended if your pool has a liner
  • Misses corners sometimes
  • shelf life of 2-3 years is average



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    Why You Need Pool Cleaners.

    One major reason why pool cleaners are necessary is that having a pool boy is not cost effective. You pay someone a weekly fee to come in to clean your pool when you’re away at work, and you can’t even verify when they come in or not.

    To begin using the Aquabot Junior, you will only need to plug it in and drop it into the pool. It is automatic, so there is little to no manual work to be done other than lifting it from its handle to the pool and then dropping it into the pool – it’s easy to use as an above ground pool vacuum.

    The problem with having a pool is that if you don’t take care of them within 2 to 3 weeks, they will start to turn green especially when there is heavy rain. Having your pool turn green is more than just having algae form by the steps and the walls, it can contain other bacteria that is harmful to your skin. This unit will prevent all of the above.

    Why You Need Robotic Pool Cleaners

    While it is true that there are different types of pool cleaners from suction-side which uses a suction of your pool filter to clean your pool, as well as the Pressure side which uses water pressure from the return hose of your pool filter to create the vacuum needed to drive the cleaner around the pool. Today, we will be talking about a robotic pool cleaner which is fully automated and in some cases programmed or operated with a remote control.

    underwater aquabot juniorunderwater aquabot junior

    There are so many reasons why you need robotic pool cleaners as they tend to be able to clean the side walls and the waterline with ease. Whatever area in your pool that needs cleaning will be cleaned with ease. It is also energy efficient, and it can save you a whole lot on your yearly power bill. They work as a plug and play consuming less power than their counterparts.

    Robotic Pool Cleaners V Suction and Pressure Cleaners

    Robotic pool cleaners are way better than the suction side and pressure pool cleaners in the ease of use and their functionality. With robotic cleaners like the Aquabot Junior, you will need to plug it in and drop it into the pool.

    robotic jr aquarobotic jr aqua

    They don’t require anything extra or a form of programming before they can work. Pressure automatic pool cleaners tend to need their booster pump and debris bag (which will be purchased separately), and they don’t clean the entire pool as the robotic cleaners do. Suction pool cleaners, on the other hand, are quite reliable, but they are only suitable for cleaning the bottom of the swimming pool. They can be difficult to use, lots of settings to fiddle with before you get started, and there is the issue of the skimmer getting clogged by larger debris.

    The Junior: Weight and Features

    The Aquabot Junior weighs 16.5 which is less than what the Dolphin Triton weight and it has a longer cleaning cycle as well. The Junior looks the part, and the good news is that it does the job well.

    Features and Specs

    • Unit Weight: 16.5 lbs.

    • Cycle time: 2-3 hours

    • Cable length: 50 ft

    • Warranty: 12 months (spare parts and labor)

    • Works as a plug and play

    • No pre-installation needed

    • Has a filter bag that filters water down to 2 microns

    • Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning

    How does it work?

    The Junior is manufactured by Aquabot, an American company that has been in the business of pool cleaner since 1982. Their goal is to help people have more clean and healthy pool.

    The cleaner will eliminate debris and dirt from the water from the pool’s side steps, walls and stars. With this robotic pool cleaner from Aquabot, you don’t need to worry about an extra boost pump for when the pool filter system is clogged. It doesn’t use the same filter system, so there is no issue here.

    One of the interesting things about this robotic cleaner that weighs close to 17 pounds is the energy efficiency of its operations. It uses little power to create an enormous amount of value for your pool within a short cleaning cycle of 4 hours.

    It can be utilized for pools up to 40 ft. as it comes with an extremely long cable length of 50 ft. The Aquabot Junior has an inbuilt internal microprocessor for systematic cleaning and a patented floatation that is used for controling the turning system while the cleaner is in the pool.

    The Cleaning cycle

    The Aquabot Junior has a cleaning cycle of 2-3 hours, which is an hour less than the Dolphin Triton.

    It can process an enormous amount of water per hour. 4200 gallons per hour, to be precise. This is the current standard for automatic cleaners.

    The Junior is well suited for in-ground pool cleaning and not to be used for above ground cleaning. One major consideration that you should be aware of is that this robotic cleaner can climb your pool walls just as well as the Triton does.

    Who Is It Meant For

    The Aquabot Junior is best suited for those who have an inground pool that is quite small and require a consistent and automatic way of cleaning their pool without having to do much manual work. This pool cleaner is easy to use. It requires no pre-installation and can be used straight out of the box.

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    The Aquabot Junior is suitable for small sized in-ground pools with a cleaning cycle of 2-3 hours; it packs enough power to eliminate debris and dirt from your pool with ease. It uses a fine bag to filter to dirt and debris to 2 microns.

    It will clean the pool floor, cove and some parts of your wall. With a short shelf life of 2-3years, the Aquabot Junior leaves little to be desired in our eyes, and we recommend it if you need a robotic cleaner that can filter the dirt and grime from a small sized in-ground pool with little to no input from you.

    If you’re looking for some higher quality options then we recommend checking out the Hayward Tigershark and the Dolphin Nautilus.