What Is Borate? The Benefits And Why You Need It

Have you been struggling to keep your pool clean despite having even awesome swimming pool covers or other equipment? Spending a ton on pool chemicals? If you’ve wasted time and money using traditional methods, then you’ve got to try out the new big thing in pool maintenance: borates in pools. They are changing the game.

Once the borate water harmonizer is in your pool, it absorbs imbalances. This is what keeps your pool’s pH level from fluctuating. It won’t treat algae, but a balanced pH helps maintain your chlorine longer, which in turn acts as an effective algaecide, bacteria and contaminants. To see what the pH level your water is don’t forget to use the best pool digital water tester.

What is Borate?

Borates are naturally-occurring inorganic salts that come from a combination of boron, oxygen, and other natural elements. They’re actually found in materials we use everyday, from laundry detergent and lotion to paint and adhesives. Most importantly, they’re the key ph testing with pool backgroundcomponent in hexaborate water harmonizers — some of the most effective pH buffers available for your swimming pool.

Why put borates in you pool?

Borates can do a lot for your pool, but the most important thing is acting as a pH buffer. They fight everything from rapid chlorine dissipation (making your chemicals last way longer which helps in the fight against algae), eye irritation and metal corrosion to cloudy water, discoloration and more. Borates can also help you:

  • Spend less on chemicals. An unbalanced pH forces you to add more chemicals, but with borates you can start saving.
  • Reduce pool pump-run time  (also use a best pool pump timer to help). Using less energy and fewer chemicals makes pool maintenance more eco-friendly.
  • Get a softer feeling from your pool water. Water treated with borates actually leaves your skin feeling smoother and softer (that’s why they’re often found in bath products).
  • Enjoy a clearer, sparkling pool. Borates make your pool water so clear it will literally sparkle.

How to add borates to your pool:

Using borates is super simple. They come in powder and liquid forms. Powders typically require two steps while liquids require just one. Because some borate additives can actually increase the pH of your pool water, it’s important to choose the right product. PoolProof, a liquid borate water harmonizer, has a special formula to keep pH even — spool proof borateo once your chemical levels are balanced, you just add PoolProof once and you’re done. All the benefits of borates, with even less work. Sounds like a win-win. Here are the steps:

  • Treat your pool normally to get its pH level to between 7.5 and 7.8.
  • Add PoolProof.
  • That’s it. Count your savings while you float on your beautiful, clean pool.

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