7 Best Water Gun / Super Soaker Reviews 2019 [For The Ultimate Pool Fight]

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With the warm weather approaching, I can’t but moan…Oh boy… Wish I had a collection of cool super soakers when I was a kid… Today’s kids are so lucky, shooting, splashing, blasting and having such fun. Get them the best water gun out there and it will be one of their favorite types of pool toys.

You know what, I might as well try some of the awesome models of best super soakers and have a blast myself! If you’re young at heart too, you might join the kids and wage a water war on any given day this summer.

From small, high-powered pistols to big blasters, there are loads of cool toy water guns available to help become a lord of water warfare. But bear in mind, it’s not all about shooting each other: there are loads of water gun games for kids and adults alike. Our favorite involves shooting each other from a swimming pool float!

ModelEditor RatingPrice 
1. Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster
2. Poolmaster 72571 Water Pop Dual Pack Hot Shots Power Launchers
3. Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster
4. Super Soaker Thunderstorm
5. Nerf Super Soaker Barrage Soaker
6. Theo Klein Firefighter Water Back Pack
7. Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

Buying Guide And Useful Information

If you were dominated last summer because you had a junky, leaking or low-range water pistol, you might want to upgrade your water gun to a cooler, more fearsome model.

Water guns are a common summer toy for kids, teen and adults alike. The working mechanism is quite similar in all water guns. They shoot water by squirting it out of the nozzle of the gun. There is a storage compartment which can hold the water and the size of this liquid ammo tank depends on the size of the water gun, the intended use and the extent of blast therapy water gunmen wants to impose on their enemies.

Even the best water guns are usually quite cheap to buy and there are no extra buying costs for ammunition as the water guns use ordinary water. Loading up the water gun with colored water could take the fun of water stand offs to the next level and you can even think of some cool ways to modify and improve the shooting efficiency of your water weapon of mass hydration.

What is the best water gun?

The obvious answer is that the best water gun is the one that gives you the most fun. However, although a water gun is a toy and used solely for the purpose of enjoyable and memorable summer games, some technical and tactical aspects need to be considered.

When choosing the best water gun ever, one of the main things to look for is the highest water pressure possible. A good water gun needs to be able to shoot far, hard and to be accurate.

The capacity of water ammo is also very important in order to win as many water wars and last long enough in the battle to hit as many targets as possible. You want to be the last man standing and preferably also the driest.

Your best super soaker might even have spare water clips available for a quick reload of ammo. Alternatively, if the gun doesn’t have a spare tank, it needs to be easy to reload.

You need a leak-free construction as you don’t want to leak your valuable ammunition in the middle of the battle or a target shooting competition.

The cool feature of all good water guns is different shooting modes which you can choose depending on how wet you want your opponents to be, how far they are and how fast are they moving.

A  water gun also needs to be made of good, safe and reliable materials and has to have sturdy construction and last for a long time.

And now let’s move on to our water gun reviews so you can check out our top picks for the summer!

Best Water Gun and Super Soaker Reviews

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Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster features a cool design, with a removable banana clip which can be quickly refilled or replaced in the heat of battle. The pump handle is very comfortable and easy to grip, even when it’s wet.

What makes this  water gun stand out from the rest of the best waterguns in our water gun reviews is the fact that it has four different shot types. To choose Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode, simply rotate the nozzle on the front of the gun.

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

This baby has a nice size and great design. It isn't too heavy when it’s filled with water. The banana clip water tank it comes with holds about 30 shots of water, and can easily be swapped out with another tank. The tanks have convenient belt clips.

This water gun fires up to 25 feet away, and each clip holds up to 20 ounces of water which is quite good for a water gun of this size. If you want to make sure that you never run out of ammo, you can buy extra Banana Clips and attach them to your pants or belt.

The stock is also removable so you can enhance your shooting accuracy with this detachable stock. You can change it according to your preferences and choose whichever stock is more comfortable for you.

The detachable stock is also the biggest kick as it gives the satisfaction which comes with hearing that click when you put the magazine in. This water gun is way better than the squirt guns I had when I was a kid.

Instead of a regular trigger, the pump-to-shoot action makes for a lot better assault. You can completely drench someone with just a few pumps. The multiple nozzles are awesome to experiment with and change your shooting tactics.

So if you are planning a massive, epic water battle or simply want to enjoy a fun family time and want more “fire” power, high accuracy and tactical advantage, this is the water gun to get!

Things We Liked

  • ​High precision and cool design
  • ​Fires up to 25 feet away
  • ​Four different shot types
  • ​Pump-to-shoot action
  • Extra clips available for purchase

Things We Didn't Like

  • The range depends on how quickly you can pull the pump back.



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Poolmaster 72571 Water Pop Dual Pack Hot Shots Power Launchers

Poolmaster Power Launchers guarantee hours of water shooting fun. Easy to fill and use, the Hot Shots Power Launcher is fun for all ages although the official recommendation is 8+ probably due to necessary arm span for using the launchers.

The quick-draw refill makes water play endless as you can simply dip the end of the launcher into the pool and draw back the handle to fill the water chamber. You're ready for action in seconds.

Shoots up to 45 feet, well, more like a good 30 feet as it will depend on the strength of a shooter. Dual pack features two 24" launchers which are made of colorful ABS material with soft foam handle and grip for no-slip play.

The launchers are colorful, sturdy and well made. They are foam padded, which makes them float, too. This is a well-thought-out feature for a pool toy. It’s a great way to have fun blasting around the pool or simply cool off in the hot summer weather.

If you don't have a pool, this is still a great yard toy. Just have a big bucket of water on hand so the kids can fill their launchers up. The kids will enjoy spraying each other or shooting targets in the yard.

Since 1958, Poolmaster has been a leading manufacturer of aftermarket pool and spa products with commitment to quality and reliability. Hot Shots Power Launcher is no exception. Since the dual pack includes two 24" Power Launchers, you might need to buy more of these to join your kids for a family shootout.

Poolmaster Power Launchers provide endless outdoor water-spraying fun for kids of all ages and adults alike. Designed for quick refills directly from the pool or other clear water source means you won’t have to buy additional clips.

Do not skip over the part in the description which says "use with clean water source."
If you take these to a beach, the sand might get inside the launchers and, within minutes, the plungers won’t move. Just rinse the launchers thoroughly with clear water and they’ll be ready to blast again.

Since the dual pack includes two 24" Power Launchers, you might need to buy more of these to join your kids for a family shootout or you can get a whole arsenal for your next pool party.

Things We Liked

  • ​Refills directly from the pool or any other clean water source
  • ​Fires more than 30 feet
  • ​The launchers are foam padded and will float in water
  • ​Colorful, sturdy and well made

Things We Didn't Like

  • Sensitive to sand



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Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster features a unique set of 5 nozzles with openings set in a star-shaped pattern. Shooting water through them using the gun pump gives 5 separate streams which spread slightly from the center.

With this super soaker, you will hit a target in range gets hit with five streams, increasing the soaking effect. The amount of water pushed depends on pump volume. The capacity of Nerf Scatterblast Blaster is 22 ounces.

Another huge plus in our Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast review is that the pump grip area is chunky and feels very comfortable to hold. Also, the vertical ridges offer good traction when pumping. This water blaster features a semi-tracked pump and the pumping is really smooth.

The trigger and grip area, just like the rest of this blaster, are well designed and very comfortable to hold. The grip is also nicely in line with the pump which allows you to put full force into pumping.

The water tank on this water gun takes up the bulk of this gun. Although this water gun has a slim design, the volume is good and you can get over 40 full shots from one full tank. The cap is nicely tethered and you can easily attach it and remove to fill the tank.

To wrap up our Nerf Scatter Blast review, this water gun will perform best as an alternate-spray pattern water gun in your arsenal. It has a great feel to it and delivers splashing as advertised and at a good price. One of the best Nerf guns for pool action!

Things We Liked

  • ​Slim design with great capacity
  • ​Fires up to 34 feet away
  • ​Tested for quality and durability
  • ​Pump-to-shoot action with 5 streams at once

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit noisy when pumping but it won’t matter with all the joyful shouting



Editor Rating:


Super Soaker Thunderstorm

Super Soaker Thunderstorm is the first a motorized water blaster in their water blaster series. It features swappable magazines called Nerf Super Soaker Clip System Canisters.

Our Super Soaker Thunderstorm review will cover the motorized pump first. The motor drives the pump to push water through the internal tubing and out the nozzle. It is powered by 4 AA batteries.

The motor is activated simply by pulling the trigger. There isn’t an on/off switch on the blaster itself. When activated, the pump is a little noisy and would definitely blow your cover if you’re hiding too close, so tread lightly and blast suddenly!

The pump is completely enclosed in the blaster's body. The battery chamber is sealed with a rubber gasket to keep the electronics dry during a water fight. This does the job but we don’t recommend submerging this blaster completely. Also, to ensure the maximum range, use trusted and fully charged batteries.

This blaster is also comfortable to hold including the trigger and grip parts. There is a place where a strap could be tethered through. It would be a nice touch if a strap came with the blaster.

The use of Nerf Clip System Canisters adds to the look and allows a user to carry around multiple clips for additional water on the field. There is also a tactical rail for the best water guns accessories to be attached and even a shoulder stock can be mounted.

Things We Liked

  • ​Fully automatic for maximum speed
  • ​Blasts water up to 25 feet away
  • ​No pumping needed - just pull the trigger
  • ​Accessories friendly blaster

Things We Didn't Like

  • It might lose power in the middle of the battle if you don’t use good batteries



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Nerf Super Soaker Barrage Soaker is a pump-action water blaster featuring a nozzle selector with 3 modes: a single, powerful stream of water in Distance Mode, a wider blast in Scatter Mode and even wider Flood Mode.

The interesting thing about the Barrage blaster is the nozzle selector's technology. Most selectors rotate the nozzles into an off-centered position to align with the true nozzle while Barrage has a secondary part which rotates on the inside. This allows the blaster to shoot from the middle of the nozzle selector.

Nerf Super Soaker Barrage Soaker

This water blaster can hold an incredible 84 ounces of water for maximum ammo time. The water blast can reach an impressive 38 feet in Distance mode. The pump is comfortable to hold and so is the grip area which is a part of the reservoir. It’s made of a different type of plastic than the grips of most Nerf water blaster models but it’s equally efficient.

Out-blast the opponents with this cool soaker and its three different modes. Just fill the tank with water, pump to soak, and lock in your mode with a quick turn of the nozzle selector. This is not the best  water gun for smaller children as it has a lot more water capacity and is too heavy but it is ideal for young teens.

Things We Liked

  • ​Sturdy and cool design with huge capacity
  • ​Pump-to-shoot action with 3 different modes
  • ​Fires up to 38 feet away

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit heavy in the front part due to more water capacity



Editor Rating:


Theo Klein Firefighter Water Back Pack deserves its place in this water gun review as a not your usual water gun, but equally fun and cool summer surprise for your kid. They get to fight the blazing summer sun with the Firefighter!

First off, the tank capacity of 67 fl oz of water is much better than usual water guns. This allows for longer periods of play without refills. As for the spray range, 6 feet is more than enough for such a cute little toy.

Theo Klein Firefighter Water Back Pack

Theo Klein Firefighter Water Back Pack is made from durable plastic and comes packed in 2 parts: a red tank with straps that allows it to be worn like a backpack, and a red and yellow water shooter with a hose used to connect it to the tank.

The spray action is activated by a pushing and pulling and the end of the nozzle can be turned left or right to choose the spray setting. You can have a single high-pressured jet stream which travels further or a multiple stream which maximizes soaking.

The tank and the nozzle look and feel pretty sturdy and will survive almost constant daily use by even the liveliest kids and their playmates. The fabric straps of the tank are also sturdy but might have been made even more comfortable with sliding foam pads for shoulders.

Theo Klein Firefighter Water Back Pack might not be the best watergun for younger kids (3 and under) as it is a little hard for them to draw and push to shoot water. 4+ kids shouldn't have any problems with this cute firefighter tank.

Things We Liked

  • ​Sturdy construction and quality plastic
  • ​Great capacity for less frequent refill
  • ​Really cute firefighting back-pack design

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit heavy on the shoulders without shoulder pads



Editor Rating:


Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster is probably the best water gun for icy blasts: a features a larger tank cap than most guns making it easier to put ice cubes into it.

Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

How cool…no, how cold…no, how freezing is that?

The tank opening is wide so it will fit ice cubes for the added shock of cold water which is the coolest feature of this super soaker. It will shock your playmates and keep them at the safe distance so you can move faster and splash more opponents than you would with a regular water gun.

This cool toy holds 23-fluid-ounces of water and can fire up to 38 feet. The nozzle can produce a smooth stream for the duration of the blast. Freezefire is a true pump-action water blaster so pumping will separate the soakers from the soaked.

Our review does confirm that the pump is comfortable to hold and will make it easier for you to truly enjoy this soaker, or better still, this freezer gun. Just make sure you have plenty of ice stashed away to freeze the opponents.

The cap has a rubberized inner piece to provide a better seal and prevent leakage in the middle of the battle. This tank cap is similar to a child proof cap so it won’t open accidentally.

The overall quality of this water gun is up to the usual standards of the well-established and reputable manufacturer whose pool shootout series have been in the market for good two decades.

Things We Liked

  • ​Pump-to-shoot action with ice-cold water
  • ​Sturdy construction and cool design
  • ​Really packs some punch

Things We Didn't Like

  • Younger kids might find using the cap a little tricky



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