Intex Oval Frame Pool Set Review

If you want to add something extra to your backyard, the Oval Frame Pool set is a great option.

Give a little more sparkle and life to hot summer days with this pool, assemble and dive in for some good fun with your family. The Oval Frame Pool can fit children and adults; even your pets can share in the fun. What else would you expect from the best above ground swimming pool brand?

Built like a tank, this pool cover set can withstand whatever you throw at it. Inclusive of a convenient drain plug that can be connected to a garden hose, you won't find a better pool set than this.

The pool looks great in the sun and has superb quality all for a reasonably low price. It does not require a lot of maintenance; you can set it up, deflate it and drain it with ease. You can bring it out season after season and lounge in the pool whenever you want.

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Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

Specifications and features

  • The pool dimensions are 216 x 120 x 42 inches
  • It weighs 118.4 pounds
  • It has laminated PVC sidewalls and rust-resistant steel frames
  • The Krystal Clear cartridge filter pumps 1000 gallons per hour
  • The pool has a water capacity of 2,885 gallons
  • The set includes a ladder to climb into the pool, a ground cloth to assemble the pool on and a pool cover to protect the pool from debris
  • It includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter that automatically shuts off the pump when the water is exposed to electric current
  • It comes with a set-up and maintenance DVD for installation guide
  • It has a drain plug that connects to a garden hose for drainage
  • The dual suction outlet fittings keep the water clean and hygienic

Things We Liked

  • ​Durable and long-lasting, the Oval Frame Pool set will stay in good shape for many seasons
  • ​The pool is child-friendly and very safe to use
  • ​The filter pump and dual suction outlet fittings keep the pool clean and hygienic
  • ​The pool is large enough for the whole family to lounge and play
  • It is sturdy, convenient, comfortable and it has a great design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some reviewers complain that the pump and filter are not adequate for the pool so if you have this problem, you may have to purchase new ones.



Ease of use

Installing the Oval Frame Pool set won't take much of your time say two to three hours, all you need to do is level the ground, then place a liner, a floor mat or ground cloth on the floor before installing your pool.

After inflating it, you can fill it up with water and climb into the pool. Filling it with water could take you as much as 3 to 5 hours, but it’s well worth the wait.

The package includes an instructional DVD to make it easy to set up the pool, if you find that insufficient, you can check online or watch YouTube videos on how to set it up.

When you buy this pool, you will get an integrated filter (using this means you might have to change the cartridges every few weeks. This could be a bore, but it's worth it considering what you could be exposing yourself to if you don't filter the water.

The Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42 in Oval Frame Pool Set is tall enough to contain most tall parents as a reviewer who is 5 ft 9 inches noted that although it stays around her waist, she could still swim comfortably in the pool. She also said that her kids enjoyed swimming in the pool as much as her teenage kids.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

How well it works

Strong, durable powder-coated steel frames surround the pool and make it durable, sturdy and able to withstand anything. The set includes a Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump that helps to keep the water clean, clear and hygienic.

The pool is quite large and can comfortably fit adults as well as children so that you can sit comfortably in it with your kids or grandkids. It also has a water capacity of 2, 885 gallons and the cartridge filter pump filters 1000 gallons per hour.

The sidewalls of the pool are tough and made of laminated PVC so you can rest on them without fear of falling. The set includes a ladder for easy access to the pool; it comes with a ground cloth to lay on the floor before assembling the pool and a pool cover to protect the pool from debris.

It is easy to drain the water out of the pool with the drain plug which you connect to a garden hose for drainage. The pool has a functional design, and you can swim laps in it or play games if you want. Its an impressive item and it works quite well.

How long it lasts

The PVC sidewalls and rust-resistant powder coated steel frames of this pool make it incredibly sturdy and durable. It will last you through the years with proper care and maintenance. You can see how it compares in our Intex Pool Reviews.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

This Oval Pool represents amazing value for money as it offers great features that make swimming enjoyable for adults and children alike. It is easy to set up and can be set up in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. Filling it with water could take a while, though, as some owners said it took them 3 hours and others said they had to go 5 hours at a stretch before they could have the pool filled with water.


The product includes a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - against manufacture defects of the Filter Pump and a 90 Days Manufacturer's Warranty - against manufacture defects of the Pool Liner.


Intex is a popular manufacturer of great quality pools, and the Oval Frame Pool set is not an exception.

The pool is great for family, and it can comfortably sit adults and kids, even pets. It is sturdy and durable and will last through many uses and still stay in good shape. The product offers great value for its price and has good reviews, apart from the filter and pump which you may have to change, it is a decent pool and it comes highly recommended.

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