The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is an extremely affordable choice for an above ground pool cleaner but still provides a very good cleaning experience. It includes everything it needs right out of the box, and Its venturi effect design picks up sand and debris with ease as it whisks around the pool, randomly switching directions. As long as there is an existing pool pump to plug into, the Intex will just keep on cleaning. For anyone hoping to get a very decent clean but keep the wallet a little bit fatter, check out this unit in our Intex Auto Pool Cleaner review.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review

The Auto Pool Cleaner from Intex performed surprisingly well given its suspiciously low-price tag.

The Intex pool vacuum made its way around the pool quickly, efficiently scooping up whatever dirt or debris it came across.

It is a whimsical thing to behold, as the gear-driven base is set to switch directions at random to facilitate a better clean. It also engages this feature when jammed under a ladder or similar obstacle.

It is somewhat staggering that such an affordable piece would work so well, but even more so that it includes almost 25 feet of high-quality vacuum hose and Intex pool hose adaptor.

Intex Auto Pool Vacuum Features and FAQs

From what we can tell the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is loaded with value. It is perfectly designed for vacuuming above ground pools efficiently and does so reliably without any crazy bells and whistles.

Along with the included vacuum hose sections comes a few spare brushes to keep the sweepers fresh, and the couplings built into the hose are of good quality.

With large diameter rubber wheels to run around on, the Intex automatic pool cleaner won’t make holes in the liner or get stuck on debris.


Which outlet/ inlet do I connect it to?

There seems to be some confusion to this, it plugs into the outlet, not the inlet.

Where to get replacement parts

Intex sells them directly in most cases and accepts major credit cards.

Cleaning Quickly

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner definitely gets itself around the pool easily. It moves at a pretty good speed and still does a good job of picking up debris.

The randomness of its directional choices helps to agitate the water and then suck up the cloud, which is a unique feature and lends to another layer of clean.

Large wheels allow the Auto Pool Cleaner to cruise right along on the pool floor not getting stopped up by annoying obstacles as many with hard rollers do, and those wheels can be put to excellent use because with this pool vacuum- the larger the pool pump is, the faster it’ll go.

For additional information on more pool cleaner choices and informative, in-depth reviews, take a look at some of the best cleaners for above ground pools.

Covering Entire Pool

Included with this pool cleaner comes a 24’ 7” segmented length of vacuum hose.

covering entire pool

It is always advisable to add a couple of lengths more than are needed to span the diameter of the pool, to keep the hose from snagging or kinking. If enough sections are not provided with the complete unit, more are available for purchase for a fully modifiable length.

The Auto Pool Cleaner will run with virtually any length of hose as long as the existing pool pump pushes enough GPH to keep it running smoothly.

Needs an Excellent Pump

This auto cleaner design by Intex relies on an existing filtration pump to plug into, rather than running on its own power.

A minimum pump size of 1,600 to 3,500 GPH is required as anything less will leave it dead on the ground. Essentially this leaves the pump up to the owner as they can just modify it or change it out as necessary, to accommodate their needs.

Provided there is enough flow from the pump, this little unit will just keep on going, keeping that pool splendidly clean.

Good Vacuum

The vacuum on the Auto Pool Cleaner is actually quite good and is able to do a very thorough job of cleaning hard or vinyl bottoms despite that it wings around the pool so quickly.

We were honestly surprised at first because it looked like there was no way it wasn’t going to do an incomplete cleaning job, but no such thing occurred.

The vacuum sucked up everything in its way including twigs and small rocks, and the hose never seemed to jam up.

Other than having to clean the metal screen filter at the bottom, it just kept on ticking.

Fantastic Flow Rate

fantastic flow rate of pool cleaner

We cannot stress enough that the pool’s existing pump must be a minimum of 1,600 to 3,500 GPH. Literally, anything less than this will not move this cleaner, leaving its owner sad and scratching pocket-bottoms for a new pump upgrade.

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner requires absolutely nothing less than a filter flow rate from 1,600 to 3,500 GPH, and for optimal performance, nothing less than 2,500 should be used.

Using a pump rated for the lower ‘suggested’ range is not really the best idea. It will cause the pool cleaner to lag and not perform anywhere near as efficiently as the manufacturer stated and may inadvertently cause resent towards the unit when it really was a quite avoidable issue.

Where Do You Attach the Intex 28001E?

There can sometimes be confusion as to which outlet to connect the Auto Pool Cleaner to in the pool, so we will make it clear.

The 28001E connects to the outlet, not the inlet as is commonly thought. This model does include an instruction manual so if there is any confusion on this, just follow the simple to read manual.

If after reading through the manual there is still some confusion about where to plug in, take a peek at this article on the pool circulatory system. It should help provide a much better insight into the inner workings of pools for the layperson.

Can It Only Clean Intex Above Ground Pools?

This automated pool vac can clean any above ground pool that is not inflatable.

It is safe for any type of liner and is specifically built to be gentle on vinyl liners we see in many above ground pools.

The Auto Pool Cleaner is not the best pool vacuum for dished type floors as they have the tendency to keep the unit about 4 inches from the wall, but for 90-degree wall transitions, it gets in there pretty well.

Included with purchase is a hose adaptor that supposedly allows the pool cleaner to be hooked up with non-Intex pools, however, we cannot vouch for it as we tested in an Intex.

Can the Intex 28001E Clean In-Ground Pools?

Intex states on their website that the 28001E is not suitable for in-ground pools.

can the intex clean in-ground pool

In-ground bots require more cleaning power and much more hose than above ground units, which allows them down the entire length of the pool, plus the added depth. The longer hose also allows the pool cleaner to ride up and down the transitions with plenty of slack.

On the other side of this, above ground pools generally, have 90-degree walls which pool cleaners cannot transition.

In-ground bots are designed to climb walls and stairs and slopes and are generally more parts-intensive and expensive, whereas the above-ground models are much more affordable.

What is the Maximum Intex Pool Size It Can Clean?

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner comes new with a 24’ 7” hose which is comprised of smaller hose sections.

Due to the fact that there should always be about two hose segments in addition to the number that equal the diameter of the pool, that means that out of the box the Auto Pool Cleaner would be ideal for a pool of a 20’ to 22’ diameter.

Any pool with a larger diameter could require the addition of vacuum hose segments, which can be purchased separately.

What Size Intex Pool Pump Will Power the Intex 28001E?

Every now and then it is possible to glance at the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner and notice it really doesn’t seem to be doing much.

any vacuum hose segment can be purchased separately

If this is the case, first check the screen filter in the main unit, and then -this should have been done prior to purchasing this bot- double-check the existing pool pump.

It is recommended to run a pump anywhere from 1,600 to 3,500 gallons per hour (GPH). 1,600 is a stretch to the low-end and the pump should really output more flow than that if at all possible.

2,500 GPH is the bottom line to the best performance out of this model.

Should an upgrade be required or it is unclear what size the current pump is or how to size one, this article should be able to help.

Can It Clean Sand and Debris from the Pool Floor?

This Intex automatic pool cleaner really does a good job of getting sand and small particles off of the pool floor. That’s a very good thing as that is what it was designed for.

This model utilizes an ultra-fine mesh screen in the vacuum head that requires the cleaner to be removed from water once in a while for cleaning the fine mesh screen, otherwise, it won’t go anywhere, so one must keep up on that.

Other Options

Just to add some variety to the mix there are some other options to consider are below, so don’t go spending until all the options are explored!

Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

This fantastic little machine from Dolphin is an easy-to-use, automated power scrubbing system for any above ground pool. While the Aqua Critter indeed does a very good job at cleaning pool bottoms, the Nautilus from Dolphin excels. This is a very well-thought-out design, featuring dual brush scrubbers on the bottom for that ultra-deep clean. This is absolutely our favorite design.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max

Whereas the other selections we’ve gone over are automatic and allow for essentially no user interface, the Pool Blaster Max from Water Tech is a manual option. With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this little unit is great for cleaning up debris that has found its way to the floor.