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Best Ways To Clean Swimming Pool Walls

The fact is, owning a pool is not all swimming, splashing and pool fun. Apart from maintaining the equipment, regular cleaning of pool walls and bottom are necessary to provide pool users with enjoyable pool time. Pool stains and scale buildup Scaling and staining have various causes and a few different methods of cleaning. Scrubbing […]

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How To Clean A Cloudy or Very Dirty Pool

I often see a cloudy pool described on the Internet as “not very inviting” which is u huge understatement. My dear pool owners, let’s face it – a cloudy pool is an eyesore or simply gross. “How to clean a cloudy pool” is a question asked way too much which shows that people are not […]

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

If you’re relaxing by the pool and thinking, oh man, it’s so peaceful and quiet, this article is not for you. If you’re sipping your cocktail or enjoying a cold beer but simply can’t ignore the buzzing noise or can’t deal with swarming mosquitoes all around your pool, read on! What Attracts Mosquitoes to Our […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool

Maintaining the clarity of pool water is a must when it comes to keeping your swimming pool water crystal clear, safe and inviting in appearance. Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly and provide lasting and convenient hassle free protection against various contaminants. How do chlorine tablets work? Chlorine tablets kill bacteria and prevent the growth of algae. […]

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Pool Light Replacement Tutorial

Many pool owners have beautiful and convenient lights installed in their swimming pools for a more enjoyable night swim or simply for added ambiance when relaxing by the pool at night or throwing a pool party. When the light dies on you and needs to be replaced, you can hire a professional to for you […]

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