10 Tips For Pool Safety

Drowning is one of the biggest causes of kid’s deaths every year. It happens unexpectedly and out of nowhere, because drowning accidents can occur at any moment.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent drowning – whether you have kids or not. Here are some great pool safety tips to follow so that your pool area is safe.

1.Supervise Children

This makes a lot of sense and is easier said than done. A lot of drownings occur when kids are thought to be asleep and well away from the pool. However, it’s important to keep constant supervision over your children and to have an established, designated watcher.

lifeguardSupervising the children doesn’t always work so to help keep tabs I suggest using 2 things.

First, pool door alarms will let you know when children go across the doorway. This can let you know when your children are slipping to the backyard without your permission.

Second,  good pool alarms are helpful as well. It’s possible that children can slip into the backyard from the front yard or through the garage. Worse yet, you may know your children are in the backyard but you get distracted. At this point they can easily fall into the pool. In this event underwater pool alarms will help by raising alarm if anybody falls into the school.

2. Protect Pool Area

Protecting the pool area is a must. Although step 1 is a great preventative measure, having the pool area difficult to access will mean it’s that much harder for the kids to get to the pool without permission.pool fence to protect your pool

To protect kids from coming to the pool area, a top pool safety fence  can be very helpful. This will prevent younger children from accidentally wondering or slipping into the pool. Having a lock on the handle and access points will make it even more difficult, and nearly impossible for kids to accidentally slip into the pool area.

3. Drowning Preventative Measures

Although the first 2 steps will keep accidental drownings down, you’ll still want a last line of defense. Having some pool safety covers or even just general pool covers will help protect kids and pets from getting into the pool. While there are other benefits to having pool covers, added safety is the biggest plus if you have a family.

4. Teach Kids to swim

Although kids who know how to swim can (and do) still drown, it’s a great safety measure to take. If they do somehow manage to get into the pool then they’ll be able to swim and get out.

5. Have Life Jackets Around

Having life jackets as an extra preventative measure will help save lives. Although it may not help accidents much, life jackets will certainly help in case you can arrive on scene in time.

However, if you don’t have life jackets around using pool floats can be quite effective as well. Additionally, just keeping pool floats in the pool will work as an extra safety.

6. Establish swimming rules

Create rules with your family so that accidents don’t happen. It’s important to come to an understanding with your family and have everybody be on the same line.

Some rules include:

  • Staying 3 feet away from the pool unless swimming
  • No swimming without parental supervision
  • No swimming within 30 minutes of eating
  • No running by the pool area
  • No diving in the shallow end

The next rule is an important rule for adults as well, who are also susceptible to drowning.

7. Never Swim Alone

Even if you are a full adult and know how to swim you don’t want to swim alone. Accidents can happen such as cramps which can impair your ability to swim. If you are by yourself with nobody watching you then you won’t be able to get help.

Often times when I swim laps in the pool I will have my children make sure to check up on me every few minutes, and to be in a room that is adjacent to the back yard so they can hear me splashing.

8. Learn CPR

Knowing CPR is a great skill in case an accident does happen. Being officially certified will prove that you are capable. If an accident does happen this will prove invaluable and can save a life.

9. Consider an above ground pool

The best above ground swimming pools will help prevent young children from drowning because they can’t just trip or fall into the pool. Falling into an above ground swimming pool  requires deliberate movement – the act of climbing up the ladder or going up stairs. Although it’s not the best form of protection it’ll make it a lot harder for toddlers to drown.

Take a look at these Intex Pool reviews to find a great above ground pool.

10. Pool Sanitation

It’s very important to keep your pool clean. Although keeping kids out of the pool from drowning, sometimes it’s the best way to deal with your filthy pool that can give disease. Not cleaning your pool can cause a ton of issues – from minor skin issues to eyesores it’s a nightmare. Worst of all, stagnant and dirty pools can encourage mosquito larvae.

Keeping your pool clean is a must!

Laurie S.

As a multi home owner for 15 years I've tried out a ton of pool products and methods and have found out the best ones that work for me. I love helping out other people with real, honest advice and spending time with my family. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me in the about or through a comment.

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