Dolphin Nautilus  Robotic Pool Cleaner Overview

Things We Liked

  • Large debris bag
  • 5 star clean
  • No manual assistance required
  • Doesn’t tip over

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t clean steps well

Editor Rating 4.7/5:



Item Dimensions 20 x 24 x 20 inches
Manufacturer Warranty Description 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty
Model Number 99996323
Shipping Weight 33.05 pounds
Style Name Nautilus

Stunning. Amazing. Immaculate. These are just some of the words that we would use to sum up this Dolphin Nautilus review. If you’re looking for a top quality robotic pool cleaner for a very affordable price then look no further. In fact, this is our highest rated robotic pool cleaner of our best robotic pool cleaners list.

You don’t get a better robotic pol cleaner than the Dolphin Nautilus. The best robotic pool cleaner of them all, it’s easily worth the price and makes having a clean pool easy – especially if you want an above ground pool cleaner.

This robotic pool cleaner was clearly made to clean pools and make your life easier. Other products may require some assistance every now and then, but not the Dolphin Nautilus. It’s easy to run, low maintenance and most importantly will get the job done. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a scenario or pool type where the Nautilus won’t do well unless it’s to clean your pool steps which it isn’t as great as.It may not as be as affordable as the SmartPool SmartKleen but it comes with a much more robust clean, better efficiency, and adaptability. On the other hand it doesn’t have the same awesome extra feature set like the Dolphin Premier has, but at few hundred dollars cheaper it’s a much better overall buy (though both are still great).With all this in mind make sure to check out our detailed, in-depth review below where we talk about everything we love and everything we don’t in our 100% honest, no holding back Dolphin Nautilus review.I just have one piece of advice: prepare to be dazzled.

In Depth Review

Initial Set Up

One of the biggest reasons robotic pool cleaners are becoming more popular is because they are so easy to set up and install. In fact, there is no real installation process.Out of the box you don’t need to set anything up or put any parts together because its essentially a 1 piece equipment.All you need is a GFCI outlet to get your pool started although an extension chord may help. Either way, the Dolphin Nautilus is of no exception and is so easy to set up. Within about 30 minutes I had it out of the box and running in the pool. In fact, it would have been shorter if I didn’t take time to go through the manual (though this is definitely something you want to do).If you want to see how easy it is to get it out of the box and running then I have a treat for you. Although I didn’t film this myself it is easy to see how quick it can be to get the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner out of the box and into the water.Check out this unboxing video:

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As you can see setting up this pool cleaner is so fast! It also shows how effective it is in cleaning the pool, but we’ll get to that in another section.Setup Rating: 5/5  It doesn’t get easier or faster than this.

Setup Rating:

Cleaning Ability: Types of Debris

There is little the Dolphin Nautilus can’t do. In addition to being easy to setup and install, it is able to easily target all types of debris. Small, medium or large, the size of the debris doesn’t matter because it will always get cleaned by the Nautilus. With small debris you can expect this pool vacuum to be able to pick it all up. Of course it cleans all the classic small debris- grains of sand and other types of dirt. In addition to small sediment, it will easily clean the harder to get algae.Because of its amazing ability to clean the walls and move at a fast pace it’ll quickly roam around the walls and get rid of the algae it comes across. In fact, if you watch the above video you’ll see that with just the pool cleaner and without any chemicals the Nautilus cleans it all up within 4 days.Like most pool cleaners it is also easily able to get medium sized debris. Again, this is quite normal so don’t be blown away by this fact. However, what is more uncommon is that not only can it effectively clean small and medium sized debris, but it’s also great for large debris.If you also have larger debris like rocks, sticks, and some leaves then you have nothing to worry about – they will disappear. The Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner will easily clean these items with without any trouble. In fact, it’ll almost leave you forgetting completely about these annoyances in your pool.The only problem it might have is that because it has a smaller debris bag it will have to be emptied every 1-2 weeks. However, because it varies on the actual debris in individual pools the frequency it needs to be emptied will be in a large range.With an ability to clean all types of debris and being extremely dependable this cleaner was given a 4.7/5 which is pretty darn close to perfect. Count on it to get the job done.

Cleaning Ability:

Cleaning Ability: Pool Shapes, Sizes, Materials

Typical pool shapesTypical pool shapes

Don’t you just love something that can do it all? Well, let me tell you. This pool cleaning machine can truly do it all by being able to clean all types of debris and all types of pools with an average time of 2 hours.There are a lot of different types of pools out there – inground, above ground, concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and so many shapes it’s impossible to name them! It doesn’t matter, because the Dolphin Nautilus can clean them all.The most important thing to note of any robotic pool cleaner is how well it can remember the layout of a pool. It just takes a couple of runs and it will easily be able to go through every point in the pool because it has some great programming with its proprietary IntelliScan Cleaning system..The key is to just start it in the same spot in the pool – usually in the corner. By keeping it consistent it will help the Nautilus remember the layout of the pool – of which it can navigate any type of layout.As far as shape comes because the Nautilus is a little smaller than other cleaners, and it is very lightweight it can easily navigate around tight corners and “awkward spots” around the pool. Size is also of no issue because even in the main description it says it is supposed to be able to clean pools up to 50 feet.  Because of its awesome navigation technology it doesn’t get tangled in its own chord unlike other pool cleaners that can clean large pools.Second of all, it can easily clean pools made of different material because of its lightweight and strong ability to stay attached to the walls and steps – its stickiness. A lot of cleaners tend to fall off the walls and aren’t consistent in being able to navigate the walls on pools of various material, but this vacuum is very consistent.Because it doesn’t require a suction side port or any other requirements on the pool it works well for both above ground and inground pools whereas other cleaners are restricted to just inground pools. It is able to generate its own 360 degree suction which is why it is so effective and able to reduce the effect on your pool’s native filtering system.

Because it is small and has a low center of gravity it tends to almost never tip over. In fact, its small statue helps it to clean the stairs which it does so pretty well. However, sometimes it’ll skip over them slightly so this is really its only weakness as a cleaner.I give this cleaner’s pool diversity rating a 4.6 It would be pretty close to 5, but its inability to consistently clean stairs brings it down a little.

Diversity Rating:

Product Life

With an average lifetime of 4-5 years its on the higher end of how long cleaners last. This way you will be able to get a high quality clean for several years before having to buy a new one or another pool cleaner.While this is pretty good what its product life skyrocket is its Easy-fix modular components. Its easy-fix system allows the average consumer to switch in and out broken or damaged parts of the cleaner without having to send it to a repair shop or being charged labor fees.Like most cleaners it needs replacements about once a year so its a great feature that keeps the maintenance very easy.Because of its above average product lifetime and it is easy to change we rate it at a 4.5/5 for product life rating.

Product Life Rating:


With a one year warranty it is a very average warranty – which is really the only average thing about this product. However, if you upgrade to the nautilus plus then it will become a 2 year warranty.Since we’re rating the base model at 1 year warranty and its warranty is average we’re giving it a very average warranty rating – a 3.5/5.

Warranty Rating:

Full List of Pros and Cons

Pros: great overall clean, cleans all types of pools, cleans all types of debris, great navigation system, very low maintenance, easy to change parts

Cons: not consistent with cleaning steps, somewhat small debris bag filter

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Dolphin Nautilus Review: Conclusion

With it’s large debris bag and ability to clean without extra help from its owner, it’s truly an automatic pool cleaner – unlike others that get stuck or require help.While it doesn’t do everything for you because you’ll still need to sweep the steps, it’s more hands off than any other pool cleaner we’ve tried out.

This Dolphin Pool Cleaner Review is our highest rated one out of all Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews – so it’s the best product from the best considering the reasonable price. If you want a higher end product check out this Dolphin Triton review, which has all the Nautilus has to offer, but more.

Do you have any specific questions about this pool cleaner or have any remarks regarding it? Let us know in the comments about anything you want to talk about in this Dolphin Pool Cleaner Review.

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