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Top 6 Best Pool Alarm Reviews 2019 | Inground, Floating, Underwater, and Motion Recommendations

Enjoying the summer in your swimming pool is fun for the whole family, but it can suddenly become dangerous if proper pool safety standards aren’t met. We strongly advise buying a pool safety alarm. According to Merle I. Stoner of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) “Approximately 350 to 400 children under 5 years of […]

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Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Reviews 2019 | Our #1 Rated Will Surprise You

Best Above Ground Pool

This best above ground pool reviews goes over 10 different above ground pool  and inflatable pool reviews whether they are lounging/relaxing pools or pools large enough for swimming.As inexpensive alternatives, above ground pools are an increasingly popular choice for anyone looking to beat the heat. While they aren’t as long lasting as inground pools, they will […]

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