When in the market for a new pool cleaning device, one should seriously consider the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li.  The Pool Blaster Max Li is an affordable answer to keeping any pool clean. Rocking new upgrades and features, this offering from Water Tech comes out swinging, as a portable, super-efficient pool cleaner option.  Water Tech’s flagship model from their ‘Pool Blaster’ line has been scrutinized and improved since its first appearance and its performance seems to have improved. Take a look at our Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Reviews to see what it’s all about.

Features of the Pool Blaster Vacuum

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner is a state of the art, hand-held, battery operated pool vacuum.

The Pool Blaster Max Li features a high flow suction pump capable of picking up most any debris that manages to find its way to the bottom of any unsuspecting pool.  With industry-leading suction, the Max Li will leave any pool liner sparkling in its wake.

Featuring a high capacity, reusable extreme filter the Pool Blaster Max Li can pick up a very decent quantity of debris before it needs any rinsing, and a specialized sand & silt filter is available from Water Tech as a separate purchase.

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li cordless pool vacuum was designed for use with all types of pool liner as it won’t damage softer materials like vinyl, and sports a roller-brush head for scrubbing deeply into those more durable pool floors.

A recent upgrade for this model is a new water-sealed charge port with a push-button power switch.  Water Tech’s previous attempt at the Pool Blaster Max involved having to use a silicone sealant for keeping the charge port water-tight, and if not properly installed, could result in damage to the machine.

It’s nice to see Water Tech stepped up their game and noticed the issue, eliminating it altogether.

How it Works

This battery operated pool vac features a cutting edge design.  The close proximity of the pump motor to the intake nozzle ensures consistent, reliable vacuum pressure.

The Pool Blaster Max Li features a versatile vacuum head wearing rollers and brushes on the bottom, which help to loosen debris for easy removal.

The 90-degree angled head is perfect for those nasty corners and can be removed to utilize the crevice nozzle for spot cleaning or edging.

Inside the removable nose cone there is a flap or check-style valve that only allows the inward flow of water, not the inverse.  This keeps the swept-up debris detained in the filter to prevent soiled backflow into the pool.

A handle is not included with this model, but Water Tech is on top of it.  It accepts standard pool poles that clip in place to act as the handle, and by simply adding more one can achieve any length they want.  This makes The Pool Blaster Max Li great for any size pool, and it can adapt to longer lengths to work with in-ground pools comfortably.

Large Multilayer Filter

super-fine multilayered mesh does a great job of catching even the smallest debris particles

The Pool Blaster Max Li includes a generously-sized multilayer extreme filter that could fit a good-sized fist and wrist inside it.

Super-fine multilayered mesh does a great job of catching even the smallest debris particles, giving multiple barriers of protection to the pump and encouraging a long life.The capacity of the reusable filter is ample, preventing the need to frequently stop cleaning in order to spray the filter out.

It is much less daunting to clean a pool without little nuisances slowing the process.

For the smallest of debris, Water Tech offers an available sand & silt bag at extra cost.  This filter is ultra-finely meshed and proves a better choice for picking up silty deposits or even algae.

The specialized filter net still lends the same roomy capacity and excellent rinseability.

Cleaning the filter is a snap, and only requires the removal of the nose cone to gain access.  Just pull it out, turn it outward, and rinse well with clean water.

Long Battery Life

Water Tech’s rechargeable pool vacuum has a newly redesigned lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than the previous Max model.

water tech's rechargeable pool vacuum

The new battery was engineered to maximize efficiency and convenience and it does just that.  At 1 full hour of run time, the Max Li rivals its much more expensive big brothers in the pool cleaning industry for battery longevity.

Lithium-ion batteries are a terrific choice for appliances such as this because they don’t have any charge memory.  Charge memory means that a rechargeable tool must be completely drained prior to charging, or it will limit the storage capacity of the battery in the future.

Older batteries like nickel-cadmium were notorious for charge memory, but the lithium ions are just the opposite.  Li cells actually function better when they are in a perpetual state of partial discharge. Forty-percent discharge is nominal, so this cleaner is able to be used at whim time and again, without losing any power.  Just be sure to replace it back on its dock.

For maximizing the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li’s potential, check out these tips for getting the most out of any lithium-ion battery.

To ensure the battery will stay ready for use, hang the wall-mount Pool Blaster hanger out of direct sunlight.  This will help to prevent discharge by overheating.

Easy to Assemble

The Pool Blaster Max Li is very simple to assemble, taking less than five minutes to set up from start to finish.

First, slide either the included extreme multilayer filter or Wash Tech’s silt-and-sand filter into the body of the unit, making sure the filter still has its durable, plastic ring attached.  Otherwise, it is faulty and must be replaced.

Slide the clear nose cone and nozzle into place over the filter ring making sure the oversized, plastic-shrouded hinge-pins for the lock handle are seated into their supports.

pool blaster max li is very simple to assemble

Pull the blue lock handle upward toward the grab handle on the main unit, locking the nose cone into place. Either use the vacuum this way for ease of spot cleaning and tighter areas or slide the 10.5-inch roller head onto the nose cone for rapid cleaning of larger areas.  The head will click into place.

Once the pool vac is assembled, plug it in with the included charger and charge for 5 hours initially.

When fully charged the red light on the charger base will turn green, indicating full capacity.

The Pool Blaster Max Li does not include a handle but rather uses a standard pool pole in its place.  Just slide together as many segments as are needed for the size of the pool, turn it on, and start cleaning.

Reusable and Easy to Clean Filter

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li features a signature multilayer extreme filter that does a very formidable job at caddying debris.

This reusable catch-all is easy to install and remove, and a breeze to clean only requiring a quick spritz with the garden hose.  The way the filter sets into the main unit is supposedly designed to keep hands while cleaning, which doesn’t really work well but ended up being offset when we sprayed it down with water.  Just by proxy, our hands ended up clean anyway.

The well-designed multilayer filter slides right into the main body and the fit is good, doesn’t feel cheap.  The connection from the actual filter net to its plastic support ring is nicely done and seems like it could be flipped inside-out and rinsed a thousand times without showing any signs of distress.

The filter rinses out completely as well, not leaving any small pieces of dirt and grime between the layers which is nice because if it trapped even the smallest particles from every clean cycle, it wouldn’t take long before the filter needed replacing.

Water Tech’s sand & silt filter which is available for purchase showcases the same design as the extreme, with the exception that the mesh is much finer.

No Hoses or Cables to Deal With

vacuum has no hoses or cables to deal with

This vac from Water Tech features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery meaning there are no annoying cables or extension cords to shoulder, and the fact that it needs no pump completely evaporates the need for cumbersome hoses.

Another notable hose-freeing feature of this model is that this vac runs completely independently from the pool’s filtration system or additional pumps.

This machine comes with a wall-mounting charge dock which adds to its convenience and enables the Pool Blaster Max Li to store and charge in a vertical position, keeping the garage or pool house clear of clutter.

Weighing in at just 5.5 pounds, this machine is fairly easy to navigate around the pool.  Of course, adding more handle length to this will change the feel of it, but for most uses we found it to be very reasonable.

This model helps to alleviate forearm fatigue as the universal pool pole handle design allows for a double-handed grip, and the swiveling 90-degree vacuum head articulates, preventing the handle from rotating in the hands.

Its nimble maneuverability makes this pool vacuum great for spot cleaning and small detail work such as in corners, along edges, under imperfections in the pool liner, clearing drain screens, and under ladders.

Powerful Vacuuming

Sporting an advanced high flow pump, this vacuum produces industry-leading suction and is in fact the forerunner for some of the more expensive options in the rechargeable pool vac category.

Many other pool cleaners require the use of suction hoses in whatever length, to provide negative pressure all the way from the pump to the cleaner head itself.

With these hoses sometimes being in excess of 30 feet, a lot of that suction gets lost along the way and a person would have to either have a beast of a filtration system already or dish out mucho dollars to install one to compensate for the loss.

water tech has powerful vacuuming

Even if we have brand new vacuum hoses from end to end, many times the unpredictability of vacuum is beyond our control and is considered to be a predictable loss from a mechanical standpoint.

This will never be a problem with the Pool Blaster Max Li as Water Tech has had the lightning-bolt idea to situate the pump motor very close to the intake nozzle in a fixed position.

The distance between the pump and the actual vacuum head is only inches, whereas other styles have to suck through tens of feet of hose.

This will never be a problem with the Pool Blaster Max Li as Water Tech has had the lightning-bolt idea to situate the pump motor very close to the intake nozzle in a fixed position.The distance between the pump and the actual vacuum head is only inches, whereas other styles have to suck through tens of feet of hose.

The vacuum head cannot be pulled further from the pump to create more of a paradox, so cannot create more volume to battle against.

What this means is that fixed-distance nature of the pump to the suction mouth on the Water Tech creates exactly the same working conditions every time.  The pump in the Max Li was designed for these exact conditions, and they will never faulter, whereas other pool cleaners have to overcome many different variables.

How to Use the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max

When the Pool Blaster Max Li is first unboxed, once assembled it must be charged for 5 hours to bring up the full initial charge.  From that point forward any subsequent charges will only require 4 hours, but the first one is supposed to be five according to the manufacturer.

Once fully charged and the light turns green, simply remove the Pool Blaster from its charging dock, and gather as many standard pool poles as are needed to reach all parts of the pool.  Once the number of poles is determined start snapping them together, obviously stopping when proper length is reached. This is now the handle.

Decide whether the full 10.5” vacuum head or just the nose cone nozzle is necessary, depending on the job at hand.

When the proper suction tip has been chosen, turn the Pool Blaster Max Li on using the water-sealed power switch, and then submerge into the pool carefully as to not slam the unit into the pool floor.

Use this pool vac just like a regular stick-vacuum, sucking up everything along the pool floor as though it were carpet.  Take special care when cleaning folded vinyl and dirt-filled corners.

Pool Blaster Max Reviews

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li is a good little pool vacuum at a bargain.

It has enough suction for the price, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it portable and lightweight for great maneuverability.

pool blaster max li is a good little pool vacuum at a bargain

The option of using either the 90-degree scrubbing vacuum head or the nose cone nozzle for detail work made the Pool Blaster Max Li versatile.

There are no vacuum hoses needed and no filters to replace, so the money stays in the bank instead of getting spent on replacement parts.

It was not quite determined whether Water Tech’s vacuum pressure is really so state of the art, but it does a good enough job for an entry-level pool cleaning device and picks up a satisfactory amount of debris.

This model uses a standard pool pole which attaches in place as a handle that can be extended at will for different sized pools.  This seems like it would be a nice touch as an additional feature, but it seems like it should also include a default handle, just in case poles aren’t close at hand.

It is somewhat noisy during operation, but when submerged in the pool it really is almost unnoticeable, down to the point of an almost imperceptible murmur.

The included docking charge port is a nice touch, enabling the user to charge the vac in an upright fashion, taking up less space.

Overall it seems like a decent pool cleaner for the price.

In case there is any lingering doubt about which pool cleaner to invest in, we have listed a couple of competing models below.  Each of them is a completely different design, so be sure to take a look, or check out more options in this article for a more complete idea.

Other Options

As for the other options, the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of our all-time favorite above ground pool cleaners.

The Nautilus is an expertly crafted, self-operating pool cleaner that delivers nothing but flawless results time, and again.  It is so easy to set up and use that it’s almost impossible to botch it, and its automated deep-brush scrubbing system polishes pool floors to a high shine.  The Dolphin Nautilus really able to get down to where the dirt is and loosens even the most stubborn deposits.

Another option is the Hayward 500 Aquabug Above Ground Pool Cleaner.  The Aquabug is an automated-drive, above ground pool vacuum that is designed somewhat for aesthetic purposes more than hardcore functionality.  It’s not to say the Aquabug doesn’t function, it just has some cheaper points we weren’t too keen on.