Dolphin Premier Review |an Elite Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner

Things We Liked

  • Advanced navigation and mapping
  • Cleans walls and pool steps
  • Great filter and debris container
  • 3 year warranty for maximum protection


  • Need to pay extra for remote
  • Heavy (36 lb)- may be hard to take out without letting water out first

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

What makes the Dolphin Premier Robotic pool Cleaner a preferred option among many pool owners is that despite its size, it is mighty in performance. As a matter of fact, it can give any pool cleaner a run for their value, and still expect to win at any given time!

It gives the ultimate cleaning by leaving no crevice, corner, or even step, unattended. This is a huge pull, taking into consideration the fact that most pool cleaners that are available on the market these days merely remove debris from the floor of the pool.

However, the Dolphin Premier is actually able to not only clean different kinds of pools, but will also clean steps and walls.

It's not for those on a low budget - the Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is a premium pool cleaner for a premium price. However, if you want one of the best automatic robotic pool cleaners on the market, then read on to see if it's a great fit for you.

The Amazing Features of Maytronics Pool Cleaner

There is no hiding that 99% of all debris, as well as other fouling water contaminants in your swimming pool are stuck, not just the floor, or free-floating at the bottom, but also to the walls.

This may include biofilm (layer of grease/oil on the water), bacteria, algae and many other types of debris. Perhaps you have noticed this as you touch the walls of some pools, observing that it can either feel rough or slick. This is usually due to either algae or bio film.

This pool vacuum has an overall amazing clean, but it's almost like it has been designed to climb walls. Oh wait, it has. As such, it is easily able to climb all the way up the walls and scrub away the build-up of various components as it goes towards the waterline.

This enables your pool, and not just the horizontal surfaces, to be completely cleaned. Most pool manufacturers falsely claim their products can clean walls and steps. While the Premier doesn't clean steps cleaning walls is truly an area it excels in.

The professionals at Maytronics have thought hard and long about the creation of a machine which can achieve this purpose. As such, they have come up with an amazingly innovative desing which allows the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner to clean the walls using its hyper grip rubber tracks, in contrast to using wheels.
The unique tracks offer amazing control, thus eliminating slippage which is why it is able to clean the walls so well.

Other pool owners also think that this pool cleaner is amazing. See what they think in the video below:

1. Premier Power Clean System

This Dolphin pool cleaner is unquestionably making a difference to your pool-cleaning tasks. With the use of its Premier PowerClean system, the system composed of high RPM brushes go deep to the algae and grime, without scouring and scratching, and removes them.

Dolphin Premier Review

Premier cleaning the pool wall

Most bacteria, algae and biofilm thrives on the walls of the pool and not the floor, making it completely necessary to solve these issues regularly, and to maintain a healthy and clean pool. This can also reduce the introduction of chemicals such as chlorine to your pool water.

With this cleaner, you can be assured that the quality of your water will be less prone to compromise, making sure that the entire pool will stay cleaner, while requiring less maintenance overall.

2. Intelligent Navigation System

This Maytronics pool cleaner comes equipped with a Smart-Nav robotic scanning which will allow the unit to identify where it has been, while deciding where it has to go next. It also comes with a built-in software that helps in determining the best and most efficient cleaning path, while calculating each of the passes.

This can also make sure that your swimming pool gets a thorough clean in different places. What is even better is that it can take around half the time that a standard machine for pool cleaning can do. With this built-in feature, you can be assured of thorough coverage while cleaning using this system.

3. Interesting Multimedia Features

The Dolphin also comes with four different filter media types, thus allowing for the performance of different cleaning levels, from the smallest of particles to debris in the yard including small sticks and leaves. The filter media options include standard cartridges, micro-cartridges, disposable debris bags, as well as over-sized debris bags.

Dolphin Premier Close UpWith these options, you can expect to complete multiple tasks using a single machine. For example, using the over-sized filter bag can allow the machine to hold a bushel of leaves. This is a lot of wet matter that can quickly fill many filter bags.

For finer debris like algae, dirt, and sand it is a better idea to use micro cartridges. They are easy to switch in and out and will easily be able to handle the smaller debris.

This is also done with the use of standard cartridges, making sure that all of these unwanted stuff are scrubbed off the pool floor and walls, and trapping them inside the media. On top of that, this unit is also dual-media capable, which means that you can perform twice the cleaning capability, with the benefit of doing so in just one cleaning session.

4. Tangle Free and Scrubbing Features

Using the Dophin pool cleaner, you can take advantage of its Dual control ballasts, which are specially designed for maintaining the position of the cleaner along the pool wall. For this, you can scrub those annoying pockets of substances out of your wall tiles just by using the cleaner. This makes sure that build-up is removed from your pool’s waterline.

Aside from that, this pool cleaner is also designed to be tangle free. This is made possible by the carefully designed 360 swivel which prevents itself from tangling in its own cord.

With this free moving swivel, there is no worry about wear and tear on the connections, or the cord.
It also allows the unit to clean even awkward corners, which is usually missed even by the most aggressive manual brushes.

Although many owners expect their cleaners to be tangle free the truth is most are not tangle free. This simple feature takes care of the biggest problem most automatic pool cleaners face. Because it is executed so well it makes it a truly automatic pool cleaner because you don't have to help it get unstuck or untangled.

5. Power Features

This Dolphin robotic pool cleaner only uses 180 watts in an hour with the use of an ultra-efficient DC motor, which offers 87% less energy as compared to their AC motor counterparts. This can result to around 5 cents per hour in order to operate, which translates to an average of around 15 cents for every session.

The best part about it is that the motor is efficient on its own. However, there are things that you have to do by yourself. For example, you can take charge of changing the brush easily since older brushes will make it work harder.

One thing that you may notice, however, is that the brush wears out quite easily (every 6 months to a year). I like to purchase several brushes at a time so I can easily just swap them in and out On the brighter note, this means that it is really doing its job well.

Editor Rating & Why

This Dolphin robotic pool cleaner deserves a 4.6 out of 5 stars. The modular design of this unit makes it really easy to use, especially when it comes to cleaning walls and steps, not just floor. An extra half star could have been given if this pool cleaner comes with a remote control that can assist in the job, rather than manually working on it.

A remote control costs extra for this model so it's not included, but it's definitely worth buying because it allows you to easily fetch your Premier and you can get any missed spots without having to get into the water yourself.

Dolphin Premier Review: Conclusion

Overall, this pool cleaner from Dolphin will work best for those who are interested in seeing control and thoroughness similar to that of a robotic vacuum for the home. It does its job and does it well.

It is also considered as among the best high-end pool cleaner because of its capability to consistently climb up the swimming pool walls, navigate the pool, and have multiple mediums for debris.

It's pricey, but it is definitely worth the price as this is the top robotic pool cleaner on the market. However, if you still want a great clean for a cheaper price then check out the Dolphin Nautilus.

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