8 Best Outdoor, Gas, Table Fire Pit Reviews 2017

Used all year-round, a fire pit is a perfect focal point in your outdoor entertaining area with open flames ensuring warm and gentle touch for chilly evenings. Be it your yard, garden or a patio, a fire pit will bring cozy, warm and rustic addition to gather around with your family and friends.

Don’t let chilly weather keep you indoors when you can enjoy the special atmosphere around the best fire pit you can get designed to your liking. The intimate moments over a glass of wine or family and friends meals with chats and laughs will guarantee memorable times and happy memories for years on end.

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​1. Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black
​2. Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table With Cover
​3. Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit Outdoor Home Patio Gas Firepit
​4. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit, Antique Bronze Finish
​5. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit
​6. Best Choice Products BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fireplace
​7. Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit, Black
​8. Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit, Black

Buying Guide And Useful Information

If you’ve decided to buy a fire pit, bear in mind that the size and the will depend on your outdoor area. Here are some general features you should look for when shopping for best outdoor fire pits.

Shape and style

Most popular outdoor fire pits are a bowl and a square shaped pit. If your preference is a fire pit that can be moved around easily, go for the bowl type. They often have decorative cutouts for interesting night ambience.

If you have a spacious backyard and prefer a warm gathering spot, the more stationary square pit would be your best choice. Square pits often have cast stone base which adds an overall sophisticated touch .

Smaller fire pits are 20”-25” and they usually consist of a bowl, which makes them perfect for smaller decks and patios. Larger pits are about 40”-45” wide and usually square shaped and resemble low tables.


The materials for the best outdoor fire pits vary from stone, tile, stainless steel, aluminum to copper. Since stone is heavy, it’s best for larger, square pits that will not be moved once you install them. Tiles are fireproof like stone and often used as a decorative touch on smaller pits.

Stainless steel fire pits might be a bit more expensive but they are rust-resistant and easy to clean. Copper fire pits are powder-coated to stand up to the elements and have a classic and nice shiny look. Aluminum is less heavy and provides great protection from bad weather.

Whatever the material, your fire pit should be cleaned regularly to maintain its finish as good as new.

The fuel

Most fire pits are either wood-burning or use natural gas or propane. One of the biggest advantages of a wood fire pit is that buying would is cheaper than buying propane tanks on regular bases. Wood-burning pits also smell and look like a real campfire.

Propane tanks, on the other hand, are more convenient as they require no chopping and cleaning and no disposal of ash. Propane is more expensive than gas, but can out- perform natural gas by more than double.

The best gas fire pits that run on natural gas generally require to be built-in and connected to a natural gas line located in your home. Natural gas is less expensive than other fuel options, but may cost you more upfront as it must be installed by a certified professional.


The best outdoor fire pits come with handy accessories such as a grill for delicious outdoor meals and a protective screen to keep embers and sparks from flying around your yard while providing an open view of the fire. Most fire pits come with a convenient poker. Some also come with a cover to protect your fire pit from bad weather when you are not using it.

Safety Precautions

In generally, the best surfaces to place a fire pit on are hard stone, concrete or tile, which are all fireproof. You should never position and use a fire pit too close to wooden objects, wooden fences, other combustible materials or your home. Be especially careful if you’re using a fire pit on a wooden deck.

Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand just in case and make sure it’s fully functional.

The best rated outdoor fire pits which we included in our fire pit reviews are of various shapes, types, materials and sizes, so you can choose the one which best fits your yard and matches your taste in design as well as fuel preferences.

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Reviews

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Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit features sturdy steel construction of the bowl, wildlife cutouts which glow for a unique nighttime ambience and includes a full-size grilling grate, full-diameter handle, a spark screen and a poker. In a nutshell, it has all features the best outdoor fire pit should have, and then some!

The bowl and the accessories are great quality to the point that a lot of attention was paid to details: the grill included, for instance, is Teflon coated, which makes it very easy to clean and the round handle stays comfortably cool even with a fire raging. The animal cut outs look really cool but also give the fire some more breathing room.

The size is perfect even for a small back yard and the top screen goes on easily with the included poker which is also a screen lifter. You can also buy bellows for handling the fire and keep it going on as long as you like.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get it fully setup. This pit is put together very well and the look and feel of it is heavy. It’s pretty much what you are looking for in terms of durability.

Make sure to buy some regular play sand and put a few inches in the bottom of the bowl. It will ensure you have even heat distribution and increase the life of the pit. Rust-Oleum or a similar anti-rust spray will also help keep the pit as good as new for many years.

Alternatively, you can buy a can of high heat spray paint. The pit looks fine as it is, but it’s advisable to give it another coat of paint for extra protection. Another good purchase would be a cover to keep out the weather, mainly rain. If you put in the effort to take care of your fire pit, you will certainly get more life out of it.

The overall impression is that if you’re looking for the best fire pit for the money, Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit is your top pick. It’s sturdy, well made, nicely design and will provide a great many memorable backyard campfire evenings. Out of all cheap fire pits, we liked this one best.

Things We Liked

  • ​Sturdy steel construction
  • ​Full circle handle and safety ring
  • ​Includes full-size cooking grate and poker
  • ​Wildlife cutouts add to atmosphere

Things We Didn't Like

  • In case of rain and if you don’t protect it with a cover, there are no draining holes



Editor Rating:


Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table With Cover

Best Choice Products Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table is made out of extruded aluminum to resist bad weather and painted in a dark brown color to provide elegance to your backyard.

The set includes a bronze hammered fire pit, glass beads, and a cover to protect it from the rain. There is also a lid at the top to display the fire, or when it is closed, the fire pit can be used as a center table with the overall dimensions of 45"(L) x 45"(W) x 23.5"(H).

One of the best propane fire pit tables is also one of the most elegant not just because of its exceptional finish but also due to clear fire glass beads. They are used to create a reflective glow and enhance the flame’s appearance and luminosity.

Unlike fire glasses, fire beads are crafted with a uniform, molded shape. What's more, fire beads eliminate the emission of ash, carbon fumes and soot typically created by logs or stone.

This fire pit table runs on propane, maximizing convenience for home owners with minimum maintenance or required refills. Propane delivers a high-quality flame creating the perfect focal point to your outdoor space. This fire pit table is flame adjustable and is powered by a 20 lbs and 42,000 BTU propane tank which you will need to buy separately.

In our propane fire pit table review we’d also like to point out that besides providing efficient heating during chilly evenings, this fire pit includes a fire bowl lid which transforms the pit into the best propane fire pit table: surround it with chair set of your choice and you’ll have a beautiful outdoor center table.

Fire Pit Table lives up to the Best Choice Products’ standards of durability. It’s constructed of strong and weather-resistant materials to promote durability. In addition, there is a nylon cover included in the set so you can cover the fire pit table when not in use.

It will provide a place to keep warm when the evenings and nights cool down. It can also be used as an extra serving area to place your food and drinks when socializing outdoors.

Things We Liked

  • ​Extruded aluminum framing
  • ​Weather-resistant and hammered bronzed finish
  • ​Conveniently runs on a 20lbs propane tank
  • ​Best fire pit table to be converted to an attractive and stylish outdoor table

Things We Didn't Like

  • Ignition and burner complaints in some cases: hard to keep it lit until it warms up



Editor Rating:


Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit Outdoor Home Patio Gas Firepit

Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit features lovely, natural stonework which provides an amazing and functional addition to your outdoor area. The 28-inch diameter and convenient size make it one of the the best outdoor fire pits easily move around to other outdoor areas.

Designed for outdoor use, this 28-inch-diameter fire pit is supported by a solid frame constructed from natural stonework reaching a height of 9 inches. It includes a stainless-steel burner, a set of decorative lava rocks, a convenient cover, and a propane hose.

The burner is made of stainless steel and features decorative lava rocks, a cover, and propane hose. One-step spark-ignition button with a flame control adjustment knob will make it easy for you to enjoy your fire of up to 30,000 BTUs. A quick touch of the spark-ignition button lights the pit while a propane-flow knob lets you control the height and heat of the flames.

As all the best outdoor fire pits, Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit uses a 20-lb. propane tank which you will need to buy separately. The tank should be positioned outside of the fire pit. Do not try to place propane tank underneath or inside of the fire pit for safety reasons.

You can get a propane tank cover, make it looks like a little side table or a decorative outdoor item and spread mulch or other material around the pit to cover the propane tank hose.

Things We Liked

  • ​The best stone for fire pit supported by a solid frame
  • ​Weather-resistant cover included
  • ​Convenient spark-ignition button
  • ​Includes decorative lava rocks

Things We Didn't Like

  • Fragile stone material
  • Detached propane tank and hose not the safest solution



Editor Rating:


AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit, Antique Bronze Finish

AZ Patio Propane Fire Pit is 28" tall and has a 38" square tabletop. This great looking fire pit which includes beautiful glass beads will be a great addition for your patio or yard.

It features a battery-operated pulse ignition system which instantly ignites the 40,000 BTU output. Warmth and coziness on chilly evenings are guaranteed within 15 feet.

Backed with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and with parts and service always available, you will be able enjoy your AZ Patio Propane Fire Pit for years to come. It is also CSA top fire pits approved.

Easy access propane tank door and thermocouple flame failure device are two more great features we had to mention in our propane fire pit reviews. In addition, the flame sizes are adjustable so you can choose small or large. The starter and hardware are great and work without issues.

The metal top deck stays surprisingly cool to touch while the pit is on, even on high flame. This is another safety feature which you will appreciate. Especially those of you with the kids who like to hang around and enjoy family time.

With a lovely table, sturdy construction and a nice hot flame, AZ Patio Propane Fire Pit is a pretty good deal. As for the glass, you have to use 3/4" fire glass or larger, otherwise the glass will fall into the crevices. With some DIY modification, smaller glass can be used as well but make sure you check the warranty first.

The only reason why AZ Patio Propane Fire Pit is not among the very best rated fire pits is that the paint is prone to oxidation and must be either waxed or covered with protective coating. If you don’t, the elements will soon get the best of it.

Things We Liked

  • ​Thermocouple flame failure device
  • ​Adjustable flame size
  • ​Battery-operated pulse ignition system

Things We Didn't Like

  • Paint prone to oxidation unless treated prior to first use



Editor Rating:


Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit comes with a one piece mesh fire screen with high temperature paint. This feature will keep the sparks kept contained while you are enjoying the pleasant warmth of this fire pit.

It features a 35" diameter high temp antique bronze painted steel fire bowl. It has a hammered lip and brushed painted steel legs which add a touch of style to your patio or yard. The setup and assembly is easy, and you can get it up and running in minutes.

The included wood grate makes placing your logs quick and easy and the clean up quick and convenient. The grate also creates more airflow for your fire to keep going as long as you want. The set also includes a convenient screen lifting tool.

The screen works well to keep flying embers inside the pit the screen lifting tool which is also used to stoke the fire is a nice length. Just be aware that this pit gives off a lot of heat at the bottom so do provide a solid fireproof base or ground under the pit.

We included Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit in our portable fire pit reviews as it is a great deal for the price and a perfect patio fire pit to relax and have a glass of wine by with friends and family. However, this pit may not handle a high intensity fire for hours on end as it is not a thick cast iron and will corrode through over time.

You’ll do yourself a huge favor to protect the pit as much as you can. Buy a cover, too, so the fire pit doesn’t give in to the elements. The Roman design adds a little flair to this fire pit so take good care after it so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Things We Liked

  • ​Basic fire pit with a nice Roman design
  • ​All the accessories included
  • ​Easy to set up and operate
  • ​Brushed painted steel legs

Things We Didn't Like

  • The bowl could be of thicker material



Editor Rating:


Best Choice Products BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fireplace

Best Choice Products Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace features a six-sided design, a pedestal base and a crisscross lattice bowl, adding a modern touch to an outdoor classic.

The hexagonal-shaped body will suit any style of outdoor patio be it southwestern, countryside or beach side. Get a nice set of chairs around it and you’ll have a perfect setting for beautiful evening moments.

This fire pit design is crafted of high premium steel material with a flame spark screen lid. Though built with durability in mind, the body of the pit is light enough to be moved easily or taken to your next outdoor trip.

Durability and longevity is just as important to Best Choice Products as appearance and performance when designing their fire pits and Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace is up to the standards.

The pit is compatible with a myriad of fire wood types. Just fill up the fire bowl and enjoy the night with warmth and relax while listening to soothing crackling sounds of a fire with family and friends.

Crafted with the darkest shade of brown, this fire pit’s oil-rubbed bronze finish offers hints of copper highlights surrounding the edges and corners, amazingly highlighted by fire flames.

To complement any patio décor, Best Choice Products crafted this fire pit with a modern design. Get the marshmallows ready since Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace delivers a fun and happy feel of sitting around a camp fire in the comfort of your own yard.

Things We Liked

  • ​Lightweight design (15.75 Lbs)
  • ​Beautiful bronze finish and lattice design
  • ​Deep and wide bowl can hold a lot of wood
  • ​Durable and long-lasting

Things We Didn't Like

  • If not pretreated with anti-rust agent, it will rust soon based on this fire pit reviews



Editor Rating:


Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit, Black

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit creates an inviting outdoor seating area while the seamless, short firebowl and round shape provide a 360° view. Your family and friends will certainly enjoy cozy and warm evenings and nights around this fire pit.

The steel construction offers a rugged design and 7-inch deep firebowl keeps wood contained. It is really easy to put together and it takes about five to ten minutes. It holds a really good amount of wood and the included poker will come in handy to handle the fire.

The included spark screen will, in turn, keep the sparks from flying around. Four wide, arched legs and a support ring provide safe positioning on most surfaces as long as you make sure they are fireproof and stable.

The tough design ensures lasting use but it’s still lightweight and easy to move somewhere else in your yard but also allows easy transport to your holiday home or a beach house.

The decorative diamond shaped cutout design on firebowl creates a touch of style and lovely ambiance and enhance the fire at the same time.

This is a good starter fire pit at an affordable price. The metal is sturdy and seems as if it will hold up for a long time provided that you don’t let it rust: get a cover and rust-protect it before the first use.

Things We Liked

  • ​Tough design ensures lasting use
  • ​A screen and a poker included
  • ​Easy to move if necessary
  • ​Decorative legs add style while providing stability and support
  • Diamond-shape cutouts offer a touch of style.

Things We Didn't Like

  • It's a bit difficult to attach the legs as the screws need to go through a hollow point in each leg



Editor Rating:


Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit, Black

Landmann Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit comes with a considerable size screen on the sides to keep the embers within the pit. This ensures your family’s safety but also gives a lot of air for the fire to burn long and bright.

Having a depth of 23.5 inches, this fire pit is larger and deeper in comparison with other pits. You will be able to enjoy longer hours by the fire outdoors. Although it’s large in size, it weighs only 22 pounds and can be moved if required.

You’ll need about 5 pounds of sand at the bottom. This serves to protect the metal surface and extends the bowl's life, and to insulate the area below the pit from heat. It makes the removal of ashes slightly more difficult.

Installation consists of attaching four legs at the bottom of the pit, and the spark guard-supporting tabs on the rim of the bowl. There aren’t any holes for drainage at the bottom so either drill some or keep the pit dry by using a cover. Again, we recommend painting the fire pit body prior to initial use to protect it from rusting.

The fire pit comes with a long multi-purpose poker, made of two halves that screw together. One half has a hook and the other has a handle with a rather tight hook. It is handy for lifting the spark-guard dome lid when hot as well as for poking the logs or embers.

The build quality is good, and the unit is very sturdy. Another great feature that we would like to mention is that the cover actually fits the inside diameter of the fire pit body. This makes it impossible for the cover to accidentally slide off or be knocked off onto you or your family or friends sitting near the pit.

Things We Liked

  • ​Good quality materials and sturdy construction
  • ​A screen and a handy poker included
  • ​The cover actually fits the inside diameter of the fire pit
  • ​Side screen cutouts offer a nice fire atmosphere
  • Side screen cutouts offer a nice fire atmosphere

Things We Didn't Like

  • The holes on the side screen cutouts mesh should be a little smaller



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