Hayward Navigator Pro Review – Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner for Immaculate Water

The Hayward Navigator Pro is one of a new crop of advanced automatic suction-side pool cleaners that has a list of impressive features and promises world-class performance.

The Hayward Navigator is suitable for in-ground pools of all types and sizes, making it a great inground pool cleaner

The Navigator Pro delivers and performs its functions quite well and has some good reviews from buyers of the product. The manufacturers of the Navigator Pro claim that it cleans faster and more efficiently than other side cleaners on the market, this is a tall order for the product to fulfill as there are several improved suction side cleaners on the market.

So what makes the Navigator Pro, a great suction pool cleaner, worthy of consideration over even the best robotic pool cleaners?

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Hayward Navigator Pro

Things We Liked

  • easy to install with great instruction manual
  • enhanced speed with flow gauge
  • minimal supervision required
  • slick design and quality manufacturing
  • easy to maintain

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can get stuck on larger debris
  • Doesn't climb steps or walls well
  • Parts sometimes need replacing




    • The navigator pro features an enlarged suction path that allows it to pick up debris faster and more efficiently

    • It has a SmartDrive steering technology that helps it maneuver its way around obstacles, it changes the direction and cleaning pattern of the vacuum and prevents it from getting jammed or stuck in corners

    • The vacuum cleans in-ground pools of all shapes and sizes

    • It performs its functions within three to four hours

    • The programmed steering also gives the vacuum maximum coverage as it cuts a cleaning path through the pool

    • The automatic pool cleaner is powered by the existing filtration system of the pool where debris is captured, and it does not require a booster pump to function

    • It is connected to a skimmer or suction port and does not need any tools to operate

    • The Navigator Pro comes with a turbine system that ensures its smooth and silent operation

    • It features enhanced vacuum wings for constant suction power

    • It works with concrete/gunite, vinyl or fiberglass pool surfaces

    The Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro has a large enlarged suction path which is quite efficient at sucking up debris.

    When it comes to movement around the pool, the Navigator Pro has a SmartDrive steering technology which allows it to glide and maneuver around obstacles in the pool. It is also used in changing the direction and cleaning pattern of the vacuum based on the dirt and debris it encounters, similar to the Kreepy Krauly Warrior.


    • The dimensions of the product are 51.5x1x15 inches

    • The Navigator weighs 20lbs

    How it works

    side view of Hayward Navigator Pro

    The Hayward Navigator Pro is a suction based cleaner which means that it attaches to the pool's main filtration system for it to function. This also eliminates the need for a booster or filter pump as required for the robotic pressure side cleaners making the suction cleaners a less expensive and energy-consuming option.

    Suction side cleaners are ideal for screened pools or pools that do not have a lot of debris in them as these vacuums are not usually equipped to handle large sized debris.

    Although The Navigator Pro does seems to perform better than its other suction side companions especially with the aid of its more advanced features.

    The features and specifications aside, what does the Navigator Pro have working in its favor and why should you consider this product?

    Who is it meant for?

    It is suitable for owners who like to have their pools cleaned in less than 3-4 hours. It operates quietly and it moves smoothly in water by harnessing the flow of water through the filtration system. If you want another very similar option check out the Hayward Pool Vac XL.


    It is advised that you follow some tips in other to keep the Hayward Navigator Pro in top shape after use. You should endeavor to check the water flow/vacuum to ensure the cleaner is operating as efficiently as possible. Too little vacuum is as bad as too much. Another part to check is the hose. Check it to ensure it is attached to the Skimmer (the suction source).

    When using suction side cleaners, it is advised that you disconnect the hose from the cleaner's head. You should also not coil the cleaner hose. Lay the hose flat in a cool storage area when you are done using it. Coiling the hose could damage it and a coiled hose is not covered under Hayward's warranty for the Navigator Pro.

    When you're done cleaning and you need to transport the Navigator Pro, carry the cleaner by the molded-in handle. Don't carry it by the hose.

    Unlike other suction side cleaners that we have reviewed in the past, the Navigator Pro should not be left in the pool when you decide to swim in it.

    If you are searching for a well-performing suction side cleaner for your gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pool, the Navigator Pro is a good option to consider. The vacuum works fast and efficiently and cleans the pool effectively. Having a suction side cleaner that can move smoothly in the pool and still get the job done as fast as the Navigator

    Although the issue of constantly changing parts which are not cheap to come by and its effectiveness over larger debris in your pool cast a dark cloud over this unit. We advise you look elsewhere for an alternative. You will save yourself on trouble and money when the parts need replacing.

    A good suction side cleaner that we highly recommend is the Kreepy Krauly Warrior Cleaner.

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