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Aquabot Turbo T2 Review | The New ABTURT2R1 Plus Pool Cleaner 2019

This unit from Aquabot is highly-efficient, self-contained and independent. It needs no hoses, pool filter or a booster pump. What you need to do is get familiar with its operation by reading the extensive and super-clear and to the point user manual, plug the Aquabot Turbo T2 Plus in and enjoy the refreshing splash in your pool together with the energy, water, chemicals and ti [...]

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5 Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Reviews | Top Rated Rechargeable Cleaners

All you pool owners must be as thrilled as I am to see the new pool season is now open! You probably can’t wait to dive into your pool and have an enjoyable splash on your own or with your friends or family and now in the off season, it's the best time to buy the best handheld pool vacuum.If you have a smaller inground or aboveground pool, a hot tub or a spa, all you need is [...]

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Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting | Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair & Maintenance Guide

Since we often get questions about Polaris pool cleaner not moving and not working well enough, we decided to help all the pool owners with this concise Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting guide.If you notice your Polaris 360 wheels not turning, (the same goes for Polaris 280 troubleshooting) you should first check that the pressure which comes from your return line is optimal [...]

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Air Bubbles In Pool Fixes – Pool Pump, Skimmer Door and Gaskets Checklist

Air bubbles coming out of the return jets seem to be a frequent problem for many pool owners. Let’s go over a few possible causes and fixes and hopefully teach you how to fix air bubbles in your pool.Usually, the air comes from the suction side of a swimming pool which means any parts or components of your pool the water comes to the filter.The first thing to do is [...]

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Ultimate Tips on How To Clean a Pool

Establishing and keeping a cleaning routine for your swimming pool is a very important aspect involved in pool maintenance. Poorly maintained pools can cause health issues over the long run, most often bad eye irritation if the best swimming goggles aren't used. Unfortunately, it's not an easy task for the average person. On the the bright side you found this guide to make [...]

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5 Best Pool Heat Pump Reviews 2018

You've decided you're tired of swimming in cold pool water and that you are finally looking into change. Pool heat pumps are perfect for making your pool water warmer so that swimming can be more enjoyable and make you less nervous before you plunge into the icy water.Unfortunately, picking the best pool heater is not an easy task. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of some of [...]

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Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool [An Expert’s Take]

There has been a long fought battle about salt water pools vs chlorine pools. The truth is one is not always better than the other. Both salt water and fresh water pools use chlorine to clean the pool, but the real kicker is how they get chlorine available to clean the pool.  This is because both have their pros and cons. The biggest factors include the cost and time [...]

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10 Best Pool Cover Reviews To Protect Your Pool & Save Money [2018]

We compiled the best pool cover reviews so that you could have the best experience buying pool covers. Having a pool cover is just one part of pool maintenance that any pool owner should utilize, especially when paired with automatic pool cleaners. Best Pool Cover ComparisonBelow, you'll find the 10 most popular pool covers. Not only did I make it easy to [...]

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