If you’re lucky enough to have a poolside as part of your home, you definitely want the best patio umbrella to complete the look. We’re not talking about the common kind of umbrella here; there are several high-quality options available now. Get one of these by your pool, and you’ll soon wonder why you went without one for so long!

The best patio umbrella options come in all kinds of sizes, weights, lengths, and forms. They’ll give you that much-needed protection from the sun, while also adding value to your ambiance. All those varieties online could be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a guide to help.

There Are Endless Choices: How to Pick the Best Patio Umbrella for Your Poolside

It’s not enough to just say that you want the best patio umbrella. To make sure you get one that’s suited to your needs, you should follow these points:

The size and shape

The size of your poolside will determine the ideal size of the best patio umbrella for your space. The best patio umbrella will be the one that’s at least 5 feet larger than the place where you need shade. This might seem excessive, but it makes sense when you think about how shadows work.

The ideal size is also connected to the shape of your umbrella. When you’re searching for the best patio umbrella possible, you have octagon, square, and rectangular shapes.


The canopy of the best patio umbrella is usually made of acrylic or olefin. These are both sturdy, durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements quite well. Acrylic is a better option, as it’s more resistant to extreme weather and fading. However, acrylic canopies also mean a higher price, though they have longer warranties.

Color options

Some might adore bright colors, so their patio umbrellas could reflect their preferences. However, earth tones such as beige, stone, and terra cotta are among the most popular choices these days. This might be because they go well with all kinds of outdoor décor.

If you like dark colors, keep in mind that they’re more vulnerable to fading than the lighter ones.


The best patio umbrella options come with several adjustments. You can choose a hand crank or knob option for this feature, whichever seems easier.

How We Reviewed the Best Patio Umbrella Options to Complement Your Pool

To help you choose the best patio umbrella options for your poolside, we’ve narrowed down the top choices available. We made the selection based on a number of factors, such as their size, shape, options, and other features.

Time to Hunt for a Beautiful Patio Umbrella: The Top 10 Choices

It’s now time to start looking at options for the absolute best patio umbrella in no particular order.

1. ABCCANOPY Umbrella Top for Patio

ABCCANOPY Umbrella Top for Patio

The ABCCANOPY Umbrella Top comes in several colors. These include neutral shades such as beige, light beige, and gray. However, you can also choose a statement color such as gold, orange, purple, turquoise, and many more. The umbrella itself stretches to 9 feet in size, with eight ribs for a sturdy frame.

There are reinforced stress points in this model, especially when the poles meet the canopy. This particular option is easy to install and has a durable material to boot. What’s more, the colors are vivid, and the quality is excellent.

Though some versions of this model might have weak stitching and thin fabric, the company’s customer service line is open 24/7. Some users also reported that they were able to reinforce the stitching themselves.

2. FLAME&SHADE LED Light Patio Umbrella

FLAME&SHADE LED Light Patio Umbrella

The FLAME&SHADE LED Light Patio Umbrella comes with several features. The most striking of these are the solar lights as well as the tilting option. That makes it perfect for the poolside, a balcony table, or a deck. It also comes in several colors, including apple green, beige, and red.

It comes with a handy dual-switched hub light and no less than 40 rib lights. These are powered through a solar battery, which is easily recharged by merely sitting out in the sun! Since the fabric is quite durable, you get excellent sun protection, shelter, and all the shade you need. Plus, the customer service is excellent.

The FLAME&SHADE LED Light Patio Umbrella has a smooth crank winder for easy opening or closing. Make sure to keep it closed when the wind is at or above five to six mph. The color is vibrant as well, which is crucial if you want to make a statement by your poolside.

One downside here is that this umbrella comes with a lot of stickers. These could be a pain to get off, so you should prepare yourself beforehand!

3. C-Hopetree Patio Umbrella

C-Hopetree 11 ft Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella

The C-Hopetree Patio Umbrella is an excellent option for your poolside, deck, terrace, garden, or any other outdoor place. You can opt to get it with or without lights based on whether you think it’ll come in handy at night, as well. This model is also available in both round and rectangular options, with a square option available with lights.

You can choose from black, blue, navy blue, and beige shades for the umbrella. That’s admittedly a limited choice, but the quality of the umbrella is worth the compromise. For one, the fiberglass rib tips are impact-resistant, which should set your mind at ease. Even if the umbrella tips or blows over in the wind, the tips aren’t likely to hurt anyone.

The fabric of the C-Hopetree patio umbrella is the premium-quality dyed polyester. The aluminum center pole and the steel ribs ensure a sturdy frame, though the umbrella is still not wind-rated. Unfortunately, there’s no tilt button on this model.

4. Blissun Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella

Blissun Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella

The Blissun Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella comes with a push-button and a crank, which also include a tilting option. The model has around eight ribs and is available in black, tan, black and white, gray, light blue, and several other shades.

We especially like the fact that this umbrella is available in two-toned options as well as solid colors. A two-toned umbrella gives off a fun, beach-like vibe that simply adds to the poolside excitement! With the tilting feature, you can always keep the sun away no matter where it is.

The fabric here is polyester, which is waterproof as well as UV resistant. It means that the umbrella will most likely last for several years. Blissun is easy to assemble, with a nice finish to the metal. The crank is also reportedly easy to use, while the material is great for water resistance. In fact, one model even held up to the Houston Hurricane for some time!

Again, though, you’ll have to take down this umbrella in high winds just to be safe. Even if it does withstand the elements, there’s no need to take a risk on your own safety.

5. Abba Patio Patio Umbrella

Abba Patio Patio Umbrella

The Abba Patio Outdoor Patio Umbrella measures around 9 feet and has a push-button for that coveted tilting feature. It also has a hand crank for adjustments, opening, and closing purposes. Again, you can get this model in several colors, though red seems to be the favorite so far.

The umbrella can also stretch to around 54 inches in height. That should be enough to provide shade and sun protection for an extensive area. You can also fix a square or rectangular table underneath it, seating four to six people at a time. It’s an excellent investment for a poolside that deserves a unique ambiance.

We love the fact that this umbrella uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester in its making. That gives a green option to the environmentally conscious. Fortunately, it doesn’t compromise on water resistance, fade resistance, or UV protection.

The Abba Patio umbrella also comes with powder-coated gear, making the poles and ribs resistant to corrosion. The aluminum pole is also much stronger than most other options on the market.

On the downside, though, the tilt button here is quite high. Those who aren’t 6 feet tall will find this inconvenient, as they’d have to stand on a stool or chair to use it.

6. EliteShade Solar Umbrellas

The EliteShade Solar Umbrellas measure around 9 feet across and boast a whopping 80 LED lights. That makes the model perfect for those nighttime parties by your poolside or on your deck. There’s also enough ventilation to withstand a bit of wind. What’s more, the five-year non-fading guarantee certainly sets your mind at ease.

We also like the vivid color options for this umbrella, which include forest green, burgundy, Pacific blue, and a few others. Neutral options such as heather beige are also available. With the dual-switch hub light, you can get a bright view no matter what time of the day it is.

Since the rib lights are inbuilt, they’re not likely to get damaged too easily. The solar battery is rechargeable and a responsible green option to boot.

The fabric for this umbrella’s canopy is a 100 percent dyed acrylic. It provides water resistance, oil resistance, and mildew resistance in addition to the non-fading guarantee. This model is also easy to open or close with the smooth crank handle.

7. Grand Patio Aluminum Umbrella

Grand Patio Aluminum Umbrella

The Grand Patio Aluminum Umbrella is a UV-protected model that’s perfect for outdoor use. It has a push-button as well as a crank, with a tilting feature to boot. With a sturdy aluminum pole and six reinforced steel ribs, it provides an ideal basic choice for all kinds of poolside fun.

The umbrella stretches 9 feet across, with PU-coated fabric that’s resistant to sun and water alike. There’s a single wind vent as well, which gives added stability during slightly windy days. The functioning and appearance of this umbrella are both satisfactory. However, it’ll need a table or a sturdy base to stay put.

8. COBANA Rectangular Patio Umbrella

The COBANA Rectangular Patio Umbrella is an outdoor market-style option with a push button as well as a hand crank. It has a tilting feature and measures 6.6 feet by 9.8 feet. We love the color options here, which include vivid lime green and dark red, among other choices. You can also choose red and white stripes, which is lovely.

Apart from the colors, the aluminum pole and six steel ribs here go a long way in providing a sturdy frame. These also come with a powder coating, which offers extra strength and durability. The tilting feature is a special delight, as there are three positions to choose from. The push-button makes for easy handling whether you want to open the umbrella or close it.

This umbrella delivers just what it promises. It’s easy to set up and looks absolutely gorgeous in the outdoors. While the frame is sturdy, the final model is light enough to carry easily.

However, the lightweight feature is also one of the most significant weaknesses of this model. You might need a weighty and solid base to lock this umbrella down.

9. ABO Gear Aluminum Patio Umbrella

ABO Gear Aluminum Patio Umbrella

The ABO Gear Aluminum Patio Umbrella measures around 9 feet in circumference and comes with a cranking system. It also features an auto-tilting option, along with polyester fabric and eight aluminum ribs. At the moment, the only color options seem to be beige, turquoise, and green.

With an aluminum body, it’s relatively easy to handle and carry around. It does come without a base, so make sure you have a table or something to weigh it down. With the water-repellant canopy, you can sit outside and enjoy the weather even when it’s raining! Plus, the polyester is guaranteed to have a color that lasts for at least 1,000 hours.

The quality here is quite good. The tilt mechanism is also appreciated, though the lack of instructions means you have to research a little on our own. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.

10. Le Papillon Patio Umbrella

Le Papillon Patio Umbrella

The Le Papillon Patio Umbrella is also a 9-foot wide umbrella, complete with lights, a crank, and a push-button for tilting. It seems to be only available in blue and beige at the moment, but there might be other color options.

The smooth crank handle makes for easy lifting or lowering, while the push-button makes the tilting part very simple. That way, you can adjust your shade in just the right way. There’s also a solar panel on top of the umbrella, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the battery power dwindling anytime soon.

The light from the panel will last at least 9 to 12 hours, which is enough for a soft romantic glow all night long!

Overall, this umbrella is perfect for entertaining by your poolside, on the patio, or any outdoor space. There are some reported issues about the lighting, but reading the instructions and contacting the seller should hopefully sort them out.

Enjoying the Poolside Just Got Better

Now that you have a better idea of the best patio umbrellas available for your needs lock your decision, and invest! You’ll soon be enjoying your poolside much more than before. Grab whatever umbrella seems like the perfect choice and install it as soon as possible.

Which one among the options, as mentioned earlier, will you choose and why? Umbrellas not your style? Maybe try a shade sail! Do share your comments with us!