Having a pool in your backyard is a great way for you and your family to beat the summer heat. It’s also a fun way to exercise, or an excellent source of relaxation after a long day.

However, the more the pool is used, the more it needs to be cleaned. Bugs, leaves, and dirt, among other things, collect far too easily, making it difficult to swim or have fun. Additionally, if not cleaned out often enough, dangerous bacteria and algae can eventually form.

Cleaning your pool is a necessary chore to make sure it remains safe and healthy for your family. But you can ditch your brush and your net because there’s a better product out there. This robot is the perfect choice for inground pools but is also one of the best quality above ground pool cleaners on the market. The Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 reviews below will tell you everything you need to know about one of the best automatic pool cleaners.

Let the Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner Handle all the Cleaning in Your Swimming Pool

This Aquabot pool rover is specifically designed for above ground swimming pools. It will get your pool so clean you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it before. What’s more, it can be used in smaller inground pools.

When we first started testing this robot, we weren’t sure how it was going to go. It moved around okay, but it didn’t seem to be cleaning that well. It was also having trouble going up the angled pool walls (this device can reach up to about 6” along the sides).

When we pulled it out of the water and opened the top, we noticed that the internal filter and mesh bag was already filled with all kinds of dirt and debris. This pool had been much dirtier than we thought!

We had to pull the robot out of the pool and clean out the filter a few times, but it was well worth it for a clean pool. A few hours later and the pool looked as good as the day we first installed it.

Depending on how dirty your own pool is, the first clean with this rover might be a little bit more work than you expected. If you keep using it on a regular basis afterwards, won’t have any more issues. Just set the timer (1 or 2 hours), toss it in, and let the robot do its thing.

Why Buy Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50?

Cleans Well

You should buy the Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 if you want an all around clean for a great price. This robot not only cleans the pool floor, but it’ll clean the cove and part of the wall as well. It easily filters out all dirt, debri, and algae that have collected in your pool.

If you’re tired of doing all the work of cleaning your pool, or paying someone to do it, then this is the bot for you. With powerful suction that filters about 80-85 gallons of water per minute, it should only take 1-2 hours for a complete clean while you relax in the shade.

Great Price

Most top brand name robots, and even other Aquabot above ground pool cleaners with fancier features and gadgets, can cost a lot of money. And the more features and gadgets a robot has, the more costly it is to replace or repair should something go wrong.

The AJET122 is available at a much more affordable price than many of those others, and if something breaks, the parts are easy to replace or repair.

Extremely Versatile

Whichever style of pool you have (provided it doesn’t exceed 50ft), you should add AJET122 pool cleaner to your must-have list of pool equipment.

Can it clean a small inground pool?

The answer is yes! Small inground pools are perfect to have. It creates a more intimate swimming experience, and are wonderful alternatives to larger pools, especially if your back yard is too small for a large pool.

They can also be much easier to clean and maintain than larger pools. However, the task can still get tedious and bothersome, especially if you work a lot, or you have more important tasks to take care of.

We tested this bot in various sizes of both above ground and inground pools, and it worked beautifully for all. The smaller inground pools take a little less time to get a full clean, of course. The one we tried it in also as a drop away bottom and the AJET122 had no problems at all.

That said, another great option for small inground pools is the Water Tech Pool Blaster. With a minimum reach of 9 inches at a 45-degree angle, but you can easily attach a telescoping pole for deeper pools.

The Pool Blaster Max can help you easily clean the sides of your pool, which would actually make it a great companion to the Aquabot.

Probably the only thing better than the Aquabot and Catfish combined is the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. Although slightly more expensive, the Dolphin Nautilus has a larger filtration system, so it catches much more dirt and debri. It’s also lighter than the Aquabot (about a 6-pound difference), which is great for smaller pools.

The best part about the Nautilus is that it climbs the walls, which is something the Aquabot doesn’t do. It also remembers the layout of your pool for a more efficient clean, while the Aquabot will always follow a random pattern, sometimes cleaning the same spot more than once.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 Best Features

Exclusive Hydro-Robotic Technology

aquabot pool rover s2-50 best features

The Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 is equipped with their patented Hydro-Robotic Technology, which propels the robot through the water without having to use too much power.

It also helps to minimize the need for extra parts, which makes repairs much easier and cheaper to take care of.

Cleans Any Size Pool

This bot will clean your inground or above ground with ease, no matter the size. Rectangle, kidney, L-shape, round, or oval, consider your pool clean and free of harmful chemicals.

50’ Kink-Free Cord

The Aquabot power supply comes with a 50’ kink-free cord that won’t get tangled no matter how many paths it takes while cleaning your pool. The universal power supply will also adapt to either 110v or 220v.

2 Agitating Brushes

This bot is equipped with 2 fixed agitating brushes that easily remove algae and other debri from your pool’s surfaces, leaving your pool clean and fresh.

Excellent Customer Service

Having issues or just need some help? Customer service is just a phone call away from some excellent Aquabot pool cleaner troubleshooting. And if your bot is still within the 1-year warranty the manufacturer offers, any defective parts will be replaced at no extra cost.

What Do the Customers Say?

Great Bot for the Price

The consensus among customers who have bought the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 (and liked it) say that it’s a great bot for the low price they paid for it. Others have said that it worked better than the $1000 bots they’ve owned before.

Long Lasting

aquabot is long lasting and great bot for the price

Several customers report that their Aquabot lasted well past the 1-year warranty and got them through at least 3-4 seasons of use.

It’s even been said that this version works better than older versions from the same manufacturer.

Not a Consistent Clean

Since this bot takes random paths around the swimming pool, various consumers say that it doesn’t provide a very consistent clean. Moreover, if the pool is particularly dirty, you have to clean out the filter basket many times while the bot is in use, which can get tiresome.

Doesn’t Pick Up Loose Dirt Well If There’s A Lot of It

A few previous customers reported that loose dirt on the bottom of the pool didn’t get picked up very well. It’s possible, though, that when they noticed this the filter was already full so couldn’t pick anything else up. This is like when your household vacuum’s bag or chamber is full and stops sucking up dirt.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 Automatic Pool Cleaner Does the Dirty Work for You!

This automatic pool cleaner robot is an excellent Aquabot above ground pool cleaner, but also works well in inground pools (especially small ones).

pool cleaner does the dirty work for you

If you’re tired of doing all the dirty work of sifting, cleaning, and vacuuming your pool, buy this bot today and let it do it all for you. It effortlessly filters your pool’s water to get out all dirt, debris, and contaminants, and will clean any size or shape of pool you have.

The Aquabot is extremely user-friendly (just plug it in and push the button), is equipped with convenient timer settings (1 or 2 hours) and saves you so much time and energy.

One downside to this model is the manufacturer only offers a 1-year warranty. Since it’s clear that this will last you far beyond that, it’s recommended to purchase an additional warranty from Amazon.com when you purchase the Aquabot S2-50.