The 8 Best Pool Paint Options for the Perfect Summer Look

Is your pool paint starting to chip away and you do not know which is the best pool paint to buy? We totally understand! There are so many different options it can become confusing.

You can have a whole aquatic scene painted inside a pool or just have a basic blue coat. Either way, having some type of paint inside your pool is a good idea.

Of course, when you realize how much work it is you might change your mind. Just kidding, it's not so bad. We think you will find that a little hard work goes a long way and you will be glad you did it.

Before you run out and buy that paint, you should understand what it does, though!

What Is the Best Pool Paint?

The best pool paint is a particular type of paint that a person applies to the inside of a pool. This type of pool paint comes in many colors and can also be used for touch-ups if needed.

Someone can also paint murals on the inside of pools with the best pool paint.

What the best pool paint does for your pool

How long does the best pool paint last?

Different kinds of pool paint

Yes, that's right; there is more than one type of pool paint! There are four main types of pool paint you could choose from.

Epoxy pool paint

Water-based acrylic pool paint

Premium acrylic pool paint

Rubber-based pool paint

How the Best Pool Paint Is Applied

If you want to keep the pool in tip-top shape, then you must take the proper steps to paint your pool. Some pools can not just be drained and painted.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure what type of pool you have and what kind of things your pool can not handle.

Bye, water!


How We Reviewed

We reviewed the best pool paint by going through professional and customers reviews. We were able to find out things that must be done with specific paint to make the pool paint last longer and which types of pool paints are better.

Of course, we want you to have the best pool color around. Once this was all compiled together, we came up with a shortlist.

Product Comparison Table

The Best Pool Paint Options

This list of the best pool paint has some great products that are highly recommended by customers. We did not put this list in any particular order.


1. INSL-X WR102309A-01 Waterborne

INSL-X WR102309A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Ocean Blue
  • Ocean Blue Waterborne acrylic emulsion swimming pool paint.
  • Use with fresh or saltwater swimming pools.
  • Quick-drying acrylic swimming pool paint.
  • Lasting color and protection.
  • Can be applied over most types of properly prepared existing pool paints.


The INSL-X WR102309A-01 Waterborne is an acrylic type of pool paint. You can use this type of pool paint with salt and freshwater pools. The company claims this paint is long-lasting and quick drying. INSL-X recommends this paint to be used on concrete, marcite, or gunite pool types.

Many customers love how easy to use this product is and how great it looks once it is done. Unfortunately, a couple of customers say it does not last long.


2. Olympic Zeron 390GL White

Kelley Technical 390GL Olympic Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating - White
  • Premium grade One Coat Epoxy pool coatings
  • Attractive and economically priced
  • Easy do-it-yourself application with paint roller


Olympic makes a white epoxy pool paint that is a premium grade. The company claims this product is easy to do yourself. This paint will leave your pool with a high gloss finish.

There are no bad reviews so far for this paint product. Every customer loves the quality of this product, and they say it works great.


3. In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Epoxy-Base Pool Paint

In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Epoxy-Base Swimming Pool Paint - Pool Blue 1 Gallon
  • Ideal for use on Plaster, Gunite, Concrete, and Fiberglass gel-coat surfaces
  • A single application can last up to 7 - 8 years
  • Delivers a stain-resistant, tile like finish
  • Please Note: Epoxy Primer is required for new applications
  • Coverage: 125 - 150 sq ft per gallon on average


In The Swim claims this product is great for conventional pool surfaces, and one application can last up to eight years. The company says one gallon can cover up to 150 square feet.

Customers like how it is shipped and how was coverage they get from one can.


4. National Pool Finishes Pool Guard EHB

National Pool Finishes Pool Guard EHB - Epoxy High Build - Semi-Gloss Finish - 2 Gallon Kit (#6504K Royal Blue)
  • Alternative to Plaster with Resistance to Submersion, Saltwater, & Pool Chemicals
  • Roller, Brush or Spray Application and it's Perfect for Imperfect Surfaces (Self Priming - no primer needed)
  • Reduces Chalking and Fading and it has Excellent Adhesion, Hardness & Durability
  • Cured Finish is Nontoxic, so Safe for Children and Fish
  • Resists Chlorine & Intense U.V. Rays, Resists Cracking, Peeling, and Chipping


The National Pool Finishes makes this pool paint with a high build epoxy. This brand comes in five different pool paint colors. The company claims this product works great with concrete, fiberglass, gunite, and plaster pools.

Most customers are happy with how great this paint covers up previous paint and how simple it is to apply. The only real complaint is that you must use this product right away not store for later, once opened.


5. Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint

Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint, 1.5-Quart, Gray
  • Water proof formula suitable for use in a wide range of climatic environments from hot to freeze/thaw conditions
  • Specifically designed for underwater use and to be non toxic and fish and plant safe
  • Self priming formula allows for reliable adhesion for a finished surface that is easy to maintain
  • Can be put into service in as little as 24 hours
  • Can be applied to any constructed surface made of wood metal or stone as well as most plastics and other coatings


Pond Armor paint is typically used for ponds and birdbaths but is great for smaller pools. The reason is that the company only sells in smaller sizes, which could be really expensive if you try to paint a huge pool. This product is perfect for any weather conditions and you can apply it to almost any surface.

Many customers say this product is excellent for all different types of surfaces, not just for ponds or pools. Customers also love how fast it dries once applied to a surface. Others are upset that it dries up quickly.


6. Republic Powdered Metals EPHB32801 Type EP Hi-Build

Republic Powdered Metals EPHB32801 Type EP Hi Build - Epoxy Paint, Dawn Blue
  • Renovates aged concrete, plaster, and fiberglass surfaces.
  • Up to eight or more years of service life.
  • Satin finish.
  • Abrasion and chemical-resistant.
  • Superior choice for spas.


Republic Powdered Metals makes this pool paint with an hi-build epoxy. This product works great with concrete, plaster, and fiberglass pools. The company claims you will get up to eight years or more out of this paint. Once applied, this paint will leave your pool with a satin finish.

There aren't bad reviews yet for this product, and the customer is very happy with how his pool turned out after using this product.


7. In The Swim CRC Pro-Series Chlorinated Rubber

In The Swim CRC Pro-Series Chlorinated Rubber-Base Pool Paint - White 1 Gallon
  • Designed to be used as an upgrade for previously painted rubber-base finishes
  • Self Priming two coats suggested for initial application
  • Yielding a 3 year average life
  • Applied with a paint roller
  • Coverage : 250 square feet per gallon on average


The In The Swim CRC is a chlorinated rubber base paint. The company claims this product is excellent for concrete, gunite, and plaster pool surfaces. This pool paint comes in the gallon and covers up to 250 square feet.

Many customers say this product is fantastic and covers well. They also say you must follow the directions because the paint dries fast and you could end up wasting paint.


8. Republic Powdered Metals Gidds-560877

REPUBLIC POWERED METALS GIDDS-560877 Ramuc Epoxy Pool Paint Kit Dawn Blue 1 gallon
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product adds a great value
  • This product is manufactured in United states


This Republic Powdered Metals pool paint has a two-step process. This pool paint is perfect for concrete, fiberglass, plaster, and reflecting pools. The company claims this product is easy to apply, and it can cover a tide area with no problem.


Many customers say this product rolls on like acrylic paint, very easy. They also say it will not cover imperfection, and it has a strong smell.

Which Is the Best Pool Paint for a Great Summer Look

Now, the most important question: What is the best pool paint for your pool? Unfortunately, this is a question you will have to answer on your own. Not everyone agrees on which type of pool paint is the best.

So, once you have decided which type of pool paint you prefer, then you can easily narrow down which brand. After that, it is time to get to work on making your pool look amazing.

Have you ever painted your pool? If so, what product did you like the best and why? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Featured Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash


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