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Wanda the Whale Reviews | How Efficient is This Adorable Pool Vacuum?

Warm weather is coming so don’t be caught without a backyard island paradise!  As the summer months come creeping in, it is time again to prep that pool. There’s nothing worse than putting off cleaning that above ground oasis and then realizing in the middle of an impromptu shindig that with a little forethought, we could have had a rocking pool party.The mere thought [...]

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Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Reviews | A Top-rated Pool Vacuum With Dual Brushes

Having a pool in your backyard is great fun. It’s cool on hot summer days and offers lots of fun for your kids and their friends. But the fun usually ends when it’s time to clean the pool, especially on windy days when leaves just seem to be everywhere. It can be a very hot and dirty job that takes many hours if you don’t have the right tools.That’s where we come in [...]

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Hayward Aqua Critter Review | Efficient & Cute Automatic Cleaner For Your Pool

It’s springtime again and we all know what that means- time to get the pool ready!  We all know the feeling of pulling off the weather-worn pool topper only to find a disgusting, muddy mess where our beautiful, crystal-clear water used to be. Staring into the abyss of the seemingly infinitely soiled flooring can be very daunting to us all. Well, it’s time to tell the bog m [...]

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Hayward Aquabug Reviews | A Solid Vacuum To Clean Your Pool & Improve Water Circulation

Cleaning swimming pools is no easy task, and sometimes above ground pools can be among the most difficult. The job can be very time consuming, so finding the right equipment to help make the task easier is vital.Does dirt and debris keep collecting in the bottom of your pool no matter how many times you vacuum? Are you at your wits end with your current pool cleaner that do [...]

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How To Clean A Pool – Tips on Dirt Removal, Clearing up the Bottom, and More

Establishing and keeping a cleaning routine for your swimming pool is a very important aspect involved in pool maintenance. Poorly maintained pools can cause health issues over the long run, most often bad eye irritation if the best swimming goggles aren't used.Unfortunately, it's not an easy task for the average person. On the the bright side you found this guide to make sure [...]

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7 Best Digital Pool Water Tester Reviews of 2019 | Electronic Spa Kits/Analyzers to Test Chemicals

When it comes to regular swimming pool maintenance, water testing is essential and digital testers are convenient and efficient way to keep pool water well balanced and safe. Digital pool water testers are much more convenient than even the best swimming pool water test kits.Digital water testers, also known as electronic pool water testers, utilize metallic probes and int [...]

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5 Best Pool Heat Pump Reviews 2019 | Energy-Efficient Units to Keep Optimal Water Temperature

You've decided you're tired of swimming in cold pool water and that you are finally looking into change. The best pool heat pump that fits your budget is perfect for making your pool water warmer so that swimming can be more enjoyable and make you less nervous before you plunge into the icy water.Unfortunately, picking the best pool heater is not an easy task. Fortunately, we'v [...]

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7 Best Chlorine Tablets Reviews | Affordable And Efficient Way to Keep Your Pool Clean In 2019

Chlorine tablets are easy to use, safe and stable form of chlorine additives for your swimming pool sanitation. They come in 1-inch and 3-inch sizes and you add chlorine to your swimming pool by putting the tablets in your floating chlorine dispensers, pool skimmer baskets or automatic chlorinators.Follow the instruction for calculating the appropriate number of tablets based o [...]

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