8 Best Garden Hoses Reviews | Flexible, Rubber, and Expandable Options

A hose is NOT just a hose! If you go to your local store and buy one cause it’s cheap and nicely packed soon enough you’ll buy another one and another and another. Then, you’ll finally think it over, read our garden hose reviews and decide wisely which garden  hose best fits your purpose, will last you for 5-10 years, meets NSF standards and won’t break the bank.

If you buy a low quality hose you might soon find out that it leaks, kinks, cracks and isn’t safe for carrying drinking water. Some problems can be fixed but our word of advice is to buy a good quality hose that meets your needs. However, having the best garden hose reel is also quite helpful!

Best Garden Hoses Comparison

ModelEditor RatingPrice 
1. LawnPRO 50’ Expanding
2. Apex 8695-25 Commercial
3. Camco 22853 Premium
4. Gilmour Farm & Ranch Hose
5. Expandable Garden Hose
6. VicTsing 50ft Expanding Hose
7. Flexzilla Garden Hose
8. NeverKink 8615-25 Series 2000

Garden Hose Buying guide

Which hose to buy depends on the size of the area in which you’ll be using it, the purpose and where you will keep it when not in use. Our garden hose review will cover length, materials, parts and types of hoses as they are important points to consider before purchase.

Length should be based on the area

Garden hoses come in 10 - 100-foot lengths. Measure the farthest distance from your spigot and buy a hose that is a bit longer than that. Do not buy longer hose than necessary. They cost more, are heavier to put away and require more storage space.

Also, they require more water to provide the right pressure for your purposes.

In general, a 25-foot hose is usually fine for your balcony or a deck. A 50-foot hose will be good for most urban yards. Besides buying a longer hose you can also join two hoses together when needed.

Hose diameter and water flow

The bigger the diameter, the more water the hose will carry. The inner diameter is what counts and they are usually ¾ inch, five-eighths inch and half inch.

A hose width of five-eighths provides a good ratio of water flow and pressure and is not too heavy to work with. This hose is most frequently used.

Half-inch garden hoses are lighter and recommended to be 50 feet or less. You can use them for light-duty gardening tasks, such as watering hanging baskets and are not sufficient for use with sprinklers. They don’t provide enough water pressure to wash your car either.

Hose material

A vinyl hose is the least expensive and most lightweight but also the least sturdy. It’s prone to kinking and can degrade quickly if exposed to harsh weather or left in the sun. A light weight makes it easy to lug around if you don't have a great reel or even a top wheelbarrow that you can use for assistance.

Rubber hoses are the strongest and most long-lasting. They are more expensive and can be heavy to haul around the garden. On the plus side, rubber hoses can carry hot water. They’re less likely to kink and they enable heavy duty use.

Composite rubber/vinyl garden hoses have mixed properties of the two materials.

Reinforced hoses (usually reinforced with a mesh lining between layers of vinyl and/or rubber) are more resistant to kinking and splitting. They can take higher water pressure levels. It’s not the number of layers that matters but the material those layers are made from.

Polyurethane hoses, unlike rubber and vinyl, do not leach chemicals into the water. That’s way polyurethane hoses are safe for carrying drinking water. Look for the “drinking water safe” label or notice on the hose packaging. These hoses are made with FDA-approved non-toxic inner cores that don’t leach harmful chemicals. As stated by the FDA, “hoses conveying water shall be constructed and repaired with approved materials according to law.”

Couplings, Washers and Collars

Cast brass couplings are the most durable and leak-resistant. If your washers are thin plastic they will quickly break down. Replace them with a high quality rubber washer. Collars reduce kinking or splitting near the spigot. Fortunately, if you're looking for  an amazing soaker review these same buying principles apply.

So if you are looking for the best garden hose, read on!

Best Garden Hose Reviews

Editor Rating:


LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose

The LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose uses a 5000 Denier woven fabric casing in order to provide reliable and durable hose and is our best garden hose hands down. Its outer fabric layer is manufactured without any seams which eliminates the possibility of a rupture.

The LawnPRO fittings are standard 3/4” solid copper. They are compatible with any faucet, spray nozzle, sprinkler, or another hose. These fittings are beyond comparison with the usual plastic Quick Connect type fittings.

The hose weighs less than 2.5lbs and is lightweight. It comes with in a handy storage bag which protects the hose when not in use. The LawnPRO hose is so light that even your children will be able to happily and easily handle it and join you in the garden.

When camping, traveling, boating, or taking out your RV, this compact hose is a great tool to bring with you‘ll be able to fit it anywhere. LawnPRO hose is a great solution if you’re short of space. When not in use, the hose shrinks to under 20' and under 2.5lbs.

If you have any issues,a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty is provided. Not that you will need it as asked 5,000 Denier woven wrap is stronger than most other expanding hoses, The solid copper fittings and steel assembly clamps are also strong and reliable so no problems there, as well.

No ridged rubber as in a typical garden hose so LawnPRO expandable hose won't kink. However, it is not to be used with hot water.

Copper Fittings. Steel Assembly Clamps

There is no water leaking at any of the connecting joints and the hose will simply glide across your garden. For those of you who are tired of pulling or simply don’t need a heavy duty rubber hose, this will be a great choice.

Things We Liked

  • Strong, compact, but light weight
  • No kinking
  • High quality copper fittings
  • Comes with storage bag

Things We Didn't Like

  • Could use extra washers



Editor Rating:


The Apex All Rubber Hot Water Hose is, as the name suggests 100% rubber which makes it the right choice for handling hot water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot water runs through the hose well without deforming it. Lifetime guarantee is provided regardless.

This hose is long enough to meet most needs. It has well built sturdy brass fittings that will last for years. Another great feature is a rigid sleeve as it prevents kinking at faucet.

Apex Commercial All Rubber Water Hose

You can use it to deliver water to outdoor fountains in below freezing temperatures or drain your hot water tank for the cleaning: it works equally well in both extreme conditions. You can leave it in the sun without issues.

Apart from gardens, all-rubber construction makes Apex All Rubber Hot Water Hose excellent choice for other environments that require hot water for cleaning such as restaurant floors, farms and greenhouses and car washing areas. Remember, only the best rubber garden hose should be used for hot water applications!

While it is more expensive to buy smaller lengths and link them together, it is much easier to manage 25-foot hose than 50’ or 100’. Any hose might kink but this one is flexible enough to clear potential blockage when straightened. And once you have finished using the hose, it only takes a few twirls to coil it back up.

The hose is of convenient length so it’s easy to handle, unkink, coil back and store away. During non-seasonal months your water hose should be stored indoors to extend the life. Disconnect water hose from spigot, and drain all water. You must make sure it is straight so all the water can drain. Coiling the hose and storing it indoors is super easy the hose being 25 feet long.

It is not led free so other hoses are a wise choice for drinking water but for hot water and rough duties this hose is the best option. Heavy connectors with tight fit and no leaks only add to the value of Apex All Rubber Hot Water Hose. Excellent quality hose for the money will surely meet all your watering needs and expectations from the best garden hose!

Things We Liked

  • Perfect for hot water
  • ​Leaf-proof trade marked brass couplings
  • Great value for money
  • Great length, easy to manage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not fit for drinking water out of



Editor Rating:


Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose features anti-kink design machined fittings and strain-relief ends for added durability. It is 20 % thicker than standard drinking water hoses. This NSF certified hosehose is lead free, BPA free, phthalate free and UV stabilized for longer life.

Regular garden hoses contain lead in the PVC they are made of and the brass fitting also contains lead. Studies have shown that a large amount of lead leaches from the hose into the water as it passes through. So it is best to buy lead-free hoses for both your RV and your garden. Camco Premium is compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws regulating drinking water safety.

Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water Hose

It's stiffer than a regular garden hose but most of you would rather have a hose that's drinking water safe than the lighter, more elastic but less safe options.

The working pressure rating is approximately 50psi and Camco recommends a pressure regulator if used over 50psi. The burst strength rating is 300psi. As for you camper owners, this hose can handle any PSIG from any campground well!

Camco’s Premium Drinking Water Hose is extra tough and great for camping, RVing, gardening, washing your cars and watering livestock.

Good news, the hose comes with washers so no leaks on this one! Make sure that the included black washers are properly set in place inside each end of the hose. This hose is extremely high quality and should form a tight and leak-proof seal if installed properly. Also, double check the threads are in sync.

The hose is 20% thicker than standard drinking water hoses so it’s more resistant to leaks and pinholes. This durable hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance. Its internal diameter is 5/8 inch for high flow. It does kink a little, but it’s easy to straighten out.

The ends are high quality nickel-plated brass machined fittings for maximum corrosion resistance, with strain-relief for added durability. The ends are compatible with standard garden hose connections. The hose assembly is also CSA low lead content certified to NSF/ANSI 372. Camco has been operating since 1966 so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing: this is probably the best water hose on the market!

Things We Liked

  • Certified for drinking water 
  • brass fittings with washers
  • Low kinking and very durable
  • Multi purpose

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bit stiff
  • Sensitive to sunlight 



Editor Rating:


Gilmour Farm & Ranch Hose features 6-layer double-reinforced construction which will stand the tough tasks and rough terrain on farms and ranches. It offers commercial strength and length at affordable price. If you're looking for length, this is the best  hose for your garden.

Easy and simple use hose has a protective collar to prevent kinks at the faucet. It’s equipped with heavy-duty brass couplings which have O-rings for tight seals.

Gilmour Farm & Ranch Hose 5/8 Inch x 90 Feet

Rugged red cover of the hose resists abrasion and won't mar surfaces which the hose is dragged over. This hose is thicker than your average garden hose. It can stand the wear and tear of being dragged around, stepped on by run over better than a regular garden hose. It doesn't kink and is easier to handle and roll.

This hose is definitely industrial strength and will likely last a long time. It is the right choice if you need a hose to withstand rugged terrain or frequent watering further away from the faucet, between bushes or on rocky ground.

This hose is well constructed and does not kink! Pressure is good, there are no leaks and, although heavy-duty, this hose is flexible enough so you don’t need to wrestle with it. Farmers and ranchers choice!

Things We Liked

  • Premium quality
  • Longest hose by far
  • Extremely sturdy and well built
  • Heavy duty brass couplings

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not easy to carry around due to size



Editor Rating:


The GrowGreen® Expandable Garden Hose starts out 8 Feet and expands to 25 Feet with water pressure, but returns in seconds to 8 Feet after water is out!

With this hose you WILL get the full length once expanded. Let’s look at other reasons why we included this hose in our best garden hose review.

Strongest Expanding Garden Hose on the Market

This amazing water hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. It’s flexible and easy to handle and doesn’t occupy much storage space!

This is the strongest expandable hose and comes with a super quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns. All connectors are brass with excellent corrosion resistance and bound to serve you well for a long time. It comes with a 12 Month Warranty for Manufacturing Defects!

Made of durable, pressure-resistant latex material, this hose is safe for average water pressure. It won’t leak, burst or break. When you’re done using it, it coils easily without kinking or twisting.

Recommendеd to all of you who are looking for the strongest expandable garden hose that does not weigh a lot and is a pleasure to use. It's very light weight, and the spray nozzle works great. You will have no problem hooking it up. It expands easily and doesn't get tangled.

This hose has an 8-way nozzle including Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist, and Center. It will meet all your needs and has a high quality nozzle and a Rust-free Shutoff Valve included.

To conclude this best expandable garden hose review, the GrowGreen® expandable hose will bring back ease and joy to your gardening chores!

Things We Liked

  • Functions well at full length
  • 8 spraying options
  • Sturdy brass fittings

Things We Didn't Like

  • Color can make it hard to spot in grass



Editor Rating:


VicTsing 50ft Expanding Hose

VicTsing Strongest Expandable Garden Hose comes with a 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee, 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Free Life-time Technical Support. You probably won’t not need to use them because this hose is premium quality with extremely durable latex core and tough outer weave.

The solid brass fittings will not break, crack, leak or corrode. They ensure strength and durability so this hose can withstand high and low temperature (20F-200F).

VicTsing garden hose expands up to 3 times of its original length and it also retracts down to its original shape for easy storage. Solid 3/4" brass connectors and inner rubber washer mean no more leaks or cracks.

Built-in shut-off brass valve saves are there so you don’t have to walk back to the faucet every now and again. You simply use ON/OFF valve which is located on the end for more convenient use of the hose.

The hose is 50 Feet Extra-Long but portable which makes it perfect for using it outdoors. As the hose is lightweight and comes with a storage bag, you can take it anywhere you want and use it on your boat, RV parking spot or a camping site.

It can operate under high water pressure up to 9 Bar/130 PSI/900 kPa. It is also highly compatible and will fit most spray nozzle attachments. These features make it a must-have hose to do outdoor work easily.

If you’re looking for something other than traditional plastic hose and want to get a stronger one, this is a great option. It is lightweight, easily shrinks to a manageable size for storage and doesn't drip and drain all over the place.

Although 50 feet long, it works best when stretched to 20-25 feet. Still, if you follow the instructions you’ll see that there are no kinks not does the hose refuse to roll up like you want it to. It does snap back and so watch for that. Still, it’s definitely durable, easy to use and worth the price!

Things We Liked

  • Expands and retracts well
  • Light weight
  • No tangling / kinking
  • Brass fittings

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not really effective at max length (50 feet). Better at 40 feet and under



Editor Rating:


Flexzilla Garden Hose is made of Premium Hybrid Polymer and comes in 5/8" x 50' dimensions. The fittings, both male and female, are anodized aircraft aluminum. Flexzilla hose features zero memory. It should stay where you drop it and you should be able to coil it easily. It guarantees maximum flexibility and minimum kinking when full of water.

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Its working pressure is 150 PSI and it should operate with great reliability between -40° to 150° F. It does remain flexible down to sub freezing temperatures.

It is abrasion-resistant depending on how and where you use it and its bright green color makes it easy to spot in your yard. Naturally, after a long time and if you constantly drag it over sharp and rough surfaces, the color will eventually fade.

Kink resistant rib inner core design is confirmed effective by most buyers. However, most seem to wish the fittings are brass rather than aluminum as it is pretty soft and dented easily when you use a wrench to tighten everything. So go easy on the fittings!

Bear in mind that if you leave brass nozzles attached to aluminum fittings, galvanic corrosion will occur between these dissimilar metals.

Occasional nozzle leaking is possible to happen due to the fact that there aren’t any washers installed. Add a washer and you’ll have a leak-free hose.

This is one of the hoses convenient for most purposes; light gardening and yard chores. At the end of the season or whenever you want you can easily drain it as it is super light.

Flexzilla hose is strong and yet quite flexible and it doesn't tangle easily if there is pressure in it. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for the best light weight garden hose, this might be just what you’re looking for!

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Great for all types of weather
  • Coils rarely tangle
  • Can drink out of hose

Things We Didn't Like

  • Aluminum instead of brass fittings



Editor Rating:


The NeverKink Ultra Flexible Garden Hose features the patented Reflex Mesh technology which utilizes a mesh reinforcement network in order to prevent kinking, twisting and tanglings. It does a decent job of staying untangled, but is definitely not "Never Kink".

The translucent strip that runs the length of this hose is a product of technological innovation called NTS (Non-Torsion System).

Never Kink Ultra Flexible Garden Hose

The lead free aluminum couplings are made to be crush-proof up to 1,200 pounds. The couplings will not rust or corrode. The ergo rigid sleeve which prevents kinking at the faucet is a great feature.

Neverkink hose is perfect for home gardening and landscape professionals. It’s compatible and often used with nozzles, sprinklers and chemical sprayers.

It’s is 5/8 inches diameter and 25-foot length and comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Neverkink hose is made in the USA using recycled materials.

Neverkink products contain MicroShield antimicrobial protection which guards against mold and mildew that often cause hose deterioration. You will really appreciate this feature which not only makes your hose mold free but also long-lasting.

Neverkink water hose is the best flexible garden hose for easy handling and yet durable with sturdy with well made couplings to both spigot and nozzle. The hose looks and feels heavy duty while not being too heavy itself.

It will meet most of your needs except hot water handling as this is not a rubber hose. Apart from gardening chores, you can to use on your decks and patios for watering plants, supplying power washers or filling you do not use hot water.

Be careful if using a wrench to connect the hose to the spigot or you might deform the aluminum fittings and make it hard for you to unscrew the hose for storage. If well connected to the spigot, you won’t have problems with spraying when turning the water on.

Neverkink water hose can easily be twirled into a nice coil when not in use and it will come up again without kinking once you need it. Solid product for the price!

Things We Liked

  • Flexible, light weight, durable
  • Patented technology for hose reinforcement
  • Coils easily, few kinks
  • Anti microbial protection

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hose not led free
  • Can arrive with some kinks



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