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How to Make the Pool Area Safe for Kids

child pool safety cover photo

Living in a big house with a huge back yard is one of the greatest things in the world – even more so in the summer, and especially if you have a pool! Deciding to build a pool instead of transforming your outdoor space into a basketball court, garden or patio, for instance, is a […]

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What Is Borate? The Benefits And Why You Need It

sodium borate graphic

Have you been struggling to keep your pool clean despite having even awesome swimming pool covers or other equipment? Spending a ton on pool chemicals? If you’ve wasted time and money using traditional methods, then you’ve got to try out the new big thing in pool maintenance: borates in pools. They are changing the game. What […]

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Concrete Pool vs Vinyl Pools

Pool Comparison

Anyone who is considering to build a pool should understand their inground pools options they have before committing and making a purchase. It’s important since building a pool is not only expensive (costs of $30,000 USD are not uncommon), can take a few months, and is virtually impossible to change once built. Therefore, taking the time […]

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Environmental Benefits of Salt Water Pools


Salt water pool systems are the only other mainstream alternative to chlorine pool systems which have been the dominant force in the swimming pool industry. However, salt water pools are becoming more and more popular. While they are slowly steadily gaining ground, salt water pools are never likely to overtake chlorine pools as the dominant […]

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How Pool Covers Save You Time & Money

Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning isn’t the hardest thing in the world (it’s not calculus!), but it’s definitely one of the things that most pool owners can do without. Fortunately, swimming pool covers makes these tasks a lot easier. Cleaning a pool is different for everyone because it is based on a TON of factors […]

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How to Avoid After Drop [Don’t Freeze to Death!]

Shivering Woman

If you have spent any time hanging around open water swimmers you may have heard the term “after-drop”. If you’ve done any swimming in cool water, you may have experienced it. For the uninitiated, after-drop refers to the decline in your core body temperature after you have got out of the water and can result […]

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