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Hello, and welcome to Ultimate Pool Guide (UPG)! I created this website to become the go to resource for pool information. After receiving dozens of kind emails and comments, I decided to expand my scope to that of Patio and Gardening so that I can provide high quality advice beyond just swimming pools.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Some of the most popular articles are all about cleaners – such as:

 While there is some overlap, I created independent articles to help viewers easily find the information they are looking for.


The #2 most popular category of our pages is all about maintenance tips and products. Given that this is exactly why this website was founded, this makes sense and I’m passionate about providing quick tips and advice on how to best maintain a pool – anywhere from picking picking the best algaecide or using convenient chlorine tablets to keep your water sanitary.

However, you don’t want to just dump these chemicals in. Check your water’s PH with one of these top digital testers or check out some of these water test kit reviews as great alternatives.

The above articles are great places to start for your water maintenance, but you’ll also want to start looking into swimming pool covers or solar covers that will not only make maintenance easier, but also keep your water warm and reduce water use. Combine a cover with a cover pump and you’ll be able to maximize spending your time relaxing in the water and not taking care of it.

Of course, you don’t NEED a cover to help keep the water surface clean. Automatic skimmers are affordable, hands off devices that will remove debris such as leaves and bugs from the surface.

Pool System

Part of proper maintenance involves having the right circulation system, and this is impossible to do without having a great pump and pump timer to move the water around and keep it flowing through your swimming pool filter.

One of keystone articles of UPG involves some of the alternative options it presents – such as not having a chlorine based pool, but a salt one – only possible through a salt water chlorinator which provides a more natural feeling. Keep in mind that if you do go salt, there is still chlorine in the water – just not nearly as much. Additionally, it is healthier for your skin and hair because of the salt!

Although this item isn’t necessary, heaters are an important part of the circulation system. They’re not totally necessary, but if you want to swim year round and like a cozy pool you’ll definitely want to check out our recommendations.

Swimming Pool Safety

As a mother, I felt compelled to write extensively about safety. A big part of it is having the right equipment to protect your family – whether they are parts or children, from drowning. Most incidents that occur happen because children slip out to the yard and fall in unknowingly.

To prevent this we suggest 2 pieces of equipment above all others – serving as 2 layers of protection. The first is a safety fence to prevent your children from getting to the pool area. Unfortunately, these don’t always work as often they are left open. In this case, using alarms is critical because they will alert you if your child or pet does fall into the water.

In addition, while you are playing or swimming for exercise, you’ll definitely want some nice goggles to protect your eyes from burning from the chlorine. They help you see clearly in the water, and can really help you see the beautiful spectacle of your pool if you have some awesome colored  swimming pool lights.

Accessories And Toys

When you’re swimming sometimes some awesome toys and floats just make it much more enjoyable – particularly if you have a family. Boogie boards can double up as a beach treat and float – my kids absolutely LOVE racing on top of them because they can really fly across the water.

Types of Pools

Our next popular section comes in the form of the types of pools – particularly on above ground options. Above ground swimming pools are much more affordable than their in ground counter part, and are good affordable choices if you don’t want to easily spend 5 figures. One of the most popular brands in this area is Intex. We created a set of Intex reviews to carefully analyze the most popular above ground brand.


Although our gardening section is quite small, I’m particularly proud of my top posts because it shows people enjoyed my moving to this new category. I don’t know if I’ll expand on this as I like to stay focused more on pool related items!

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