Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are easy to use, safe and stable form of chlorine additives for your swimming pool sanitation. They come in 1-inch and 3-inch sizes and you add chlorine to your swimming pool by putting the tablets in your floating chlorine dispensers, pool skimmer baskets or automatic chlorinators.

Follow the instruction for calculating the appropriate number of tablets based on your pool’s volume, place them in your dispenser and the circulation of water will make sure that chlorine is equally dispersed in your swimming pool. When you need to add chlorine to your swimming pool, chlorine tablets are a convenient and effective way to chlorinate your pool. They are also affordable and widely accessible for purchase. Buying a pool chlorine chlorinator or dispenser will save you a great deal of time and money.

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Ingredients and effect

The basic ingredient of chlorine tablets is calcium hypochlorite which is commonly used in water treatment to disinfect the water of home pools. The tablets contain Cyanuric Acid (CYA) so make sure to check the levels regularly.

How does best chlorine for pools tablets work? Chlorine tablets dissolves in water and then the water becomes a light acid. This light acid interacts with algae and bacteria and sanitizes the swimming pool water and surfaces. The access freely floats in your pool and maintains the clarity of water while keeping it sanitized, but don’t think it’s even close to a substitute for the best robotic pool cleaner.


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Benefits of chlorine tablets compared to liquid chlorine

​So whats the difference between liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets? Well, liquid chlorine dissipates quickly in pool water as it does not contain conditioners which ensure slow-release into the atmosphere as a result of ultraviolet exposure. Because of this, your swimming pool water will need frequent readjustment. 

In addition, the available chlorine content of one gallon of liquid chlorine is just about 10%. This means that a large volume of liquid chlorine must be kept on hand for daily treatments. This is not convenient for home owners as it is for commercial pools because liquid chlorine in storage has a shelf life of only a few weeks. ​

Chlorine tablets, on the other hand, keep your pool chlorine levels more consistent as they contain stabilizers and also slowly release chlorine as they dissolve in water. They are affordable and easy to store and handle. 

Size and dosage


There are 2 sizes of chlorine tablets: 1” and 3”. Which size of tablets you will use depends on the type and size of your dispenser and the volume of your swimming pool. Dispensers may hold one or more tablets. The number of tablets needed per 10000 gallons is usually indicated in the instructions or on the label. Follow the instructions and adjust the dosage according to the results you get.

So, look for the best pool chlorine tablets with clear and accurate dosing instructions on the packaging labels or provided in a package. Bear in mind that some tablets dissolve faster than others, and need to be replaced more often.

How to apply tabs

In order to use chlorine tablets you will need a dispenser. The typical and cheap chlorine dispenser is a floating object with a small cup that has holes which allow pool water to flow through it. You can also use skimmer basket. 

Floating dispensers might chlorinate a limited area when the pumps are not running and if they get close to your vinyl liner, the liner will get bleached. So, should you put chlorine tabs in floaters, skimmer baskets or chlorinators?

​Word of caution


Choose according to your needs and options available but bear in mind pros and cons of each method. For example, adding tablets in your skimmer will lead to acid building up when the pumps are not working. The acid is sure to damage o-rings and gaskets over time. If the critical build up occurs in the middle of the summer, not only will you be unable to use your pool but it will also cost a sizable chunk of money for the pool maintenance specialist and the parts which need to be replaced.

Do not just throw chlorine tablets directly in your pool: without the dispenser, chlorine tablets will cause fading of plastic pool liners and stains on your plaster. Tablets can also get sucked into the drain where it quickly dissolves. Apart from wasting the stabilized chlorine, this will also cause severe imbalance in your pool. 

Now, let’s move on to our reviews of best chlorine tablets in the market!

​Best Chlorine Tablets Reviews

​1. Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Pool/Spa 3-Inch Wrapped Chlorinating Tablets, 50 lbs

Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Poolgarden-2027548_640

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StarPlus 3 inch Jumbo Tabs helps to keep your water disinfected and clear. The tablets contained in this product are some of the strongest in the world. The tablets won’t cloud your pool but are ideal for skimmer baskets, feeders and floaters.

The tablets are concentrated, and the manufacturer has made sure that they dissolve slowly in water to ensure optimal safety. The manufacturer designed the tablets in a way to ensure that they don’t leave behind mineral scale build-up.

The 50 lb buckets consists of approximately 100 tablets. You can use them in your pool or spa. The tablets are 99% Trichloro-S-Trianzinetrione and stabilized to protect potency. The product contains an EPA approved formula.

These tablets kills bacteria and control algae and are compatible with above ground or in-ground swimming pools. The manufacturer individually wrapped these tablets and are stabilized to dissolve slowly.

To ensure that these tablets are safe, the manufacturer has rigorously tested them. 

Customers have reported that the individual wrapping helps to prevent the tablets from degrading before use, but some customers said that some of the tablets arrived broken inside the individual packets. The product is said to produce 24-hour residual chlorine performance.

​Things We Liked

  • ​Great for smaller pools / tubs
  • ​Individual tablets wrapped
  • ​Good value for money

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Tablets could quickly

​2. In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs

In The Swim 3" Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets - 50 Poundsgarden-2027548_640

Editor Rating:


In The Swim 3 Inch Tablets contain powerful 90% stabilized chlorine and 99% Trichlor-S-Triazinetrione with the recommended dosage of about 1-2 tablets per 10,000 gallons of water per week. It naturally also depends on the sun and the temperature of yoyr pool. The bucket contains about 114 tablets.

Advertized as the slowest-dissolving and longest lasting chlorine you can buy, tabs are all individually wrapped for better protection.

Expect no chlorine dust on your fingers. The individual wrappings are reported not sealed in some cases so do not inhale fumes while opening the bucket for the first time. Open the bucket outdoors, if possible.

The bucket itself is waterproof, strong and has a safety locking top. Some issues with broken tablets were also reported but that might be result of improper shipping or handling. Besides individual wrapping, In The Swim stabilized chlorine tablets are not put straight in the bucket but in a special plastic bag first. Another welcomed protective measure.

Best not used in skimmers as the tabs are thick and will leave a lot of chlorine and acid once the pump is off. Tablets do dissolve more slowly and are ideal for automatic chlorinators and floaters which will fit the number of tabs required for your pool.

The overall effect of tablets is mostly appreciated and so is the value for money in this quite a big pack. It will last the whole summer and then some! Safe to say these are one of the best pool chlorine tablets for swimming pool!

​Things We Liked

  • ​Dissolves slowly and evenly
  • ​Great job and affordable price
  • ​Individual wrapping protects stabilized chlorine tablets for long term use
  • ​Enough for 1+ season

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Fragile – can arrive broken but doesn’t impact performance

​3. Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets 1-Inch Pool and Spa Chemicals, 1.5-Pound

Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets 1-Inch Pool and Spa Chemicals, 1.5-Poundgarden-2027548_640

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Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets are slow-dissolving and concentrated for long lasting chlorination and sanitation. They are especially convenient for smaller swimming pools and hot tubs and are a good pick when shopping for best chlorine for vinyl pools.

This product is stabilized to reduce chlorine loss to the sun’s UV rays. It is manufactured to resist crumbling and it contains 95% Trichloro-s-triazinetrione and 85.5% active chlorine.

These 1-inch size tablets are tiny but effective in maintaining strong and steady chlorine levels for your pool. It’s super easy to refill your floaters or chlorinators!

They have a sharp, chlorine-like odor so make sure to handle the tabs with care. Irritation of the eyes nose throat pharynx and respiratory tract is likely to develop from exposures to the dust of these tablets.

For hot tub lovers, Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets will be really convenient as their size makes them fit for smaller floaters. Just test your water preferably using a strip type kit and it will tell you precisely how many chlorinating tabs to use.

For families with small children, this is a must have product! When using smaller pools, above ground or inflatable ones it is quite a drag to change the water daily. And yet, you have to keep the water sanitized, especially for the little ones and their guests. So, instead of continuous filling and draining just use one of these tiny tabs and you’ll be care-free and hassle-free at the same time!

Good news for pet owners, especially dogs: lot’s of positive feedback from customers who use Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets for their pet pools!

​Things We Liked

  • ​Perfect for smaller swimming pools
  • ​Little crumbling
  • ​Great value

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Not great for hot tubs

​4. NAVA 12000295 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pool/Spa, 50 lbs

Nava chlorine large tablets - 25lbs - 3" tablets garden-2027548_640

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Nava 3-inch Tabs come in a 50lbs value pack and are sure to last you the whole season. Although concentrated, tabs will not leave stains or build-up. On top of their chlorinating efficiency, they are US EPA approved.

Tabs come in a well sealed bucket with an easy to open locking lid. For the price, a sizable bucket! It’s so big you won’t have any problems spotting it among your other pool supplies. Truly good value for money!

Apart from keeping your pool water sanitized and clear, these individually wrapped 3-inch tablets will fit most floaters and chlorinators and are easy to use. They dissolve slowly and provide long-lasting steady chlorinating effect.

As for the wrapping, although it’s convenient because you don’t need to touch the tabs with your bare fingers, rubber gloves are recommended. Wrapping is nicely done so the tablets are easy to open. Some will still find individual wraps an unnecessary detail because you have to open each tab, but just think: you get solid protection from moist and the chemical odor at the same time.

As with all other chlorine tabs, shocking your pool and keeping your water balanced is all you have to do for convenient and complete pool care. Just stock your pool with this 50-pound bucket of 3-inch chlorinating tablets and enjoy the summer!

​Things We Liked

  • ​No mineral build up
  • ​EPA approved
  • ​Bucket well sealed 
  • ​Individual tablet wrapping

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Crumbles easily if close to expiration date

​5. Pool Mate 1-1407 Jumbo 3-Inch Chlorine Tablets, 7-Pound

Pool Mate 1-1407 Jumbo 3-Inch Chlorine Tablets, 7-Poundgarden-2027548_640

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Pool Mate Jumbo Ta​​bs are the slowest dissolving tabs in the market. They come in 3-inch size, 8oz and each tab is individually wrapped for convenient and safe handling.

According to consumers, these tabs are the longest lasting. You will initially need 1-3 tabs per 10,000 gallons of water, depending on the pool water chemicals balance and the temperature.

There are 14 tabs in the bucket which has a safety top so you have to snap open it. The tablets inside are in protective wrapping which opens easily. No scissors are necessary. However, the tablets are potent and gloves are recommended.

Another advantage, because of the additional wrapping, you smell less fume every time you open the bucket.

With 90% of chlorine available, adjust your feeders to get 2.0-4.0 ppm of free chlorine residual and maintain pH level at around 7.5. Total alkalinity should be between 80-130 ppm.

Each Pool Mate Jumbo Tab is stabilized and protected from UV rays to avoid loss in chlorine. In the long run, this will increase tabs’ efficiency, save you money and make your pool experience enjoyable throughout the summer.

These tablets do dissolve evenly and perform as expected. 1 should be enough per week and, as long as you shock the pool initially and make sure that your levels are right, this jumbo pack should last you a season.

Good news, no staining, no damages to your pool and no complaints on fast dissolving or bad circulation in water.

​Things We Liked

  • ​Dissolves even and slow
  • ​Each tablet wrapped individually
  • ​Protective top bucket

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Tablets can arrive  broken but doesn’t impact performance

​6. Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets, 16 Count

Arms & Hammer Clear Balance TabletsArms & Hammer Clear Balance Tablets

Editor Rating:


Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Tablets are a combo of pH adjuster, alkalinity booster and pool water clarifier. They create a synergy effect and optimize chlorine efficiency but also minimize skin and eye irritation.

You add 1 Clear Balance per 1 three-inch chlorine tablet and you get perfect pool water. On top of that, you get protection from corrosion of your metal pool surfaces, no plaster staining and improved removal of unwanted organics in the pool.

You can add Clear Balance to other forms of chlorine. Just follow the instructions on the package label, get a separate dispenser for best chlorine tablets of your choice and you’ll get full effect of Clear Balance! Don’t forget to test your pool water for proper levels of chlorine, pH and alkalinity first.

Clear Balance dissolves quickly and circulates evenly in your pool. The water will feel softer and more pleasant to your skin and eyes. The water will be so clear that you will finally be able to find that earring you had lost the summer before.

These tabs will save you a great deal of money and time to try keeping your pool clear and water balanced. No unfavorable conditions too difficult for Clear Balance, be it 100 degrees plus or heavy rain or wind flowing in with all sorts of stuff you don’t want to see in your pool.

These tabs are inexpensive and convenient. Don’t get confused by the fact that the active ingredient is 86% Sodium Bicarbonate: according to verified customers Clear Balance is so much more!

​Things We Liked

  • ​Really powerful tablets
  • ​Convenient easy to use
  • ​Water remains clear and balanced
  • ​Okay to swim right after use

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Easily broken during shipment

​7. Arch Chemical 41236 HTH 3-Inch Super Chlorinating Tablets, 4.8-​​Pound

HTH 41236 3-Inch Super Chlorinating Tablets, 4.8-PoundArms & Hammer Clear Balance Tablets

Editor Rating:


Arch Chemical Super Tablets will protect your pool from bacteria and algae. 3-inch chlorinating tablets sanitize your pool water using the proven 93.6% Trichlors-S-Trazinetrione helped by Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate. The total available chlorine is 84%.

The total of 10 individually wrapped tablets comes in a plastic container. The container is protected by hard plastic which you have to peel off before you press the lid and turn it open. Inside you will find a plastic bag with the tabs.

These 3” tabs will fit most floaters and chlorinators. Their potency tends to be strong to the point of some of the users actually using lower dosages. Also, Arch Chemical’s sun protected formula extends overall chlorine life and thus increases its efficiency in your swimming pool making these possibly best 3 inch chlorine tablets available.

No reported staining or damaging of the pool surfaces, plaster or metal should put your mind at ease. With the extra packaging, using the tabs will be neat and hassle free.

Arch Chemical Super Tablets work well with hard water as well, unlike some other chlorine tabs. They maintain proper chemical balance in your pool with a long lasting efficiency, which users like and bacteria and algae hate. Don’t forget to apply pool shock initially and check the levels regularly and you will see your pool water crystal clear and algae free.

​Things We Liked

  • ​Really potent
  • ​Individual wrapping
  • ​Works great with hard water
  • ​Good bang for your buck

​Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Container a bit difficult to enter

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