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Benefits of a Hot Water Plunge Pool

Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are small bodies of water in a backyard that stay cool in the summer and are heated in the winter (though really they can be heated at any time). Here, we are going to talk about the health benefits of using  hot water plunge pools, but if you can’t build one then a top inflatable hot tub […]

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Ultimate Tips on How To Clean a Pool

Gorgeous Swimming Pool and Backyard

Establishing and keeping a cleaning routine for your swimming pool is a very important aspect involved in pool maintenance. Poorly maintained pools can cause health issues over the long run, most often bad eye irritation if the best swimming goggles aren’t used.  Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task for the average person. On the the bright […]

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Best Water Temperature for Swimming

Swimming Even When There is Snow!

Determining the best water temperature for swimming is a hot topic in the pool management industry. While there are some who may like the temperature hot, others may prefer a cooler temperature surface for specific activities. Regardless of your personal preference, choosing the best temperature for the pool depends on the activity you are doing and facility […]

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