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Sand Filter vs Cartridge Pool Filter | Is DE Worth It?

Sand Filter and Cartridge Filter Comparison

Choosing a  best pool filter for your pool sure isn’t easy. The 3 popular types of sand, cartridge, and DE all have their many pros and cons. In this article we’ll do an in depth comparison of having a sand filter vs cartridge filter. They all have the same function – to keep the pool clean […]

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How to Set a Pool Timer – User Guide

We all know that time is money. When it comes to pool timers, this is 100% true, as long as you know how to set a swimming pool timer. Why is that? Well, if you forget to turn the pool pump off and it continues to operate all day, or simply longer than necessary, your […]

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How to Get Rid of Algae In Your Pool [The ULTIMATE Guide]

How to get rid of algae in pool? So you have algae in your pool, the water looks slimy and nobody wants to swim? Although you’ve heard of the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” you realize that with algae infesting your beautiful pool you need a cure now – the best algaecide for pools! That’s OK, […]

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