7 Best Pool Brush Reviews 2019 | Get rid of Algae and Debris Today

Your best weapon against all unwanted contaminants in your pool is the pool cleaning brush. It’s a simple, inexpensive, and effective tool for weekly cleaning and long-term prevention.

If you follow a solid pool cleaning routine, not only will your pool be sparkling clean and healthy, but also less expensive to maintain. With a little regular brushing, you will save a ton of money in cleaning fees and maintenance costs for replacing pool parts which got damaged or stopped working due to improper and irregular cleaning.

Dirt, debris, corroded parts of your pool, algae and other micro-organisms can leave ugly green or yellow residue. Fortunately, all of the above can be easily taken care of by brushing down the sides using your best pool brush on a telescopic pole and quality algaecide. When the contaminants sink to the bottom and flow through the main drain, they will be caught by the filter and removed from the pool.

Buying Guide And Brushing Tips

By brushing the pool bottom, walls, benches and steps, you give it a good scrub which will reduce the amount of dirt, algae and slime appearing in the pool. You are also going to prevent staining, which will definitely happen to your pool surface if you don’t brush it regularly.

Choose the best pool brush for your type of pool

Concrete pools are rougher, porous, and plenty of dirt, algae and other bacteria get stuck. They can be thoroughly scoured by stainless steel brushes, wire brushes, or with a combination of stainless steel bristles and nylon.

For all smoother and more sensitive pool surfaces we recommend Nylon brushes if it's something your favorite pool skimmer doesn't do. They are non-abrasive and won’t scratch or damage your liners. They will, however, get the job done. They are softer, and can be used for pools with vinyl, fiberglass but also concrete surfaces.

The Brush Size

What happens if you buy a wrong brush for your swimming pool? First off, you'll need to put in more work into keeping your pool clean of various algae and deposits on the pool walls and bottom. With the right brush for your pool, a light weekly cleaning will be all it takes to keep the pool clean and the water enjoyable for swimmers.

Why is the pool brush size important? Firstly, if your pool is large, you'll need an 18-inh brush or bigger. It'll save you the hassle and you'll be able to do the cleaning faster. For a smaller pool that doesn't need that much cleaning, you'll be better of with a smaller brush. It will enable you to reach those tight spots, as well. Although handy and affordable, 5-inch brushes are great for spot-cleaning but wouldn't be of much use for cleaning larger areas of your swimming pool.

Brush your pool regularly

You should brush your pool a minimum of once a week. Twice a week would even better. It only takes about 10-15 minutes from start to finish, so it’s not going to take up much of your time as long as you do it properly and regularly. If you skim your pool twice a week, you might as well brush it afterwards and you’ll soon see the benefits of regular cleaning.

If you have a  good automatic pool cleaner it will do decent scrubbing for you so you don’t need to brush the bottom as often as the sides and the area you can reach. That being said, you should still brush the bottom of your pool every few months.

Be careful with steel bristles on old brushes

However good your brush may be, it will leave bristles on the floor of your pool. Stainless steel bristles and wire brushes will do a better and more thorough job than than nylon brushes. Nylon bristles are softer but you still don’t want them in your pool so replace your brush when you notice that it is shedding bristles. This means that the brush is at the end of its useful service life and you should buy a new one.

Again, you also need to keep in mind the material that bristles of your brush are made from. While a stainless-steel brush is good for getting rid of stubborn stains from concrete and gunite pools, they will most certainly destroy both vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools. A nylon brush is ideal for these sensitive pool surfaces: it won't scratch them up. Nylon will also do a great job for your spas and hot tubs.

In our pool brush reviews we’ll take a look at some of the best pool brushes on the market.

Best Pool Brush Reviews

1. Crystal Pool Brush

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Crystal Pool Brush

Crystal Pool Brush features a hardened plastic frame screwed and glued to the metal handle. This brush will not bend or break. Having absolute trust in their strong and hard wearing rake, CJ Lifestyle backs it up with a lifetime, 100% no questions ask warranty.

With the dimensions of 18.4 x 6.4 x 2.4 inches, this brush weighs only 14.4 ounces and it’s lightweight but at the same time it’s also highly functional, easily maneuverable, modern and cool looking brush.

It has turned ends for easy maneuverability and corner access so the brush will do well even in the areas in your pool which are difficult to reach. Overall, the turned corners and optimal bristles strength are there to protect your pool.

The consistent downforce is great on walls, corners and longer floor strokes. You will enjoy brushing your pool using Crystal Pool Brush due to much less effort needed and way better results than average pool brushes.

The lightweight super strong heat treated alloy handle guarantees maximum durability. The easy push slim-line frame minimizes resistance through water. The bristles are mold into the plastic and will not fall out over time.

The white nylon bristles are 1-7/16" long from where they are attached to the head. The bristles are designed with the perfect amount of strength to maintain a hard brush stroke while looking after your pool lining. Crystal Pool Brush has a perfect bristle flex and will not mark your pool while maintaining a strong stroke.

The strong metal handle allows a tight attachment to your pole. You will need to buy the pole separately or use your existing pole as long as it’s size 1¼". The super strong heat treated alloy for maximum frame and handle durability while the super hardened plastic guarantees that Crystal Pool Brush will not break.

Once again, this bestselling pool brush is highly functional, strong, lightweight and modernly attractive. On top of that, for your peace of mind and as a sign of manufacturer’s trust in this product, Crystal Pool Brush comes with 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. In our opinion, this buy is as good as it gets!

Things We Liked

  • ​Super hardened plastic
  • ​Highly functional, strong and lightweight
  • ​1.5” quality nylon bristles
  • ​Strong metal handle for pole attachment
  • 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not for gunite or concrete pools



2. The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

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The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush features a brush and a spoiler, or better still, a tail. The tail holds the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force of a normal brush. This will be of great help when brushing your pool and you will no longer find it a difficult and tiring chore.

Brushing swimming pools is one of the most important parts of swimming pool maintenance. If you do it at least twice a week it will help you remove algae and all kinds of other deposits which spoil the pool water and ruin your pool surface.

To make it easier on you, The Whale Classic came up with this amazing brush which utilizes the tail motion in the water to take the difficulty out of regular pool brushing. It will be so easy that you’ll be able to do it with just one hand.

Brushing with both hands is more efficient, of course, but this is great way to compare how easier brushing is if you use The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool brush. Since its introduction in 2004, the Wall Whale has been recognized by the industry as the most effective brush on the market.

Even swimming pool builders, swimming pools finish manufacturers and maintenance and pool care professionals endorse it as the best pool brush for startup pool brushing since your brand new pool needs to be brushed 2-3 times per day for the first month.

The simple addition of the whale fin will make a huge difference in the cleaning. You will get better brushing results and with much less effort. The fin can be adjusted to different angles and provide differing amounts of pressure.

This brush is a must have as a serious pool algae brush cause it will save you a lot of time and effort as the tail will hold the brush against the wall making brushing a breeze.

Things We Liked

  • ​The tail provides more than 10x the force of a normal brush
  • ​7 rows of dense UV-Stabilized nylon bristles
  • ​Made from no-break polypropylene
  • ​Large curved area provides constant contact with pool surface
  • 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pole attachment parts should be better quality



3. Poolmaster 18" Aluminum-Back Brush with 5 Rows of Premium Nylon Bristles - Premier Collection

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Poolmaster 18" Aluminum-Back Brush with 5 Rows of Premium Nylon Bristles - Premier Collection

Poolmaster 20172 18" Aluminum-Back Brush features 18" die-cast Aluminum back and handle, curved-body design and 5 rows of quality Nylon bristles. This brush is designed for cleaning all pool and spa surfaces and can be used with standard 1 ¼” telescopic pool poles which you need to buy separately.

With this brush you won’t have to worry about spending an extra half-hour skimming bristles out of the pool after you brush it. The best part is that this brush does not have bristles falling out for good few seasons but they may be too stiff for a vinyl liner.

Poolmaster's Premier Collection features high-quality materials which ensure outstanding performance season-after-season. Poolmaster 20172 18" Aluminum-Back Brush is no exception as it is designed to keep your pool sparkling for a long time.

The die-cast aluminum back and handle allow for superior strength and high-quality Nylon bristles for longevity. The curved-body design enables easier and more efficient brushing but the body itself could’ve been a little more curved in order not to scratch your pool surfaces.

The overall quality of this brush is good and you don’t need to worry about the bristles starting falling out in just a couple of months: this brush will be going strong for a couple of years and won’t be shedding bristles in your pool.

Things We Liked

  • ​Die-cast Aluminum back and handle
  • ​5 rows of quality nylon bristles
  • ​Curved-body design
  • ​Quality and lasting construction

Things We Didn't Like

  • Could be a little more curved at the ends to prevent scratching the pool surfaces



4. Blue Wave NA315 Brush Around 360-Degree Wall and Floor Pool Brush

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Blue Wave NA315 Brush Around 360-Degree Wall and Floor Pool Brush

Blue Wave NA315 360-Degree Pool Brush cleans everywhere. The rounded bristle ends on this brush fit nicely into the deep end insert steps. This innovative pool brush with 360 degree cleaning ability is easily the best pool brush reach all the parts of your pool.

It’s great for getting the curved ends of the pools and the tight curves around the stairs. The 360 design also keeps you from banging the handle against the pool since you don't have to force the brush at a sharp angle in order for the bristles to make sufficient contact with the surface.

The typical brush with the curved ends without bristles does not give you the same effective brush as this one does and it is better at getting the curved sides. Since you get more brush to floor contact, you need fewer brush strokes to clean the pool which means less time for brushing and more time for swimming.

Built-in corner brushes help you to clean in the tight corners of walls and steps. Simply attach to your telescopic pole and brush dirt from anywhere in or around your pool. With more surface bristles, this brush easily handles cove transitions.

Another point to mention, with most other brushes as you push down the wall and continue to the floor you might scrape the finish with the plastic or metal edges of the brush. With Blue Wave NA315 360-Degree Pool Brush, you can do a fast single sweeping motion without worrying about digging into the finish of your pool and ruining it.

With no rough edges to scuff or scratch your pool liner, Blue Wave NA315 360-Degree Pool Brush is a great choice for inground pools and exterior tiles but also for aboveground pools and even wood decks.

Things We Liked

  • ​360 degree cleaning ability
  • ​Built-in corner brushes
  • ​No rough edges to scratch your pool liner
  • ​More brush to floor contact - less time needed to thoroughly brush your pool

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit bigger and might be more difficult to navigate



5. Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Premium Pool Brush by Aquatix Pro

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Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Premium Pool Brush by Aquatix Pro cleans walls, tiles, floors, and steps effortlessly! You’ll get perfect results in a matter of minutes. This heavy duty swimming pool brush glides and cleans even hard to reach places.

Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Premium Pool Brush by Aquatix Pro

One of the best features you will find will be brushing the tile at the water line where debris tends to dry and stick tight. Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Premium Pool Brush by Aquatix Pro is one of the best pool brushes to remove even the most resilient stuff with just a quick side to side brushing while you go around the pool.

This brush scrubs away the algae build up better than an average nylon brush and will keep your pool cleaner. It really is a great pool algae brush for stubborn black algae. However, we don’t recommend using it on a regular basis for general cleaning or for vinyl/fiberglass pools.

Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Premium Pool Brush by Aquatix Pro is one of the top rated deluxe pool brushes with aluminum top and mega strong bristles which will not damage your pool lining and hardened plastic frame.

It is designed to last for a long time and it’s compatible with most standard pool poles which you’ll need to buy separately. You can also use your existing pole as long as it’s standard and will fit this brush which it probably will.

Things We Liked

  • ​Quality and durable construction
  • ​Removes even the most resilient stuff from your pool walls
  • ​Awesome help in removing black algae
  • ​Strong wire bristles

Things We Didn't Like

  • The brush is a bit heavy



6. Hydro Tools 8220 16.5-Inch Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush

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Hydro Tools 8220 16.5-Inch Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush

Hydro Tools 16.5-Inch Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush is specially molded with rounded corners and no sharp edges. It’s perfect for concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner pools.

Thick, nylon bristles remove the most stubborn dirt and stains and will most likely outlast cheaper lower quality plastic bristles. The bristles are long lasting, and the size of the sweep area is very nice compared to the smaller head sizes - it makes sweeping so much more effective.

It's nice to work with a wide brush as it covers a big area with each sweep. The bristles are good and they stay put. They don't fall off like some other brushes you may have used in the past. The wide face is reinforced with die-cast aluminum for seasons of use.

As with most brush purchases, note that this is the brush only and it does not come with a pole. Buy a standard one or use the one you already have. Snap-Adapt® quick-release handle fits any standard size telepole.

You’ll be impressed and appreciate the quality and durability of this pool brush. It’s extremely well made and very sturdy bristles. At this price, Hydro Tools 16.5-Inch Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush really is a great deal.

Things We Liked

  • ​Quality and durable bristles
  • ​Great swipe for a 16.5-Inch brush
  • ​Easy to work with
  • ​Die-cast aluminum
  • Rounded corners and no sharp edges

Things We Didn't Like

  • The connector to the pole might be improved



7. Swimline Hydro Tools 8610 Premium Pool Maintenance Kit

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Swimline Hydro Tools 8610 Premium Pool Maintenance Kit

Swimline Hydro Tools 8610 Premium Pool Maintenance Kit includes simple, easy to use pool cleaning essentials.

Maintenance is made easy with this kit which comes with: triangular weighted vacuum head with handle, 18-Inches wall brush, dual test kit with case and instruction for pH and chlorine checks, a skimmer and a scoop thermometer.

This kit includes everything you need to keep your swimming pool clean. The vacuum attachment is simple to use and fits any standard pool hose and pole. The brush attachment is sturdy and will come in handy for pool brushing. The skimmer attachment is basic; it does the job and it’s a nice addition to the kit.

If you were to buy all the items separately, this kit would be a lot more expensive. This way you get a decent starter kit for the price. It’s a nice set of tools for medium sized pools and smaller.

You will need an adjustable pole as it doesn’t come with the kit but it’s still got everything you need to keep your pool clean in one convenient set.

Things We Liked

  • ​Decent starter maintenance kit
  • ​Good quality for the price
  • ​Helps with basic pool maintenance

Things We Didn't Like

  • Average quality of individual items



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