Kreepy Krauly Warrior Review |Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner

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Things We Liked

  • Great with all types of debris
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and design built to last
  • Easy to set up
  • Cleans walls well too

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pebbles can cause some minor malfunctions
  • Not great with heavily soiled pools



    The Kreepy Krauly Warrior works on all type of pools from concrete, vinyl to fiberglass. It is a versatile cleaner that doesn't discriminate on pool sizes as well.

    The best suction side inground pool cleaners have always been a less expensive and less high-maintenance option in the world of pool cleaners.

    Unfortunately, this also means that they come loaded with issues that you might not experience with top robotic pool cleaners. That's not to say they do not do a decent job of cleaning your pool effectively as the type of pool cleaner you need will depend on varying factors.

    An important fact to note about the Pentair Kraul Warrior is that you don't have to worry about it getting stuck or clogged during use.

    The Kreepy Krauly Warrior features some pretty impressive technology, but does it do a good job cleaning your pool?

    Features of the Kreepy Krauly Warrior

    • The Kreepy Krauly Warrior is designed with a two wheel vacuum for faster cleaning even in tight spots

    • It has a roller-skirt that maneuvers the pool cleaner around obstacles as it cleans

    • It is designed with sure-flow turbine that allows dirt and debris to pass through the vacuum easily

    • The warrior comes with a quick release latch that allows for fast and easy servicing of the product

    • The vacuum is programmed with a steering cycle that gives maximum coverage of the pool as it performs its functions and maneuvers it from floor to wall and tight corners

    • The vacuum comes with non-marring tires that keep it upright and stable

    • It works on gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools

    There are very few suction side cleaners that will work harder than this unit. Drop it into any inground pool and it will win the battle against leaves, sand and algae. It offers a complete and uninterrupted cleaning performance against the toughest of opponents, even better than the Hayward Pool Vac.

    The Pentair Krauly Warrior has a sure-flow turbine that allows dirt and debris to pass through without fear of clogging. It's two wheeled design and programmed steering is used to maneuver the unit decisively across the pool using a roller skirt that cleans over obstacles. The Krauly Warrior can clean any terrain ranging from tiles, gunite and even fiberglass.

    Pentair backs up every purchase with a 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

    automatic pool cleaner diagram


    • The product comes with a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

    • The dimensions of the product are 42"x15.29"x9."

    • The Kreepy Krauly warrior weighs 15 lbs

    Cleaner Components

    Before you begin using the Krauly Warrior, it is imperative that you make sure that the whole components are included in the box.

    1. Warrior cleaner body

    2. Hose float

    3. Eyeball diverters (2)

    4. Valve cap

    5. Regulator valve

    6. Threaded compression adapter

    7. Hose protector

    8. Flow gauge

    9. Vacuum line door

    10. Hose Set – 13 Sections

    1. 12 Standard Male/Female


    B. 1 Leader Hose

    How does it work?

    The vacuum simply attaches to the pools main circulation system to help it function. It is connected to a suction port or skimmer. Suction side cleaners do not require booster or filter pumps to function making them less expensive and energy-consuming as compared with pressure side pool cleaners.

    The quality of suction based cleaners have improved significantly over the years and with the functions and they features included in some of them, they might be able to compete with their robotic counterparts. And for a much more affordable price too.

    The product is not equipped to clean larger pieces of debris so you might have to purchase a leaf canister to use along with it.

    The tires and programmed steering cycle help it to move easily across your pool bottom as it cleans and to change its direction when it faces an obstacle or gets jammed. The Warrior completes its cleaning cycle in a few short hours and covers the entire pool during this time. It’s amazing what this unit can do.

    Who is it meant for?

    The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Warrior Suction-Side Inground Pool Cleaner was originally designed for users with an inground pool, be it vinyl, fiberglass or concrete with lots of leaves and hard to clean debris in the pool. It is a sturdy piece of equipment with a two-wheeled design that can move on tiles, gunite and any other terrain that you might have in your pool.

    Maintenance of your Kreepy Krauly Warrior Automatic Cleaner

    The Warrior Suction Side Cleaner requires less to no maintenance. You can however, take time to inspect it from time to time to be sure the turbine is not obstructed by any form of debris. It is recommended that you always leave the cleaner in the pool except when you want to treat the pool with chemical shock treatments. You can easily unplug it when you want to swim and pull it to a side of the pool.

    One major mistake new owners of suction pool cleaners make is to coil the hose when storing the cleaner. This could damage the hose it uses for operation. You can avoid this mistake by laying down the hose flat, each time you want to store it as well as keeping it in an area protected from direct sunlight.


    The Kreepy Krauly Warrior is an excellent automatic pool cleaner. It has great reviews and very few complaints. Two major complaints that we noted above are not seen as deal breakers to us because this pool cleaner has too much going for it for us not to recommend it. However, it's probably not as solid as the Kreepy Krauly Legend.

    The Krauly Warrior performs its functions with relative ease and efficiency. It features a programmed steering that maneuvers its decisively around your pool and it uses a roller skirt to clean over obstacles it runs on. Krauly Warrior is also quite affordable and worth every penny. It is everything we ever wanted in a suction-side pool cleaner.

    Laurie S.

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