How Pool Covers Save You Time & Money

Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning isn’t the hardest thing in the world (it’s not calculus!), but it’s definitely one of the things that most pool owners can do without. Fortunately, swimming pool covers makes these tasks a lot easier.

Cleaning a pool is different for everyone because it is based on a TON of factors such as the type of pool you have (saltwater, chlorine, natural), how large it is, and whether it is above ground or in ground. There are other factors, but these are the main 3 that determine how much time and work you need to put into a clean pool.

Regardless of the pool you have your routine will consist of the same steps:

  1. Add water if low
  2. Check pH level
  3. Add chemicals if needed
  4. Sweep steps and walls
  5. Skim Pool Surface
  6. Clean pool floor with a pool cleaner or long net
  7. Check pool filters & pumps
  8. **Shock your pool**

These 8 steps add up  a LOT of work. Fortunately, there is a way to easily reduce the amount of time spent and frequency you need to take care of these tasks. Better yet, it ALSO saves you money.

All you need are some of the best pool covers in your life.

Pool Covers Reduce Debris in your Pool

Kids on Pool CoverPool covers are really awesome because they help you out so much. It’s actually surprising how much they can reduce the amount of work and money you spend maintaining your pool.

The biggest reason people need to clean their swimming pools because is because of debris. This is because outside debris such as leaves, dirt, and rocks messes up the pool ecosystem. Nobody likes debris in their pool. Even the robotic swimming pool vacuums can’t get all the debris.

Not only do they miss some stuff on the floor, but even if they got everything there is still tons of debris on the surface. It’s this debris that leaves your pool looking messy and ruins the pH levels of the water. To maintain good pH levels check out the best pool digital water testers here. Because swimming pool cleaners can’t do everything, a pool owner still needs to sweep the walls, use pool brushes, and skim the surface with a pool net, or use the best automatic pool skimmer

This is where a pool cover comes in. Instead of debris landing directly into your pool and rotting in the water, most of the debris will fall on your pool cover. From there, all you have to do is pull the pool covers to the side and sweep them off.

Sometimes debris will fall of your pool cover, but at least the debris will be clumped together so getting the debris is a piece of cake! This definitely beats having to personally fish everything out of the water just for a clean surface. This factor alone saves you a ton of time. Fortunately, the savings don’t end here.

Because there is less debris dropping into the pool that means there will be less stuff on the bottom of your pool and on the steps. Your top above ground pool vacuum won’t have to work as hard, and you’ll have to use your long pool pole net less often.

Pool covers are able to catch a lot of debris before it lands in your pool so it will drastically reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your pool in almost every aspect – reduced time and frequency sweeping, skimming, and picking up objects from the bottom of the pool.

I used to clean my pool once a week for one hour each time, but now just have to do it once a month and it only takes me 45 minutes. I easily save more than 3 hours each month just because I have a pool cover!

Quick Tip:

If you do plan on getting a swimming pool safety cover and are looking for an automatic pool cleaner then you will want to get one that can focus on getting fine debris such as dirt and sand. This is because the larger objects will fall on the cover and won’t sink down. However, fine debris will still be able to get into your pool pretty easily (though it still depends on your cover.)

Using pool covers to reduce the amount of debris will have a huge effect in how often you need to clean your pool. Because there is a lot less debris falling to the bottom of your pool and on the surface, I have personally noticed that this reduces how often I clean my pool from once every 2 weeks to about once every 6 weeks which means I save a lot of time!

Pool Covers Save Money

Having a pool cover has a lot of benefits (some of which we mentioned above). However, another huge benefit is the money pool covers can save you. Initially they are about $50-$150 which isn’t a lot of money considering you’ll make it back up within just 1 year.

This is because pool covers reduce the amount of chemicals you need for your pool, but also because it drastically reduces evaporation so you send less money on water and expensive chemicals.

Reducing the Chemicals You Need

To properly maintain your pool you actually need a VERY basic understanding of chemistry and it starts with knowing what pH level is. Basically, the pH level is a number that is 0-14 and tells you how acidic (like a lemon) or basic (like soap) your pool is. Water, which is neutral is a 7.

You want your pool to be between 7.5-8.0 which means that your pool is less acidic and more basic. However, maintaining this balance is not that easy since debris and other factors (such as more water) could easily change the pH levels.

When objects enter your pool of course it makes your pool unattractive and look messy, but worst of all it affects the pH levels of your pool. This is because debris has its own pH level and organic material such as leaves or dead bugs rot in your pool, thus changing the chemicals in your pool (which is what ultimately affects the pH levels).

When your pool is outside of the recommended pH level of 7.5-8.0 it can allow algae to form for 2 reasons:

  1. The chlorine in your pool isn’t effective in killing bacteria
  2. It creates a good environment for algae to grow in

Algae in pool means it is not safe to swim in, and can be difficult to get rid of. Have you heard of “green” pools? If you have heard of them, or worse – seen them, that is because the pool owner didn’t fix the pH level and allowed algae to grow. Algae isn’t THAT hard to get rid of because you can shock your pool or use the best algaecide, but it’s definitely annoying enough because it’ll take several hours of clean up and some extra money in chemicals, such as effective chlorine tablets.

So how do pool covers help? Well, since they reduce the junk that goes into your pool there will be less things affecting the pH levels in your pool so you’ll end up needing to check your pH levels less frequency, and you won’t need to add as many chemicals either. The government of the United States estimates that pool owners need anywhere between 35-60% less chemicals.

This is a LOT. Many pool owners (the majority of which are chlorine) spend about $300/year on the best chlorine tablets so you can save anywhere from $100 to $160 PER YEAR just from buying less chemicals. This quickly adds up throughout the years. Fortunately, pool covers also help you save money by reducing the amount of water you need.

Pool Covers Reduce Evaporation

Pool covers also save you time and money because they minimize the water loss your pool will go through. Because your pool gradually loses water over time, you’ll need to consistently add water back in or risk damaging your pool with a best garden hose. Since pool covers reduce the water you need to add in you’ll save time adding water and money as well.

This directly affects how many chemicals you need because if you fill your pool with more water it’ll change the pH level since your pool needs chlorine in it. Therefore, reducing the pool evaporation helps your pool in 2 different ways – less water needed and less chemicals needed.

In fact, swimming pool covers can reduce the amount of water used for your pool as much as 30-50%. Since it helps lower your costs in refilling your pool, this is estimated to be roughly $25-50 a year. It’s not a lot but when you add that up with how much you’re saving from chemicals that totals to saving $125-$210/year.

Pool Cover Cons

Having a pool cover isn’t totally perfect. We’ve talked about saving money and it’s true that owning one does save a ton. However, it also requires you to spend a little more initially. However, it’s only about $80-$200 so you earn that back in a year. After that, your savings are pure profit!

Another con is that they can be annoying when you swim. This is because you’ll have to take them off and put them back on again. It only takes a couple minutes for both tasks, but it still makes swimming just a little more difficult. As if we didn’t need ANOTHER excuse to not swim.

Wrapping Up

Owning a pool cover has many, many benefits. Even with the small cons we mentioned they are still a no brainer to buy since they save you so much time and money – even paying for itself after a year. By the time 10 years have come by you’ll have saved anywhere from $1,000-$2,000. That’s a pretty nice vacation!

A great alternative is solar pool covers that help heat your pool up. Click here to find the best solar pool covers for your pool!

If you have any questions or comments please let us know below. We’re happy to help and want to make sure you make the best decision possible!

Laurie S.

As a multi home owner for 15 years I've tried out a ton of pool products and methods and have found out the best ones that work for me. I love helping out other people with real, honest advice and spending time with my family. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me in the about or through a comment.

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