How to Make the Pool Area Safe for Kids

Living in a big house with a huge back yard is one of the greatest things in the world – even more so in the summer, and especially if you have a pool! Deciding to build a pool instead of transforming your outdoor space into a basketball court, garden or patio, for instance, is a brave and bold decision not a lot of people make.

And during July and August, you can enjoy your pool all day long and actually use it to survive these tropical summer months. Pool area is especially great for children because this is where they can swim, exercise and spend countless hours in the open. However, before you let your kids approach the pool, make sure it is safe.

Some of the ideas you should consider include providing small children with life jackets for kids and water wings, keeping a first aid kit nearby, cleaning up the pool at the end of each day and installing a pool cover for above ground pools. All of these will keep your kids safe and turn your backyard into a safe pool area.

Here’s more advice on to create a safe pool area for your kids.

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A proper fence

This might seem a bit too extreme at first, but this is something you need to do if you value your kids’ safety. No matter how small or mature your children are, accidents can happen whether you’re with them or not, especially around a slippery pool area. That’s why the best pool fences are so popular right now, and even regulated by law in certain countries and states.

Your fence should be at least five feet tall and equipped with a gate lock that can’t be reached by younger children. You can build the fence on your own as long as you have enough time and creativity, or purchase one and simply install it step by step. The most important part of this fence is the gate lock and you need to make sure it’s efficient and functioning – having a fence around your pool means nothing if your kids can open it on their own and enter the dangerous zone. Attach a lock and keep the gate shut whenever you’re not around. Finally, check the gate from time to time and maintain it to ensure maximum protection.

Prevent slipping

Once you install a proper fence, it’s time to focus on the pool area inside it and figure out how to keep your kids safe once around the pool. The biggest problem you need to address is slippage because the poolside is always slippery when there are too many safety matpeople constantly going in and out. That’s why this is the area where most accidents happen and where your child can get hurt in the blink of an eye.

In order to prevent injuries and accidents, you should cover the poolside area with proper surfaces that prevent slipping in your new home. While you can’t forbid your kids from running around the pool or jumping in it, you can lower the chances of them slipping and hurting themselves. While there are lots of different materials on the market, opting for thick and trustworthy rubber mats might be the best idea out there as these are comfortable, safe and reliable. Finally, keep the poolside clean and tidy – make sure there are no top swimming pool toys such as pool basketball hoops or other objects that might make your kid trip and fall.

Introduce rules

Being a responsible adult around the pool means keeping an eye on your kids and not letting them do whatever they want to – you have to be determined and strict if you want to teach them how to behave properly. That’s why you should introduce a couple of rules and make sure everyone follows them. Talk to your kids about the dangers awaiting them around the pool and try to explain why they mustn’t do certain things. Forbidding them to run around, jump in the pool, open the gate and leave their toys around the poolside might seem harsh in the beginning, but it’s necessary if you want your kids to be safe both in and around the pool. After some time, they’ll understand the importance of these rules and follow them instinctively.

Install pool alarms

pool safety alarmNo matter how safe you think your kids are with the fence in place, rules and non-slip surfaces, you can never be too careful. That’s why it’s important to install the best pool alarm system in and around your pool that goes off in case of an emergency. There are lots of options for you to choose from and several types of pool alarms – perimeter, gate, pressure-sensitive and wearable alarms. Relying on just one of these is quite all right, but opting for more than one is much better, so install several alarms, no matter how expensive they are, just in case.

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