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It can be pleasantly confusing, trying to decide what pool cleaner to buy for your pool. There's a mind-boggling variety of automatic pool cleaners on the market. Not only do they come in varying designs, but some of them are also armed with the most creative and innovative technology you can find possibly find in a little pool cleaner.

The Pool Rover S2 40 is a robotic pool cleaner that does what robotic cleaners do well - cleans pool floors, cove and the walls. While it's a decent pool cleaner, if you have a higher budget you may want to consider our top rated robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Nautilus.

The Rover S2-40 is quite affordable and simple to use for cleaning both in and above ground pool of varying shapes and surfaces. Unlike suction pool cleaners or pressure side cleaners, this robotic cleaner doesn't require a booster pump or the pool pump to clean. It has its own internal pump which does the job well.

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Aquabot POOL ROVER S2 40


  • The pool rover is designed to clean pools of all shapes and surfaces up to 40 ft., and it is ideal for above ground pools
  • The rover can clean the floor of your pool the corners and partially clean the walls of the pool.
  • The cleaner comes with a 40' kink-free EZ swivel cable.
  • It has an easily accessible filter bag that can filter down to the smallest of particles
  • Its Aquabot pump can feature 80-85 gallons per minute for powerful suction.
  • The top access filter bags can be easily attached and detached; they are also reusable and machine washable.
  • The cleaner comes with an adjustable axle pin to prevent cable tangling and maximum coverage
  • The dimensions of the product are 18.3x17.5x11.9
  • The Aquabot weighs 22lbs.

This is an impressive list of functions for a 22lbs robotic cleaner. But how well do they translate in reality?

Several buyers have reviewed this product, and it turns out it has both positive and negative aspects.

Things We Liked

  • Great pool coverage on walls and stairs
  • Comes preassembled 
  • Extra debris bag included

Things We Didn't Like

  • Could be more durable
  • Doesn't clean waterline well



Type of Pool Cleaners

We have the suction based cleaners, which are more conventional, less expensive and quite easy to maintain. Then you have the pressure-side cleaners which are a bit more advanced than the suction cleaners and require pumps to function. The last categories are the robotic pool cleaners (like the Rover S2-40) which come with impressive features and advanced technology. It doesn't hurt that most of them look ultra-cool in your pool too.

How it works

The Rover S2-40 comes with its own power supply which needs to be plugged into a power outlet that is GCFI proof. GCFI (ground-fault-circuit-interrupter) is needed to prevent the incidence of shock in the event of a damaged cable. The floating cable that comes with the Aquabot Rover S2-40 is 40 ft. long and it is quite suitable for mid-sized in ground and above ground pools. The good news is that the cable is a swivel cable so it won’t get entangled while the robot moves around cleaning.

Aquabot Pool Side

It moves with ease around the pool surface with the help of the NeverStuck rollers, helping it to plug along around the pool no matter what the situation.

The Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 uses the NeverStuck rollers and non-marring wheels, which helps it maneuver around obstacles, humps and corners that might be present in your in-ground pool.

If there is one area of the operations of this robotic cleaner that we are not pleased with, it will have to be the waterline. The Rover S2-40 cleans the floors and the walls partially, but it doesn't clean the water lines. This seems fine for most buyers as they had an alternative that they could use in place of the S2-40 to clean the water lines.

Design and Performance

The best part of the S2-40, for me, is its blue color, even though this little robot has some promising features likes its robotic counterparts, you have to admit that watching it bob around your pool is more appealing than any super tech powers it has.

The manufacturers of the Aquabot Pool Rover have made a lot of promises concerning this product and its functions. The claims are that the Aquabot will help you save water and energy as the debris are self-contained in the unit, and its filtration system will help you save on chemical usage.

They also promise that the Aquabot Pool Rover is safe to use and will not cause injuries, although it is difficult to imagine a pool cleaner causing its owner injuries.

Another claim is that the cleaner’s technology will save you the cost of repairs and replacement of its parts. Given that it is actually well put together this is not surprising. Take a look in the picture to the right!

Aquabot S2 40 Opened up

The Rover S2-40 features two filter bags which should be enough to last you for a while before needing replacement. One has a mesh to be used for catching tiny particles, while the larger bag has a net for picking leaves and larger debris. We noticed that you can get replacement bags on Amazon for as low as twenty bucks.

But that's not all, the Aquabot is supposed to have the finest filtration system in the industry. We are not surprised the Rover S2-40 filters down to 2 microns, not only leaving your pool cleaner but healthier too. The cleaners are also supposedly engineered with the strongest pumps in the industry, which means great suction.


The Aquabot S2-40 Pool Rover is one of the more reasonably priced robotic cleaners on the market. Its parts are cheap and easy to replace, and it works quite well, cleaning your pool effectively and efficiently without your input. It's definitely a great alternative to a slightly more expensive Aquabot Junior.

It will every area of your pool except the waterline and the walls, which it cleans partially. It is efficient and performs well until it breaks. If you are willing to overlook this and hope yours works fine for as long as possible, then you should take a chance on the pool rover. If not, you can take a look at some of the other robotic cleaners that we have reviewed here on the site - most noticeably the Polaris Sport Robotic Cleaner

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