Polaris 65 Pool Cleaner Reviews | A Great Choice for Soft-Side, Vinyl, or Intex Pools

Here we go again, welcoming in the warm weather with vigor.  With summer coming up faster than we can shake a stick at, one vision above all else comes to mind:  A deep, cool, swimming pool. Of course, that above ground pool has been sitting for months and is more than likely covered with some sort of a slick that rivals an oil spill, but by selecting the right pool cleaner through informed decision-making, a whole lot of muscle cramps and body aches can be avoided.  Below is our Polaris 65 Pool Cleaner Review, and we just know it will lend a better idea of what to expect for that hard-earned money.

The Polaris 65 pool cleaner is a skimmer-type cleaner that utilizes a micro-net at the end of a suction hose, which it squeegees along the pool bottom sucking up whatever debris it might find there.

The Polaris 65 requires no power other than what the existing pump is putting out, so there is no need for annoying cables or downtime for charging, and energy efficiency is optimal.

Polaris above ground pool cleaners are different from some of the others that we’ve reviewed in that the suction ‘base’ actually floats on the surface and drags its filtering device along the bottom.  

This appears to be a nice design as it is much less prone to getting caught under the ladder as so many others do.

The free movement of the filtration net is a very nice design and promotes not only the cleaning of the floor but the walls as well.  The net also does a very good job of keeping things like sticks and pebbles far away from the actual suction body, and just holds it via vacuum pressure until its owner can clean the filter.

Suitable for above ground pools for up to 5-feet deep, this skimmer installs easily in just minutes and gets to cleaning that pool right away. To find answers to many other commonly asked questions, please check out our lineup of above ground pool cleaners in the Ultimate Pool Guide.

From the way things look there seems to be no reason that this cleaner won’t continue to provide reliable service for years.

What is Included with the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65?

Now that this pool cleaner looks mighty tempting, the question may arise, ‘so, are there any accessories included with that?’

This unit comes with everything needed to get started right out of the box.

It includes a main vacuum hose for connecting to the pump, and a shorter vacuum hose or ‘net hose’ which runs from the main body down to the filtration net.  

The included vacuum hose should be enough for most commonly sized above ground pools but if for whatever reason there isn’t enough, more can always be purchased separately.  It is important to have enough hose, otherwise, that pool bottom will end up looking like a black-and-white cookie.

Also included with the Polaris Vac-Sweep are the filtration net and net assembly, the main suction unit itself, all of the couplings needed to fit everything up nicely, and last but not least, the instruction manual.

Where and How do You Install the Vac-Sweep 65?

where and how do you install the vac-sweep 65

When installing the new Polaris pool vacuum, start by connecting the longer of the vacuum hoses to the back end of the suction unit.

Flip the main unit over and connect the shorter vacuum hose to the bottom, paying attention to the decal indicating which end connects to the unit itself. Take the net assembly (the frame that keeps the filtering net from collapsing on itself) and screw that to the other end of the shorter hose.

Snap the net fixture into place on the net assembly, making sure the detent clips are fully engaged.

Once the hoses and netting are in place, set the entire unit in the water, leaving the longer suction hose unsubmerged as it will still need to be connected to the return- not the skimmer.

The end of the longer hose opposite the suction will have a ‘t’ fitting.  The upper knob is actually a valve which controls how much water will be flowing through.  Open that up.

The longer end of the ‘t’ is a quick-disconnect designed to be fitted to the return of the pool.  Once it is attached to the return (usually somewhere in the pool wall), turn the pump on.

Polaris pool cleaners prime themselves, so don’t worry about any air in the system at first as it will work itself out.

Making sure to follow instructions closely and staying up on pool maintenance will keep any pool running nicely, and keep its owner from falling victim to the most common pool maintenance mistakes.

Can You Use it to Clean a Soft-Sided Intex Pool?

can you use polaris cleaner in soft-sided intex pool

The Polaris 65 is a great choice for soft-side, vinyl, or Intex pools as the bulk of its weight floats along the surface rather than dragging its entire body along the bottom of the pool.

By removing the weight from the base of the pool, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 enables much nimbler navigation around the pool bottom, without harming the material whatsoever.  The fish-tail type movement allows the filtration net to glide smoothly along, even working its way up the walls in most applications.

There is no need to worry about dragging a rock and tearing through the liner or too-powerful suction.  

Though this unit will indeed keep the rocks and sticks from turning back out into the water, it drags lightly enough that there should really be no concern.

While the suction on many floor-based cleaner models is centered creating for a high-pressure situation, the filtration net on the 65 is wider open, providing more of a high-volume low-pressure feel which won’t suck up any wrinkles, or get snagged on any of the delicate surfaces in that pool.

Learning about different types of pool liners is a good start before purchasing a new bot.  The fact that many other above ground pool cleaners are not rated as safe for anything but hard-bottomed pools gives the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 a leg up on many of its contenders.

Will an Uneven Pool Liner Bottom Cause Problems?  

Many times, an uneven or wrinkled pool liner can pose a threat to the completeness of an automated pool bottom cleaning job.  This is not the case with the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 as its designers seem to have put in a bit of forethought.

The effortless, almost non-existent drag allows excellent articulation of the net, which takes the form of most imperfections and still provides a thorough clean.

This cleaner bowls right over most bumps and wrinkles at the bottom of the pool without even a second thought, seemingly turning its task into one of ease.  

From what we can see it is basically impossible to stop the net from doing its job as it has the capability of fluidly sneaking around anything that stands in its way.

Wrinkled pool liners will cause issues with more traditional cleaners as it is possible for them to get hung up on significant obstacles, however, the Polaris 65’s virtual weightlessness condones flexible and forgiving cleaning on any surface the filtration net may come in contact with.

Which Above Ground Pool Sizes Can It Clean?  

The Vac-Sweep 65 from Polaris can clean any size of above ground pool, as long as it is not over 5 feet deep.

which above ground pool size can polaris clean

Should there not be enough supplied vacuum hose included with the kit, more can be afforded post-purchase, in order to fully customize the range of this machine.

The depth rating on the Polaris as stated is set at 5 feet.  The reason for this is that most times, there will not be an above ground pool coming in any deeper than that.  

With the high-volume low-pressure style of vacuuming this thing does, elongating the net hose would cause the suction unit not to run as efficiently or reliably as it normally would, and would change the characteristics of the way it performs, without modifying the pump that is already in place.  

In essence, if there’s not enough suction in the hose, there’s no clean pool at the end.

Other than depth there is no limit to the range of the Polaris Vac-Sweep, provided there is enough suction hose to go around.

Pros and Cons of the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 has a well-thought-out design.  The way it is engineered is an alternative to how other pool cleaners function, and it offers a refreshing extra option for anyone who doesn’t prefer the bottom-standing models.

The fact that it floats along the surface while allowing its filter to drag is a unique feature that is well worth a look, yet the very lightweight net which rides along the pool bottom does not have much of a scrubbing effect, and so may not clean quite as deeply as some of the other choices.

There are tradeoffs with whatever purchase is made, so here are some main points to look over which lend an outlook to each side of the equation.

Things We Liked

Floating main unit will avoid getting caught under ladders

Articulating filter design allows for more accurate cleaning

Does not require electricity or batteries to function

Filter net holds large debris until it can be cleaned

Things We Didn't Like

Does not ‘scrub’ quite as well as others due to its light weight

Other Options

The Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of our absolute favorite above ground pool cleaners.

The Nautilus is an expertly crafted, self-operating pool cleaner that never fails to impress.  It is very easy to set up and use, and its automated power scrubbing system leaves pool bottoms absolutely sparkling, as it is able to get in there deeply and pull out even the most settled grime.

The Dolphin Nautilus is designed for use in any above ground pool, so for phenomenal cleaning, look no further.

The Hayward 500 Aquabug Above Ground Pool Cleaner from Hayward is an automated-drive, above ground pool vacuum that is creatively designed and takes a slightly different approach to overall pool care than the Vac-Sweep 65.  

Unlike the Vac-Sweep the Aquabug 500 does its job headquartered at the bottom of the pool rather than floating on top.

The Aquabug 500 is a decent little machine for the budget-minded and will leave the pool bottom nicely swept.

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